Sunday 19 January 2014

Day 528: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 2

Now if the ‘Bubble’ Burst, I mean - does it have any Effect? No. When the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’, it looks ‘Cool’ when it ‘Moves’ and I can give it ‘names’. Okay, so I can give the ‘Bubble’ ‘names’.

But now there´s even more Interesting ‘Bubbles’ – There’s ‘Bubbles’ that Shine!

I mean - I saw a Shiny-‘Bubble’, I says: ‘Oh! You´re ‘Beautiful’! A ‘Pretty, Shiny Bubble’! I like that Shiny-‘Bubble’ ‘more’!’

I mean - but now the ‘Bubble’ Burst, so, was the ‘Shiny-Bubble’ of any Consequence? No! The ‘Bubble’ was just a ‘Shiny-Bubble’, I mean - it wasn´t anything else! Did it Actually Exist even? ‘Apparently’ it did.

But I mean there´s a ‘New-Bubble’ that´s Interesting me now - let me Shake the Water again.

Then - when the ‘Bubbles’ are Bursting, an Interesting-thing started to happen to me - I was wondering: If I Shake myself as the Water, will I make ‘Bubbles’? And you know what happened? I made ‘Bubbles’.

Because, I mean - I am the Water Shaking the Water. So if I am the Water Shaking the Water, I can make ‘Bubbles’. So - does that Change anything? It´s still ‘Bubbles’.

I mean - what happens to the ‘Bubble’ when the ‘Bubble’ Burst? Still the Same thing - it´s just...Nothing.

So - looking at that...Hmm. So, hmm, huh - I started getting ‘worried’ about these ‘Bubbles’-bursting, because – ‘I like my Bubbles’, I mean, ‘I wanted to keep my Bubbles’. But, I mean - they keep on Bursting.

So - and I started looking at this ‘Bubble’, and whenever I looked at the ‘Bubble’ and I started to ‘worry’ I´m gonna ‘lose’ the ‘Bubble’: I started Shaking.

And then when I was Shaking about ‘losing’ my ‘Bubble’: I was Creating more ‘Bubbles’!

‘That´s so Cool! Isn´t it?’ So, all I have to do is ‘worry’ about ‘losing’ my ‘Bubble’ and then I Shake and I Create more ‘Bubbles’. ‘That´s a Cool-thing! What shall we call that? Hmm! Fear!’

Oh, that´s a ´Cool-thing´ - I mean, I can Create more ‘Bubbles’! All I need to do is Shake! How do I Shake? Just ‘worry’ about a ‘Bubble’!

Okay, let me ‘worry’ about (a) ‘Bubble’ – the ‘Bubble’, which ‘Bubble’ shall I ‘worry’ about? Let me Create lots of ‘Bubbles’ to ‘worry’ about, then I can Shake a lot...then I’m Creating a lot of ‘Bubbles’!

I mean, and, as long as there´s a ‘Bubble’ - I don´t have to ‘worry’ about the ‘Bubbles’ that´s Bursting. I mean - all I have to have...

I´ve got enough ‘Bubbles’, and I´m Creating enough ‘Bubbles’, I mean - I´m Shaking, I´m Shaking, there´s more ‘Bubbles’, there´s more ‘Bubbles’, there is more ‘Bubbles’!

Ok - now! Can ‘Bubbles’…maybe, maybe, I can Talk to a ‘Bubble’, Blah-Blah-Blah-Blah-‘Bubble’! I can talk to Bu-blah-blah-blah-Blah-‘Bubble’! I can blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-blah-‘Bubble’ about a ‘Bubble’!

And let´s ‘Bubble about a Bubble’, I mean I…you can ‘Bubble about a Bubble’, and - one ‘Bubble about a Bubble’ – ‘Bubble’s’ start to ‘Bubble’ with each-other, I mean - they are blah-blah-blah-blah-‘Bubbling’ with each-other!

So - how´s that possible?

Oh, because they are Shaking! I mean - when...when you are ‘Bubbling about a Bubble’, I mean - you are Shaking one ‘Bubble’, and then, from that ‘Bubble’ there is a...a Shaking going, it goes and it starts to Shake other ‘Bubbles’ as well,

and they all start to Shake-together, and when they start to Shake-together they start to come ‘Closer’ together, and when they start to ‘Connect’, they start to become ´One´ - another ‘Bubble’! And they start to form their own ‘Bubbles’!

‘Oh, God’! Now - I have ‘Bubbles’ forming ‘Bubbles’. I have Invented ‘New-Bubbles’… ‘Bubbles’ then can make ‘Bubbles’, ‘Bubbles’ that can’t exist without ‘Bubbles’, because they want to have more ‘Bubbles’.

I mean, where am I now, in all of this?

Pretty soon, I am so ‘Mesmerized’ with all my ‘Bubbles’, what happens? I start to ‘Believe’ I am this ‘Bubble’. And I’m Shaking as this ‘Bubble’ and before-long: I’m ‘living’ in a ‘Bubble’.

