Tuesday 17 December 2013

Day 522: FEMA Coffins, Viruses and The Super-Bug

superbug virus human dna genetics process bernardpoolman I suggest that those that have any fear about ‘Governments killing people’ and ‘getting them into positions of control of their own degree’ and so on - read the book “The Coming Plague - Newly Emerging Diseases in a World Out of Balance - by Laurie Garrett”.

This book discuss specifically the viruses that has been emerging in the latter-part of time as we´ve been ´progressing´- HIV and Ebola and others - how they´ve been ‘tracking the viruses’ - and that - what has emerged in the research was that there is an impending-pandemic that is inevitable; which will be virus-related or disease-related and which will be in the ‘arena of what is called the ‘Super-Bug´’.

Now you must understand that: the Virus and the Bacteria are Genetically-Superior to the Human: The Human ‘Transfers Information’ at a Level of ‘Magnetics and Frequency and Vibration’ and processes that and stores that in the Physical-Body -while the Virus and the Bacteria are able to actually ‘Transfer Genetic-Code’ - which is why the current-Virus, the ´Swine Flu´ - has been stated to be ‘Totally New’ –it actually Creates New Viruses and they are Progressively able to take Information from all the Antibiotics and the Medicines that is thrown at them = they´re able to take Genetic-Information and use it to their Benefit.

They are in itself: Nature´s Superior-Scientists - and they will be Progressively becoming More Aggressive, as they are in a way - the Arsenal of Earth protecting it selves from an Invading-Species called: The Human.

Now as this is a Virtual-Certainty in terms of all the Research done - a certain-amount of preparation is already done, that in the event of such Outbreaks - that Bodies can be Transferred Effectively to Centers where they can be Incinerated with the least-possible ‘opportunity of Infections Spreading’.

So what they´re really doing is doing a Preparation to ‘protect’ the Population – of, for instance, the U.S. and so on - from this Impending-Drama that will Unfold.
Which is also the same point with the current ‘Swine-Flu’ = they are playing-out the Drama already in terms of your basic-communication - on Television, World Health Organization and so on - to ‘prepare’ the Population for the Inevitability of these Events – because: In all the Research it is been Found that we have ‘run out’ of the Ability to Produce Effective ‘counters’ to these Viruses - and the Viruses have Reached a State where they are able to Actually Overtake our ‘Scientific-Evolution’.

This was Inevitable - understand though that: The Virus will not ´Randomly´ affect People - they will affect People Specifically - related to their Processes and thus an Effective-Preparation would be to Gain Directive-Principle over your own Mind, Body and your Consideration for All Life. The Viruses are Life, they’re Alive; they’re just - Unfortunately for Man - more Advanced than Man - which is indicative in Research.

So I suggest do some Research so you can get to a point where you can make Peace and Realize that you must Prepare Yourself for the Inevitability.
Understand: As you have done the same with your Environment and ‘protecting yourself’ against anything that the Earth has ‘thrown at you’ - that it was Inevitable that the Earth would come-up with an Answer to ‘get back’ at its Greatest Single Enemy: The Human-being.

Governments are simply attempting to prevent panic-- by not revealing what is really going on.

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