Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Day 523: Stimulation - One Word that Rules us All – Part 1

poke In Lord of the Rings you have the ‘One Ring that Binds them All and...and Rules them All’. Now, in Existence there is One Ring - which is One Word - that ‘Rules them All’ - that Rules All and Everything that happens. Everything about you, Determines, Everything about you it Determines ‘who you are’, it Determines ‘what you are’, it Determines ‘what you do’, Determines ‘where you do it’, it Determines ‘how you do it’, it Determines ‘why you do it’ = All, Everything About you is Determined by One Word. In Every Way.

It Determines why you’re in a ‘Relationship’.
It Determines where you’re in a ‘Relationship’.
It Determines when you’re in a ‘Relationship’.
It Determines what you Buy.
It Determines where you Buy.
It Determines when you do it, how you do it.
It Determines what you Become in this World, what you Study.
It Determines what you Read.
It Determines what you watch on Television.
It Determines what you Eat.
It Determines when you have Sex.
It Determines when you Masturbate.
It Determines what you ‘Believe’.
It Determines, who’s your ‘God’.
It Determines...Religion, Food, Clothes, Home – you name it. It Determines Everything that Exists in your Total-Existence.
It Determines all your ‘Choices’.

I mean, Nothing of it is Real, from the perspective that - without this One Word = Nothing Happens - you do not ‘Exist’.

And this One Word, is the Word: ‘Stimulation’.

Have a look: ‘Stimulation’ is the Elation in all Relation.

And what is Elation? Elation is a form of ‘joy’, a form of ‘orgasm’, a form of ‘Experience’.

So, Advertising is a form of ‘Stimulation’ = you buy according to your ‘Stimulation’. The ‘reason why’ you are in a ‘Relationship’ is because of ‘Stimulation’.

The Food you Eat is how you ‘Stimulate’ your Body to Generate ‘Energy’. Without ‘Stimulation’ there is no ‘Energy’, have a look = ‘Energy’ does not exist without ‘Stimulation’.

And Polarity exists as ‘Stimulation’.

Motivation exists as ‘Stimulation’.

Religion exists as ‘Stimulation’ - what you ‘Believe’.

‘God’ exists as ‘Stimulation’ – because unless ‘God Stimulates your Interest in God’ through ‘Fear’ or ‘Love’ or ‘Reason’, whatever – it is necessary for you to ‘Believe’ you will not ‘Believe’.

Everything that exists as you is ‘Stimulation’.

You are even ‘Stimulated’, comes from a point of ‘Stimulation of Penetration’ between a ‘Male’ and a ‘Female’ as ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ from which two cells come together and get ‘Stimulated’ and then they ‘Progress’ through a ‘Stimulation of Energy’ into a form that keeps on wanting ‘Stimulation’. Without that ‘Stimulation’ you do not Exist.

You will not move unless you’re Stimulated. Which means Stimulation is your God. Who him so ever Stimulates you, Controls you.

Money is what? Stimulation.

Without Stimulation you will not Move – Motivation is really just a nice word for Stimulation.

What is Masturbation? Self-Stimulation. 

Your Mouth looks like a Vagina without the teeth. But I mean, that through which you are actually Stimulating the body through feeding it Stimulating sources of food that Stimulates the enzymes that is necessary to break down the food into energy – the whole truth of reality is in One Word = Stimulation.
The Weather moves through Stimulation.

The Oceans move through Stimulation = Stimulations between heat and cold = Stimulation through Polarity.

Your Thoughts – have a look – move through Stimulation.

When you’re born what is the first thing a Parent is told? Stimulate your Child!
What is Education? Stimulation.

Why are you doing a certain kind of job? You have found the reason to Stimulate yourself to do that – Whether it is Money or Interest, whatever you’re doing, you are doing it because you’re Stimulated to do it! You are not doing it because that is really who you are. You are Reacting to a Stimulation. By thy Rod and thy Staff is the Statement of the Bible, the Statement of God – Who’s got the Rod and the Staff? The Male – with a Male Stimulator. What does the Male Stimulator do? It makes sure that Existence moves.

How? Through Sex. It Procreates, it Masturbates, it Seeks out that which Stimulates it in terms of either Picture or Experience or Imagination. But, no matter how you look at it – it is Stimulation.

And according to your Stimulation you will follow your Attraction. So what is the Law of Attraction really? It’s the Law of Stimulation. Everybody now gets together and Stimulates each other to Focus on the Positive! So now, the Positive cannot exist without the Negative, you automatically Stimulate the Negative. Which is Perfectly fitting into the End Times – which is the Perfection of the whole point of being Stimulated according to a particular Book and a particular Prophecy so that it can become True. Why was it Written? To make sure you create it!

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