Tuesday 29 October 2013

Day 516: Why Are we Here on Earth? The Battle of the Stars - Part 3

“And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear ‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ - because at ‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you. Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’ to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because = what is Inherent, and that emerged more and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look... it exist exactly like that, every single day of your life. Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’’. You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’ in any way.”

So within that, an interesting thing occurred: Groups were formed. Groups that eventually became a different form of Expression. Instead of Balance, Polarity became the ‘guiding-force’ of the Universes.

Balance was no-longer, because Balance became impossible because Dishonour became the principle of Existence. Dishonour meaning: I have the power, the ultimate -power = I can Spite you whenever it suits me. And through that I can exert my power over you. And no matter how good you are, no matter how good I am - the end of the day, I still have power = I can say, No. I can Spite you. I can – In Spite of Knowing what is the Best - I can do what is the best for me. And I can do it because I have Free Will. Because I've always had Free Will. - which is fascinating, yes, we always had Free Will. We’ve been in Existence a very long time.

In this all, a fascinating thing started happening: Things started to Spiral out of Control, because it was no-longer in Balance. And this Spiraling out of Control, the Mathematical-Equation of Existence that was always a Balanced-Equation = became Unbalanced. And because the Inherent-desire of Free Will linked-to the desire and the definition that Free Will Encompasses the power of Spite - in Spite of all Efforts = it became a Design that was ‘Infinite in Nature’. It just continued, because as time Progressed – and Remember, time was always defined by those that are ‘here in time’ - as time Progressed - beings would continue in their ‘action of ‘Spitefulness’’ and ‘Free Will’ and Create Groups that work-together and that define the Reason why their belief, their Free Will to be a specific way. Which you could call - at that stage - virtually like Religions, like we have today.

Have a look... your Religions of today exist in Spitefulness to each other. They will exist because they believe they have Free Will. And accordingly, they express themselves and are, in a way, in conflict, which is the conflict-point is the Polarity-Point. And through that, everything in Creation that was a Balanced-Expression, became an Expression of Energy. Because, from that Friction was created an Energy.

What was fascinating though, is in that Energy that was Created, something new Emerged: You could get an Higher-Energy and you could get a Lower-Energy. And automatically, a Battle started: The Battle of the Stars, in a way.

The Battle of the Stars was: Who can have all the Cool High-Energy and push the others to a Lower-Energy so that they can feel they have exerted their power of Free Will - which is in fact, actually Spitefulness – to such a degree that they have all the Power, and that the others are in Fear of their ‘power’, which means, actually, in Fear of their Spite.

So now Free Will has actually become something covering-up Spitefulness.

And have a look... in today's Society it's exactly what Exists. In this Spiraling - it was Clear that the Universe as we know it: Would be Changing Forever, which is what happened. And where all-things were in a form of Quantifiable Quantum-Reality where it was, there was an Immediacy - the point of the Polarity, the point of the ‘Spitefulness’, the point of the exertion of power - caused a Separation between all-Beings and that Separation was like a ‘Tear in Existence’ that became bigger and bigger and bigger.

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  1. Y este desgarro se convirtió en lo mas cruel de nuestro EGOISMO; es decir : en INTERÉS PROPIO . Esto es MIO Y SOLO MIO; y por lo tanto no quiero que nadie tenga mas que" YO". Gracias BERNARD POOLMAN.