So, then I start to Realize a Fascinating-thing: Who I am in a ‘Bubble’ ‘needs’ someone-else, also in a ‘Bubble’, before I can make more ‘Bubbles’.

So, I get someone-else, we come together as One-‘Bubble’ and then Small-‘Bubbles’ ‘Form’. Ha-ha, a ‘new-way’ of making ‘Bubbles’, but we’re Still Shaking, up and down, up and down, up and down,

shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake and now I have taken Shake to a ‘new-way’ of Shaking. I mean, I can now Shake and make Small-‘Bubbles’ – even when I’m in a ‘Bubble’.

Wow! Am I like Fucking Cool or what?

So, while I’m making these ‘Bubbles’ I find an Interesting-thing: That I’m All-Together with my Little-‘Bubbles’ in a Big-‘Bubble’.

So I, with the ‘Special-Bubble’ which made, became One-‘Bubble’ has now made Small-‘Bubbles’ and they’re all Still in One-‘Bubble’, called a ‘Family-Bubble’.

So now, we’re in this ‘Family-Bubble’ and this is a ‘Special-Bubble’, I mean, this ‘Bubble’ is ‘different’ to all other…the other ‘Bubbles’, because this ‘Bubble’ is the ‘Bubble’ ‘we made’. I mean, we made this ‘Bubble’,

and we made the Small-‘Bubbles’ and we must make sure the Small-‘Bubbles’ look ‘different’ to the other ‘Bubbles’. I mean, the fact that these ‘Bubbles’ is gonna to Burst: We mustn’t ‘worry’ about it – all we have to do

is keep-on Creating more ‘Bubbles’, because - then even if the ‘Bubbles’ Burst, we’ll Still be ‘here’ in some-way, because in some-way = this ‘Bubble’ we’ve made is Still ‘us’, we just don’t know exactly how, but it’s Still ‘us’ –

I mean, so we just keep-on making more ‘Bubbles’ – okay - let’s make ‘Bubbles’, let’s Shake together, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake – let’s find more-ways to Shake!

The more we can Shake, the more ‘Bubbles’ we can make. The more ‘Bubbles’ we can make, the less we have to ‘worry’ about ‘Bubbles’.

I mean, even if the ‘Bubbles’ Burst, I mean, there’ll be New-‘Bubbles’, so therefore we don’t have to ‘worry’ about ‘losing’ ‘Bubbles’, because we’ll have New-‘Bubbles’ –

and all we have to do is Shake and there’s ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bubbles’ and ‘Bubbles’.

But in the End…if all the ‘Bubbles’ Burst: What do you have? Hey?

Fidelis: The Same that you always had.

Bernard: ‘The Same that you always had’.

Fuck, so - is all this ‘Bubbling’ worth Anything? Is all these ‘Bubbles’ with ‘names’ worth Anything? But why can’t you Remember when you Shaked the first-time?

But you keep-on Shaking, so somewhere you’re Remembering it was all about Shaking.

I mean, whether you are ‘pumping’ for Children, or ‘pumping’ for Water, or ‘pumping’ to Eat, I mean = All of it is a Form of ‘pumping’, is a Form of Shaking.

Whatever you’re doing = you’re Shaking. Whenever you’re ‘Moving’ = you’re Shaking. So, you keep-on Shaking, so - somewhere you must have started Shaking.

So - why are you Shaking? You even Shake, Extensively, just before the ‘Bubble’ Burst.

I mean, that’s where the Shaking gets quite ‘bad’, I mean, just before the ‘Bubble’ Burst you Shake, Extensively, because - is that because you’re ‘Returning’ to your ‘Shaking-Self’?

I mean, is that where you go back-to the Point of where you actually have to, suppose…you’re supposed to Remember that you were Shaking.

So where does this all come-from - this ‘Theory of Everything’, the ‘Bubbles of all Bubbles’ - how the ‘Bubble’-work, what the ‘Bubble’ is all-about, and why the ‘Bubble’ Burst, and why the ‘Bubble’ is going to Burst?

Because the ‘Bubble’ must Burst, because the ‘Bubble’ is a ‘Bubble’, I mean it’s never been anything-else but a ‘Bubble’.

So, because the ‘Bubble’ is a ‘Bubble’, the ‘Bubble’ will Burst, therefore = to ‘worry’ about the ‘Bubble’ that Burst will only Cause you to Shake and then you Create more ‘Bubbles’

and then all those ‘Bubbles’ will Burst and at the End of the Day - you just end-up (with) the Same-Thing, which is: The ‘Bubble’ will Burst.

So, what is the Point about the ‘Bubble’ then?

Fidelis: To Burst.

Bernard: The Point, to Burst, yes.

What is the Point about…Shaking? If you Stop Shaking, what’s going to happen? Are you gonna get back to yourself then? Because there’s no more ‘Bubbles’.

And this all happened – Interestingly-enough, as I said - with a Child, three and a half years old that came through and, I asked for Impressions.

But - even the Child, already, was already Accepting the ‘Bubbles’, as if the ‘Bubble’ is what it’s all about.

So now, all the Child is going to do is Burst the ‘Bubbles’.

Part Three to Continue…

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