Wednesday 27 November 2013

Day 520: Why Are we Here on Earth? – Role of Death - Part 7

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 519: Why Are we Here on Earth? Our Nature at Work - Part 6:
”How do you make sure that the Real Power will never be used? You make everyone believe that the ‘real power’ isn’t Here, and that it is Here-AFTER.”

death Now you’re Here and you are living for the Here-AFTER. Automatically you have no power in the Here, because apparently you’ll be having power in the Here-AFTER. And then what happens is: When you reach the Here-AFTER, that which you are and were and which were Programmed, unfortunately, which is your Physical-Body that was Creating the Reality as you See it around you, the Real Power of Expression, of ‘God’, of Creation - is no more. And that which Remains is ‘Spitefulness’, the thoughts, that which existed inside you in ‘Secret’ = the part you call ‘You’, the part you call ‘your ‘Free Will’’, the part you call ‘your ‘Choice’’ = That’s what Remains. And have a look to what Degree you are Dishonest about that, I mean, that is your absolute-guideline in your Existence - that is the Point where you apparently make-up your Mind. It is where you apparently make a Choice. It is where you apparently decide what are you going to do with your life.
But look at its Inherent-Nature - its Inherent-Nature is Spitefulness.
Now, in the Process to come - this Spitefulness is going to Manifest at a Physical-Level as Everything is Compressing.

Which means: You’re going to really Face Spitefulness and you’re gonna have very peculiar experiences. For instance, you will be trying your best to be good. And this has been going on for some time – you must understand that the Process is not here from just the other day – it’s been here for quite some time and it has been Compressing...Silently without being Seen.

Now that we are Entering the Stage of where it will be Seen, because ‘the Stage is Set’ now - which means it is now Done.

Within this all you’ll Notice a peculiar thing: That sometimes you will make ‘all the effort imaginable’ to be ‘good’, to do ‘the right thing’ and everything just go Wrong. It’s like you can’t get the Point.

What is Really Actually Happening is that your Physical-Manifested Spitefulness, based on what you have Programmed you to be You as Free Will – will at all cost – prevent you from going into an Expression of Equality as Balance as Life.
Because unless you Transcend, unless you Transcend this Spitefulness, you’ll never be Free.

And therefore you’ll seek-out ways and you must be really Careful = Every single thing you will be doing, Inherently you’ll be doing within the context of a Back-door, called Spite.

And that Spite you will call Free Choice: “If things go bad, I have a ‘Choice’. If this happen, I have a ‘Choice’. If that happen, I have a ‘Choice’” - But what you are really saying in that; is that you already Creating that ‘Choice’, because in Spite of Knowing that you should be Here, Supporting Life, Equal and One - you’ll automatically Create its point where you can get out by saying: “I will fail with this anyway”, I mean, “Just because others are involved with it, I can’t trust them.
My way out is ‘my Choice’. I am thus ‘free’, I am ‘freely participating in Equality’” - exactly the same point where it all Started, in the beginning - the ‘point of Balance’, the point where there is a ‘belief’ that ‘apparently one cannot Stand Equal in Responsibility as Creators of Existence’, that ‘apparently you need a ‘Higher Force’ that can take Responsibility for ‘your mistakes’ and thus allow you to have unencumbered ‘Free Choice’’. And that you can ‘justify’ your Existence accordingly.

Hear me: This will be Challenged in every imaginable way - until this is Purified and ‘Spitefulness’ will Never exist again.

When someone is ‘Spiteful’ - I suggest: Simply Don’t Participate. They are only able to exert ‘Spitefulness’ if you participate in their ‘Spitefulness’.
Yet in Spite of the ‘Spiteful’, you’re going to walk in Equality and Oneness until this is Done.

Because some has Created Themselves as Only ‘Spitefulness’ – all powerful – abusing and using ‘Spitefulness’ to ‘get their way’, to ‘manipulate the way’, to find ‘their way’ where they can ‘remain in control’, no matter what.
For that a Solution was Placed. Unfortunately and Fortunately for Everyone: Death is the Solution.

That was the One Point that was Placed in Existence to Prevent, Anyone from having ‘Power’, in ‘Spitefulness’. Now that point has become Highly Effective in Purifying Existence from the Spiteful.

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