Sunday 6 October 2013

Day 510: Zero-Point and Other Points – Alcohol - Part 8

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 509: Zero-Point and Other Points – Choice - Part 7:
“The ‘idea’ that existed was; that it would be possible to keep on controlling the outcomes within this reality. What was not taken into account was; Nature itself, the Animal-Kingdom and that there is gonna be human-beings that is going to Challenge the System. “

So we found quite a number of Beings in the Dimensions, in Heaven, that had made major-impacts on Earth while they were in the Physical. Remember – that the Beings in Heaven could not directly influence the Physical through intervention, they had to pre-program it as an ‘Energetic-event’. So, if there is an Apparition or if there is an event of somebody doing some ‘miraculous thing’, it requires ‘Energy’, the ‘Energy’ needs to be in a particular Design so that it plays out, I mean, you turn water into fuckin’ wine, it is an ‘Energy-Design’, it is a Molecular-Design, that requires particular inputs to achieve a particular outcome - If the fuckin’ ‘miracle’ is ‘real’, I mean for it to happen.

But what was the point of “water into wine”, it was nothing to do with the ‘miracle’ = it was the whole point of Intoxication, the whole point of submission to the System of ‘marriage’, of procreation, of making the whole intoxication ‘Divine’. Wine equals ‘Divinity’ – because, have a look: Even up to today Alcohol is accepted as something that is not Challenged at all in our Society.

While alcohol is the very thing that causes the Greatest Submission to the System and Allows all the Systems to integrate the most effectively.

There is one thing one must consider not to participate in: It is Alcohol.
If you would Dare to be Self-Honest and Slow-down within and as Breath as you are creating and you look at the ‘choice’ you are exercising…

What is ‘choice’? ‘Choice’ is the point where you are directing ‘Energy’, you are giving it direction and form - that that point you are actually creating your experience, especially, you know, if you look at Salvia and all these various things - that’s what happens. You use things like Coke, Cocaine - I mean, that supports your ‘primary-desire’ within your Personality, and therefore – quite a few beings can use that, has been using that, to be ‘effective’ in, for instance in decision-making in business or an ‘expression’, because they become ‘more assertive’. It suppress their fears.

So there’s a chemical-change that takes place. Obviously there is so many different points, every being experience it according to themselves. I mean, you’re not gonna experience the same as another one.
There is no hard and fast ‘rules’ for these things. The point is abuse. The point is Self-Honesty.

All you have to do is go and become the spider that is being eaten by the wasp in its life-cycle, to find out that there is a Fuckup in this System.
Because, then, you are injected with a poison that keeps you alive but you can do nothing, as the spider, while the offspring of the wasp eat you to grow, and you die a slow death, very slowly, as you are being eaten alive.
Observe the fascinating point though that; you are eating yourself alive using a Mind-System, you’re Eating your Physical-Body. That’s why you don’t feel the pain of it - because you’re not in the Physical-Body.

If you were in the Physical-Body you’ll be in Pain all the time, because the total System interacts = feeding of the Physical.

But you are doing exactly the same: You are Feeding of Earth, off the Physical. You have done so with many Planets, Earth is just the next Planet in row where we’re feeding; consuming Earth, which inevitably will be no more - which is why there is already concern in our so-called ‘educated Elites’ of the World; that the Earth will not sustain in infinity a human-race living here. We have to find another fuckin’ Planet to go to, so we can live there.

They’re really not concerned about the individual. The individual is irrelevant in this equation. And you really are irrelevant.

You are simply here to support the System, functioning for those that are in charge of the System, which acts on behalf of ‘God’ and believe me, the Elite believe they act on behalf of ‘God’ and they were programmed to believe that.
They even had regular interaction,what they now have, they still believe they have, but they don’t actually have regular interaction. We’re not, at this stage, going to explain how all these things has changed, because, I mean you can’t even conceive how it’s changed – it’s just not possible. You are existing within a ‘limited-range-frequency’ of ‘Energy’. You are absolutely limited. You cannot leave your body without dying. That’s due to actual fear and dishonesty.

That, you must know is your feedback; if you cannot leave your body = fear and dishonesty. You’re not willing to give up your total-reality, Unconditionally – the only reason, otherwise, you’ll leave your body.

Which is also quite cool, because according to your reactions to the point of leaving your body, you can establish what fears it is that’s still holding you back, what desires, what points are still controlling you, what points are still your ‘master’, what is still the ‘purposes that you are subscribing to’.
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