Wednesday 22 January 2014

Day 529: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 3

I suggest you all Burst your ‘Bubbles’ and find out: What Remains.

If all your ‘Bubbles’ are Burst, and you have got no more ‘Bubbles’, no Names, no Games – Who will you be - without a ‘Bubble’?

Inevitably, all ‘Bubbles’ Burst.

Time to Pop a ‘Bubble’. Make sense?

Fidelis: Yah

So what’s the Point? How did you get to the Point where… you got your ‘Bubble’?

You have to Understand the ‘Bubble’, if you Understand the ‘Bubble’ - you can always give the ‘Bubble’ what the ‘Bubble’ wants. You give the ‘Bubble’ what the ‘Bubble’ wants, the ‘Bubble’ wants ‘more’.

Once the ‘Bubble’ finds-out that you can’t normally ‘get what you want’ from other ‘Bubbles’, unless they give you that, the ‘Bubble’ starts to Realize something:

‘If I don’t give a ‘Bubble’, what the ‘Bubble’ wants, the ‘Bubble’ won’t want me’

So - how do you get the ‘Bubble’ to ‘want you’? You give the ‘Bubble’ what it wants, and then it ‘wants you’.

Because, how are you Controlling the ‘Bubble’? By giving it what it can’t have, by giving it what it can only ‘Get’ when it’s ‘Given’.

So, by ‘Giving’ - the ‘Bubble’ ‘Gets’ what it ‘wants’ and therefore the ‘Bubble’ Shapes-itself accordingly to always ‘get what it wants’.

Understanding then: ‘It’s all about the ‘Giving’’ - because in Existence = you can Never have what you want: It must be ‘Given’. Until the ‘Bubble’ Burst = Which is Inevitable.

And Every Single Moment somebody Dies and the ‘Bubble’ Burst, and ‘suddenly’, they ‘Understand Everything’ and just as quickly as they do = Immediately Build another ‘Bubble’.

We all live in ‘Bubblearia’.

We all have a Disease called Bubblearia.

And we keep on ‘Bubbling’: Blablablablablubbling. Does it make a difference to Anything? Not a Thing.

So is there any ‘meaning’, ‘reason’ or ‘purpose’ in anything? Only that which you Give it. And that Never Lasts, because it’s a ‘Bubble’ in the first place. It was never Real. It was just a ‘Bubble’…but it was as Real as you made it.

So - are we gonna keep on Blowing ‘Bubbles’, Forming ‘Bubbles’, Shaping ‘Bubbles’…What are we going to do? I’m quite sure the Future will Tell.

Watch the ‘Bubbles’ Burst. Whether it’s the ‘Money-Bubble’, whether it’s the ‘Property-Bubble’, whether it’s a ‘Government-Bubble’, whether it is the ‘New World Order-Bubble’,whether it’s the ‘Family-Bubble’, whether the ‘Education-Bubble’ = No matter what you call the ‘Bubble’, I mean - they all Burst.

Just look at how many times there’s been a ‘Revolution’, where a ‘Bubble’ ‘Change’ into another ‘Bubble’ – I mean, that happen all the time.

And then you have your ‘Ultimate’ Interesting-‘Bubble’. That ‘Bubble’ is a Fascinating ‘Bubble’, because that ‘Bubble’ gives you ‘Power’ over all the other ‘Bubbles’.

What ‘Bubble’ is that again? The ‘Bubble of Choice’ -

“Because I have ‘Choice’, so I have the ‘right’ to be this ‘Bubble’. And I mean – and I have ‘My Choice’ as ‘Power’ over you, because you can’t Change me as this ‘Bubble’ with ‘Choice’”. But I mean –what happens to your ‘Choice’, when your ‘Bubble’ of ‘Choice’ Burst? Was it Real in any way? It was just a ‘Bubble’ -

a ‘Bubble’ that you tried to ‘Enforce’ on other ‘Bubbles’ to try and tell them the way you ‘want them to be’ and you, the way you ‘want you to be’.

And then you have the Ultimate-Trip of a ‘Bubble’ - I mean, where you says: “I will be ‘My-Bubble’ and you can be ‘Your-Bubble’ and let’s ‘Bubble’-together, so ‘nicely’”.

I mean: “You don’t Question ‘me’, as ‘My-Bubble’, I won’t Question you as ‘Your-Bubble’, and because you have ‘Choice’ and I have ‘Choice’, so let’s all just be ‘Happy-Bubbles’”. I mean - that’s a ‘Happy-Bubble’-thing,

I mean, and then you have the ‘Love-Bubble’-thing: The ‘Love-Bubble’ is Fascinating, because that’s the one that Break Most, because it’s already got a kind of a Hole –because if you have a look at the Shape of the ‘Love-Bubble’, I mean, it’s causing nearly two ‘Bubbles’, but it doesn’t want to. It’s ‘trying’ to, but it’s already a Break-up - it’s already Breaking, it’s already Bursting in its Shape.

The ‘Love-Bubble’ = It doesn’t last-Forever, I mean - the ‘Bubble’ Burst.

I haven’t found a ‘Bubble’ yet - that didn’t Burst. And I’ve kept-on Shaking for Eternity. And have made as many ‘Bubbles’ as you can Imagine.

And where are they today? Not one is Here = they’ve all Burst. And can I find them again? No, because…heh…they don’t Exist.

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