Sunday 29 December 2013

Day 524: Stimulation – Thy Rod and Thy Staff - Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 523: Stimulation – One Word that Rules us All – Part 1:

“So what is the Law of Attraction really? It’s the Law of Stimulation. Everybody now gets together and Stimulates each other to Focus on the Positive! So now, the Positive cannot exist without the Negative, you automatically Stimulate the Negative. Which is Perfectly fitting into the End Times – which is the Perfection of the whole point of being Stimulated according to a particular Book and a particular Prophecy so that it can become True. Why was it Written? To make sure you create it!”

seasons-montage Therefore you are Stimulating the End of Existence through what? Stimulating the Law of Attraction. How do you do it? By creating the Absolute Positive Polarity and holding it in place - no matter what! So that the Absolute Negative Polarity can Manifest, because you are Stimulating both! They cannot exist Separate from each other.

Light and Darkness exist Together.

Positive and Negative exist Together. Because the very moment something moves through Stimulation – both Positive and Negative exist. Positive and Negative are not created as itself. It requires Stimulation to exist. Without Stimulation it doesn’t exist. Now we are Stimulating the Positive and the Negative, and we say “Law of Attraction” – “Let’s think Positive!” – Which is = “Let’s Stimulate Positive”.

So now we Stimulate Positive, Stimulate Positive, Stimulate Positive – I mean, you have to do it, and do it, and do it, and that it takes All of your Attention, All your Stimulation. Stimulating it, Stimulating it, Stimulating – but what are you actually creating? You’re creating the Stimulation which you use up while in waiting is the Negative, waiting to be Activated , once the Stimulation Crash. Once the Stimulation can no longer stand. And what Manifests the Negative? BAM! In One singular Moment – we call it = ‘An Act of God!’ – because in a single moment, God wiped out Existence. But you’ve Stimulated it to be a single moment. While Positive Stimulation took you a long time – it was not instantaneous – it took a long time - you built up the Negative to Manifest in a single moment.

So, Existence in a single moment will change through the Negative. Because that’s how it has been created. Which is why a Market Crash for instance is something that happens fast. While a Positive Market is something very slow. The Positive is always very slow, because no-one is understanding the Principle of Stimulation.
How does Advertising control the Masses? How does the Elite control the Masses? How do Movies control what People believe and how they create? Stimulation!
How was the UFO phenomena Stimulated? Through Movies, Books, Magazines, Comics,… Every possible way Stimulated what? The Mind in creating Delusions of seeing all kinds of UFO’s. Were UFO’s real? Some of them, Yes.
Most of them, No.

Have a look at how far people would attempt to Stimulate the Existence of UFO’s by taking pictures of Clouds and then taking it through stages of Colouration and Frequencies to show that there is apparently something hidden in the Clouds. What is the real point = they’re attempting to Stimulate everyone to believe them, creating a Religion - Not sticking to the Basic Common Sense of what is really happening.

You drink coffee, for instance – what are you doing? You are Stimulating your body.

What happens with Plants – Plants are a System that require Stimulation which is the Food, the Sun – Photosynthesis – and Water. If you Stimulate your Plant correctly, your Plant grows and bears Fruit! It is not a living nature thing. The Plant itself, the Physical Form is a System.

This World in the way it Exists, is a System.
The System moves through Stimulation.
The Plant moves through Stimulation.
The Animal moves through Stimulation.
Weather moves through Stimulation.
The Seasons move through Stimulation.

How is it Stimulated? Its relationship with the Sun and heat changes the Season – it change the heat that is on the Physical Planet and the way the Wind moves and the way the Rain moves = Stimulation – the Sun Stimulates it. Accordingly you have a Result – everything in Existence is controlled by one thing – one thing which is manifested within the Human Form as the Penis. Thy Rod and thy Staff decides – which is God of Existence.

Why is this not shown to everybody that the real point is Stimulation – because then if everybody understands this, nobody will be able to control another because you’ll say “Oh, you’re trying to Stimulate me”.

Have a look at what is the Primary attention that is given to Stimulation = Sexuality. If you Stimulate me in the right way – I like you. If you rub me up in the wrong way, which means you are stimulating me in the wrong way – I don’t like you. Same point = you’re being Stimulated to not like, you are being Stimulated to like. It is not a real movement of yourself, you are not alive. You need to be Stimulated to do anything – You will not Move for Equality and Oneness in Existence because there is no Stimulation, there is no Point which you can Stimulate yourself as consistently to get it done – because ‘I need a Stimulation’, ‘You’re not Stimulating me… You’re taking away my Stimulation with Equality and Oneness – I need Stimulations! Otherwise I can’t exist….’

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