Friday, 6 December 2013

Day 521: Why Are we Here on Earth? – Restoring Honour – Part 8

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 520: Why Are we Here on Earth? – Role of Death – Part 7:
That was the One Point that was Placed in Existence to Prevent, Anyone from having ‘Power’, in ‘Spitefulness’. Now that point has become Highly Effective in Purifying Existence from the Spiteful.”

Consider that: In your Spitefulness, you have become a Monster that Eat Flesh – you’ve become a Monster that Abuses every single thing that Exists.

In the name of your ‘Free Choice’ you’ve become a Monster that has Created, a thing called Money to support your Spitefulness so that you could be more wealthy and more successful than another in Spite of those Starving in this Existence.

You will Hoard your Spitefulness as Money into things where you Ban the King of Equality in BanKing. And you will exist in your Free Wil’, and have created all the tools necessary - to make sure that this is how you exist.

So Hear me: You don’t really want to Change - you just want Power. You just want to be able to express your Spitefulness.

You don’t really want Everyone to be Equal, because - then you would have Stopped Starvation, because you’re quite Capable of doing it - there is nothing in your way but Yourself. You would have Stopped War, but you won’t, because - “War is so nice as a Spiteful-threat”. And you’re Able to Stop War, you’re Able to Stop Every atrocity in this Reality – Simply through the Principle of Balancing Equality, Equal to Life = Life in Balance. But you will not – because = You’re Spiteful.

You don’t have Free Choice - you will See - Free Choice never really existed - Free Choice was just an Idea. The only Point that Really Exists: Is Your Desire for Power through Spitefulness.

And Hear me - if you have beings in your life that are Spiteful = get rid of them. Let them Face their Spitefulness. Do Not submit to their control. They’re not deserving of any support, they Will Purify Themselves. But as long as you play the game with them, as long as you allow them their Spitefulness, they cannot See what they are doing.

So you Stop Spitefulness, by Spiting the Spiteful...for a Moment - by not participating in their Spitefulness. They will say you’re Spiteful. Because you are not adhering to Free Choice, but Really: If your Principle Starting-Point is Equality as Life, Here, in Every Breath in Self-Honesty. I mean - then you have a Starting-Point that is Certain to carry you through = no matter what happens.

The Principle of Self-Forgiveness is Simplistic.

You’re Spiteful = and you need to Forgive Yourself for that. And Everyone is Spiteful. As long as you have Free Choice, you’re Spiteful - and you require Self-Forgiveness - which is fascinating - Self-Forgiveness is like the Key to Give Yourself back to Yourself in Honour and Self-Honesty. To become Honourable again in this life. Because ‘life’ is not Honourable. Watch Nature – it’s not Honourable. The Strong eat the Weak.

The same happens in the Human-Society - the Strong eat the Weak.

We’re all Cannibals. Energetic-Cannibals, Spiteful in expressing our ‘power’. This will now Stop.

And how it Ends, depends on Each One Individually because, you are really Contained-individually in a Mind Consciousness System where you have No ‘power’ Whatsoever.

You’re being Spited by Existence = Enjoy the Ride.

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