Thursday 14 November 2013

Day 517: Why Are we Here on Earth? Creation of the Machine -Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 516: Why Are we Here on Earth? The Battle of the Stars – Part 3:
”And have a look... in today's Society it's exactly what Exists. In this Spiraling - it was Clear that the Universe as we know it: Would be Changing Forever, which is what happened. And where all-things were in a form of Quantifiable Quantum-Reality where it was, there was an Immediacy - the point of the Polarity, the point of the ‘Spitefulness’, the point of the exertion of power - caused a Separation between all-Beings and that Separation was like a ‘Tear in Existence’ that became bigger and bigger and bigger.”

gravity5 And that pushed everything apart, which is why the Universe from a point of Balance started to moving apart, ‘attempting to Embrace Everything’, to ‘allow everyone their point of ‘Free Will’ – because that was what everyone was looking for.

Everyone was saying: "I have ‘Free Will’. This is ‘me’. This is ‘my expression’. This is ‘who I am’. And I will do everything to protect this ‘Free Will’ - no matter what I have to do". Within that, a fascinating thing started occurring that nobody Noticed: A ‘dependency’ started, a ‘dependency’ on the ‘Energy’ that came from the Conflict between the Polarity-Points, which in essence - was like a form of ‘Fusion’.
In that form of ‘Fusion’ - that which was the Matter of the Universe - became engulfed in it - because we were the Matter of the Universe. And in that; we started to use the Matter and transforming it into ‘Energy’.

More and more and more and...throughout-time - I mean, this ‘Time’ has been a very long Time – we started transforming the Universe and the very ‘Nature of the Universe’, although still directed by the ‘Law of Balance’ – the Balance changed the Equation, in terms of Galaxies and Universes starting to move; no longer in a ‘Balanced-way’, although it is still in a ‘Balanced-way’, but you had Collisions, because you had now ‘Collisions of Ideas’, Collisions of Choices’, ‘Collisions of Expressions’, ‘Collisions of what each one believed was ‘right’ and ‘wrong’’ - and thus ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ was created within it all.

And as this whole thing was ‘Spiralling out of Control’ - obviously there was a Call, an Inherent-Call in Everyone: That this must Stop.

And for that to Stop there was only One ‘Answer’ that everyone could come up with, to a degree, and that was that: “We need a ‘Leader’. We need somebody strong, that can stand and sort this out” – sounds familiar, doesn’t it? “Because we can't do it” - I mean, “We need somebody to do it - that can make all the decisions that we actually want to make and then we must all agree. So, we have to find a way of doing ‘what is best according to the ‘mass-Choice’.
We have to bring-together ‘Choice’ into an agreement where ‘the majority will...will be the ‘power’ that directs’” –

Darryl: Yeah -‘Politics’ –
Bernard: Politics.

And in that; a fascinating being Emerged: Anu.
Anu Saw he was ‘well-Respected’, because of his abilities to bring points together and through that -Create. So, he could Harness the Talents of beings - their ‘expressive-abilities’, and bring it together to create new things from it – sounds familiar, doesn't it? Our Executives of Companies do that. Our Presidents do that: Bring people with different ‘Qualities’ together to ‘express things’.
And in that, Anu obviously had an interesting Dilemma, because in the Unbalancing of Everything, things were Changing with all the Planets and the Universe. So, their particular Planet developed a ‘peculiar-problem’.

Its ‘problem’ was that it needed a certain ‘Substance’ to remain In-Balance and that ‘Substance’ was just not sufficient and it kept on going into a form of Unbalancing, which is like its ‘Nature’, which was what it was - in his particular-case it was related to Gold. The ‘Nature’ of that particular Planet was Unbalanced. It sounds very familiar if one look at how our Nature is being Unbalanced.
It (Anu’s Planet) required something - and that ‘Substance’ that it required is a Physical-Substance, was not on the Planet. It was somewhere-else, which forced the whole point of searching for it = which is how they stumbled across Earth, in a way.

And in that, obviously through time, much Separation took place and many beings became their own groups that lived and on Earth we had the Atlanteans: The beings that remained from the ‘Universe of Sound’... or the ‘Galaxy of Sound’.
Remember - Galaxy / Universe, it's the same thing. It's more one at the end of the day, it's just the ‘presentation’ of a particular ‘grouping’ that remains together in Balance. So... around a singular-point - in this case it was Sound.
And, within that obviously much of it is explained within The History of Man – not all of it, but that which is Relevant.

Anu, eventually - in the whole point - Realised a particular-problem, because what they Noted was in their ‘attempt to Stabilise everything to a point where they can hold it’ - they had to ‘Re-Adjust’, ‘Re-Equate’ the ‘Law of Balance’.
Because the ‘Law of Balance’ was actually causing the Ultimate-Unbalancing = As it is ‘attempting to Balance’, it was taking the Polarities to its Ultimate. Within that we had to ‘pull everything together’ from the perspective of ‘holding it within a path’, [for] which they used Magnetics - and the Magnetics obviously they used in conjunction to what you now understand to be ‘Gravity’.

They had to use the pulling-force of Gravitational-Forces, which is basically based in, on the ‘Action of Spinning’ – holding in, In Balance, changing the ‘Principle of Balance’.

Which, in itself, is the Creation of the Machine. If one look at the whole point, the point of ‘Energy’-generation through the ‘Spinning around a, an Axel’ within the Principle of Mathematics and opposing-forces was what emerge through the ‘Point of Polarity’ after the Unbalancing of the Equation of Existence. And thus the Machine was Created. Obviously, at that stage not really understood, because from the perspective of what you would call ‘UFO's’ and so on, it didn't work at that ‘principle’. It didn't work on the ‘principle of the Magnetic Forces’ per se. It worked on the Principle of the Living-Forces.

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