Thursday 2 January 2014

Day 525: Stimulation – Addiction – Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 524: Stimulation – Thy Rod and Thy Staff – Part 2:
You need to be Stimulated to do anything – You will not Move for Equality and Oneness in Existence because there is no Stimulation, there is no Point which you can Stimulate yourself as consistently to get it done – because ‘I need a Stimulation’, ‘You’re not Stimulating me… You’re taking away my Stimulation with Equality and Oneness – I need Stimulations! Otherwise I can’t exist….’“

addiction-khairzul-mg Have a look – when you go down and you cannot stand anymore and you feel like you want to give up – what are you really doing it? Why are you really doing it? ‘Because I no longer have my stimulation – give me my stimulation and I will do this. Otherwise I won’t do it.’

Dimensions: Manipulating for a Stimulation.

Bernard: Yes, have a look. We have beings for instance, attempting to Manipulate what we are busy doing using ways of Stimulation like harming themselves Physically. So that we can Stimulate them again so they can feel better about themselves, but they cannot actually decide who they are. ‘Gimme someone that Stimulates me and I will feel better about myself’ – what Statement is that? It’s a Statement of Slavery. It’s a Statement of ‘I’m enslaved to Stimulation – without Stimulation I am Nothing’.

Stimulation is giving the power to that which is outside you to decide who you are = that’s Stimulation.

If you read a book and you feel better in reading the book you’re being Stimulated to do so, according to your Programming.

If you like Music – what is the Real Point of Music? What is Music? Music is Stimulation, that’s why you only like certain kinds of Music. What does the Musician do to the listener = Stimulates the listener into a certain mode of experience – an inner experience, which is a Stimulated experience = you’re Stimulated.
And it that Stimulation you are Simulating. You are experiencing. What is experience? It’s a Simulation according to the Stimulation. It’s not Real, you’re experiences are never Real. Your experiences are always just a Simulation that is based on your Stimulation – and according to the Relation that exist within the Relationship between the Stimulation and the Simulation you have your Elation, your experience in terms of how you feel. So feeling is never real, because feeling is based on Stimulation and how you accept that Stimulation as your Simulation = it’s never Real.

Energy is never Real, because Energy only exists when there is Stimulation and the Stimulation is always external and I mean if you or another person Stimulate the point and you Simulate it - that means you’re accepting it – you’re gonna have an experience, an Elation in that Relationship that Elation is your Joy, your Love, everything. Love by itself doesn’t exist! It requires Stimulation – that’s why no-one can actually stand for Life, because you want Life to be ‘unconditional’. Why do you want it unconditional? So that you can have Choice. So that you can have the choice to Stimulate you the way you want to Stimulate you. Bugger everyone else! It doesn’t matter what’s happening to them, they have the same power. They have Choice! They have Chosen to be Here – the fact that they’re in a country where there is no food – has got nothing to do with me! I mean, they must plant something, I mean, they must not starve. I’m quite happy this side, I’m Stimulated! I know they’re not Stimulated, but that’s not my problem! While I’m Stimulated, I am not even Aware of their Existence – which is so wonderful! Please Stimulate me then I don’t have to worry about anyone else! Just keep me Stimulated!
The same as being on Drugs. Existence exists for drug-addicts. Everyone is on drugs the whole time through Stimulation. Stimulation is your drug, you’re addicted to Stimulation you have no idea what Life really means, no idea what self-movement means, no idea, whatsoever. You want to find out? For 21 days Breathe! Do not allow any Stimulation, that does not come from you, specific as self-movement. Nothing must Stimulate you to Move! Or to Decide. So you can start finding out how little you’re actually able to do.

Forgive all the Stimulations. Because the Stimulations are your addictions, they are based in Geometrical Patterns = The Sacred Geometry! I mean, isn’t it beautiful if we can paint a beautiful picture about Sacred Geometry so that we can justify our Stimulations which is our addictions to specific Stimulations that make us ‘special’.
What are all these beings in Existence that are Masters and that are Masters of, in their points of Attention and Ascension – the whole point about what they know what is going on in Reality. Have a look! They will not explain to you how reality practically works and why it doesn’t work. They will Stimulate you to have an experience not to worry about reality. Christianity is doing that, the Muslims are doing that, the Hindu’s, every Religion is doing one thing: it is Stimulating you not to care about what is going on in Reality, and it’s Stimulating you to worry about what happens to you AFTER you are DEAD.

It’s too late then!

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