Sunday 9 February 2014

Day 532: The Real God Creating Disease – Where does your Cellulite come from? Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 531: The Real God Creating Disease – Unlocking the Next Level in the Mind – Part 2:

“Your life is Always Prepared for-you – have a look: You Never Design your Own-life, and therefore = the Moment you have to Design your-Own life – you’ll Run-Away – you will always look at Where you can ‘Walk Into-it’’, where it’s already done For-you. If you have to do-it, you’ll just Find-yourself Absolutely-unable to Actually Design your life and you will just be Stuck.

Always look at the Points where Everything is there to Support You. I mean – Human-Beings, they are Programmed to Not, Actually, Ever be Aware.”


Now – what is more-Interesting, is that you have - if you Notice, for instance, in your Conscious-Mind: Your Conscious-Mind is Reactive in-Nature.

When you walk-around Thinking – I mean, it is just Thoughts coming-up, which is just a Signal you’re sending-out to your Environment.

Now you get to an Event, to Somebody and have a look: Immediately you will go-into a State of Energy, you’ll Immediately take-on a Specific-Symbol, meaning a Specific-Posture – which is a Symbol – and you’ll Present a Specific-Point, which you Stand-as, and that is Pre-Programmed, because you have not Created-it = you ‘Walked Into-it’.

And you will Speak, and those-Words that’ll come are Not your-Words = they are Pre-Programmed,you have Not ‘Thought them Up’ – I mean, you will Speak and they are Reactive in-Nature. That’s Why – you’ll Find, for instance – you’ll many-times sit and ‘Mull’-around something that you want to do, but when you get to the Actual-Point of Doing-it = you say the Opposite, because you’re Programmed to Say the Opposite.

I mean – no-matter what you’re Thinking = it’s Irrelevant to your Programming: Your Programming will Always Win.

Now – what is more-Interesting – is Not All the Thoughts you have go-Anywhere. Those Thoughts that are Irrelevant to your Environment and to yourself and so-on – go and ‘Sit’ in your Body.

That’s why the Body Changes with Age, because you start to ‘Package the Thoughts’. And all the Thoughts that are not used – go into your: FAT, your ‘File Allocation Tables’, your ‘Cellulite’ – and things like that - your Variations within the Body where it is Stored = Simply as Information, that serves virtually no-Purpose – very-Seldom will go to Anything.

And – as you grow-Older, that will happen Automatically = that was One of the Ways to Design the Physical in a Way, that it will become, like, virtually, a ‘Demon-Possessed Information-Centre’ – as you grow-Older.

And to make-sure that you lose AAAAAAAAAAAALLLL the Faith you have in yourself, and that you eventually Abdicate to Age – and start to Believe that: “This is the ‘way’ it ‘should’-be, and this is the way you’re supposed to ‘live’”.

So Unfortunately = Everything you Do: Is Explainable.

Unfortunately = Everything you Do: Is Not You.

With the Structural-Resonance, Specifically – we will be De-Programming All of these Things, which will have some Fascinating-things, because, I mean – you must Understand that: Every Single Human-Being has got a ‘Unique’ ‘Program’-running. All-things are not ‘Exactly the Same’ – that’s why we will Initially De-Program, until you have the Physical as a Stable-Support to Measure Every-Single Point.

Thus – in terms of your Forgiveness, for instance – once you Look at a Point where there’s a ‘Lesson’, Specifically, about: Assessing whether the Thought you’re dealing-with it ‘Unconscious-’, ‘Subconscious-’ or ‘Conscious-Mind’ – the Point that you’re dealing-with – and what is the Nature of it: Is it ‘Emitting’? Is it ‘or-someone-else – that means, ‘Stimulating another-Being’, is it Stimulating-you, is it gonna go for ‘Fat’, for ‘Filing’?

I mean – Establishing the Various-‘Levels’ that is gonna happen to this Thought, and accordingly you can contain the Thought and Forgive the Thought and Delete-it. Okay – you want to get the Thought that it No-Longer Emerges.

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