Monday 17 February 2014

Day 533: The Real God Creating Disease – Darkness – Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 532: The Real God Creating Disease – Where does your Cellulite come from? Part 3:

"Thus – in terms of your Forgiveness, for instance – once you Look at a Point where there’s a ‘Lesson’, Specifically, about: Assessing whether the Thought you’re dealing-with it ‘Unconscious-’, ‘Subconscious-’ or ‘Conscious-Mind’ – the Point that you’re dealing-with – and what is the Nature of it: Is it ‘Emitting’? Is it ‘or-someone-else – that means, ‘Stimulating another-Being’, is it Stimulating-you, is it gonna go for ‘Fat’, for ‘Filing’?
I mean – Establishing the Various-‘Levels’ that is gonna happen to this Thought, and accordingly you can contain the Thought and Forgive the Thought and Delete-it. Okay – you want to get the Thought that it No-Longer Emerges."

1653412_603708909699004_1690818635_n If I now look at where I am, at this Stage = there is Nothing ‘Emerging’ Anymore. I mean, it’s just like Darkness; Cool, Breathe, Darkness – there’s Nothing Coming-Up.

So my Physical, that means the Unified Field, or the Unconscious, or Who I am As Everything: Is now Clear – there’s Nothing Coming-Up.

I can Deal with a Point, Specifically as it is Here, and therefore I Respond to you Direct. Therefore I can See what happens when you Talk to me – I can See where your ‘Problem’ comes-from, and I can come and sit and Explain it to you; in-Detail of ‘How it Works’. And I don’t carry that Information around with me = it’s not Necessary. It makes Sense?

The Moment you have to carry Knowledge around – you’re carrying a Program around. That Program is going to Fuck with you. Okay?

Therefore – You can Speak to a Person, if you are Not-Programmed to actually Stimulate the Person to Hear-you and that Person is not Programmed to be-Stimulated or to Hear-you = there will be no Conversation, and you’ll get Nowhere.
Now, for a Programmed-System to Break-Down – Great Trauma is Necessary. We Suggested that Path we would Only-go as a Last-Resort.

Therefore, we will use the Structural-Resonance, to – through CommonSense – De-Program Ourselves, and Assist as many as Possible to do the Same. That’s Why it’ll take Several-Years to-Do = it is Extensive.

I mean – you’re Dealing, Here, with All your Lives – Compacted-into what you would call: The ‘Now’.

And Hear-me: The ‘Now’ is the Greatest Single Deception that has Ever been Created. The ‘Illusion of The ‘Now’’.

Because: It (The ‘Now’) is the ‘Conglomeration’ of ‘Everything you’ve Ever-been’ – All-‘Lies’, All-‘Programs’ = Nothing Real.

The Moment you Die, in the ‘Now’ – you End-up in the here-After as ‘Nothing’. You have to Start-again. Because, I mean – you have Nothing. All that Remains is: Very, very little of ‘yourself’.

After-All – at the End of the Day: ‘Who you Are – Determines - What you Do’.
You’ll be no-Different in the ‘After-life’, than ‘what you are’ in this-‘life’.
Because, it’s always Equal = the ‘Law of Balance’ Determines All-things. That is what is ‘Holding’ Each-One in ‘Containment’.

We’ll later-on Discuss How you can Move your Structural-Resonance, and How you can Move and Actually Change the stuff’. We’ll first go through these Programs of Working-with the Structural-Resonance.

But, at this Stage, it’s just to give an Indication – for instance, with ‘Flu’: I mean, if that Thought comes-up, have a look = you have had those Experiences; where shortly there-after, you are Sick.

It (‘Flu’) is not a Virus. You have Created that, you are ‘Designed’ to do it. How it looks-like – is Fascinating – in the Physical-Body, the Design of the System Follows very-Specific Geometrical-Shapes, and as the Sound Moves through-you, it Moves in Geometrical-Shapes. And then when it, when you in your-Design have a particular-Shape that ‘Fits’, like – the ‘Incoming-Sound’ ‘Fits in-there like a Key’ – it ‘Activates the Program’ and you’ve got ‘Flu’. Fascinating, Really.

Okay – so, please – there are Viruses, but they are Not Necessarily the Cause.
In many-Cases you Actually Create the Virus within your Body through the coming-together of Various-Signatures from Various Human-Beings = from the Physical.
The Physical is doing All of This. The Physical. Not your ‘Mind’. Not the ‘Words you Know’. Not the ‘Language you Speak’ = None of that has got Anything to-do with the Physical – from the perspective of a ‘Directive-Point’.

Those-things you’re not Aware-of At-All.

Okay – That’s-it.

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