Saturday 1 February 2014

Day 530: The Real God Creating Disease – Sick from a Thought – Part 1

Okay, so – we had a Very-Interesting Trip to Town Today.

I heard, ‘Floating through the Ethers of the House’, about somebody looking for ‘Coughing-Syrup’ this Morning.

So – I didn’t Say-anything, initially – and then Eventually, I said: “Are you ‘Coughing’?”

And Darryl says: “Yes, you know, it...I think it was these Guys that are in the Recording-Studio, Recording and then Smoking for Two-Days Already.”

I say: “Oh – ‘Well-done’, you have Really made-yourself Sick.”

Now – How does this Work?

You have Three-Minds: Your Conscious-Mind, your Subconscious-Mind and your Unconscious-Mind.

Let’s start at the Unconscious-Mind: The Unconscious-Mind is Equal and One as the Unified-Field.

It (the ‘Unconscious-Mind’) works as follows: It ‘Holds’ within-it ‘Everything that is in Existence’, but it is Programmed.

It is from the Unconscious-Mind that your Thoughts Arrive.

If you can Slow-yourself Down Enough – you’ll Notice that the Thought Arrives, approximately, like - from your Perceptual-Point - like it Moves from Behind-you out of Darkness.

Okay – that Darkness that it (the Thought) Moves out-of is – what you Understand as: The Unified Field.

But – you can’t ‘See’-it (the ‘Unified Field’), because it’s existing ‘Everywhere’: “Lift a Rock and I am there. Split a piece of Wood and I am there.” – that: “I Am that I Am”, is the ‘Unified Field’.

That “I Am” is the ‘Point of Purpose’ – “The Reason for my Being” – that is Programmed-in and it Activates through ‘Impulse-Stimulation’, ‘Electrical-Impulse’ and it’s Done...

We do it For-Each-other, and we do it For Ourselves and our Environment does it. Remember when you See an Image it is Transformed-into Electrical-Stimuli Impulses, the same when you Touch, when you Feel, when you Hear – All of it is Transformed to Electricity that Stimulates or Impulses the System to Step-Forth with the Program that is Programmed.

For instance – sometimes you will Notice that a Single-Thought will Stimulate Quite an Experience or have an Immediate-Effect like you, here, ‘See’-somebody ‘Sneeze’ –

If you are Pre-Disposed, Pre-Programmed, to Immediately become Ill from just Seeing-it – you’ll become Ill just from Seeing-it = You are the Stimuli Why you are getting Ill – Okay.

This is what was Done Specifically to Fuck with you, I mean – it was Programmed like this, so that you cannot-Trust Anything you Ever-Do. That you cannot-Trust a Single-Thing you Ever-Do, because suddenly a Thought will Manifest and then the Next-Thing you wanna-Do, you can Think-about Ten-Thousand Times like The Girl Next-Door you like, and Nothing-Happens = because ‘The Girl Next-Door’ is not Programmed to be your Mate.

The One that’s Programmed to be your Mate or the One you’re supposed-to ‘Sleep’-with or have a ‘One-Night-Stand’-with = that’s all Pre-programmed, even your One-Night-Stands: Your Touches, your Words you’re Speaking – Every Single Thing is Pre-programmed-Stimuli, it runs between the Unconscious, the Subconscious and the Conscious.
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