Wednesday 2 October 2013

Day 508: Zero-Point and Other Points – Purpose & Parenting - Part 6

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 507: Zero-Point and Other Points – Part 5:
“Your thoughts are only as valid as the attention you give it – and is only as valid as how you define them to be. Your thoughts are nothing more, if you become obsessed with your thoughts, have a look what happens; your fear-factor, which is your polarity-factor - increase dramatically, and within that a ‘Madness’ ensues, because you become so scared – while none of that is actually real, that’s not who you are, but that’s who you ‘believe you are’.”

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Remember that no fear is really real; it is only as real as you make it.
You have that peculiar ability to create yourself and you have in fact created yourself as the illusion that you are currently through your permission. And that permission has become submission, submission to a System.
That System being that, you are working for a ‘soul-purpose’, a ‘greater-purpose’, which you are ‘becoming’, and that ‘greater-purpose’ isn’t on this Earth – it is After your death = so, you are screwed in every way imaginable.

As long as that point exist, you stand No Chance of Ever understanding what is going on here. Because, the moment you die, your container within which you have saved all the layers of information that you have build up as knowledge throughout your life - is useless, in a single moment, because you’ve actually never used that knowledge to Improve Your Existence while you were here.

Now, what is more fascinating is; if one go back in time over a lengthy period of time, billions of years, you’ll notice a peculiar thing: That we have all existed.
We were all here, but we developed a peculiar, strange thing – a form a separation based in our ‘specialty’, our ‘point of purpose’ - we were various races, Alien-Races, that existed on various planets and according to that, we had a peculiar ‘purpose’ in the universe = all of those things are still existing right here, right now on Earth: Everyone is looking for a ‘purpose’.

Have a look what happens if you have no ‘purpose’; it’s as if you have no ‘Energy’ and it feels like your whole world is falling apart and is imploding - that is similarly to the implosion of a nuclear-reactor - if that is not stopped, that means, that’s how the System Force you back into the System, you will have a nervous-breakdown, because your System is not getting the ‘Energy’ from your nuclear-reactor, which is you, where you are feeding on your own Physical-Body, which is like fucked-up beyond imagination, but that’s what you’re really doing, you are Feeding on your own Body.

What is more interesting, is that all the Abuse that happens to Children comes from ‘Parents’ when they have overfed their System - they require new ‘Energy’.
How do they do it? They take the Child and use ‘anger’ or ‘sexual-abuse’ or ‘violence’ to access the Child’s ‘Energy’, so they make an ‘insertion’ into the Child, take part of the Child’s ‘Energy’ for themselves, swap their used-bullshit for the Child, now the Child is fucked for life, trying to work out their life because they’re having experiences that they don’t even know where it comes from. Meantime it’s their ‘Parents’ shit, because the ‘Parents’ couldn’t live effectively.
But I mean, all Children are affected by that.

Every time you use violence without knowing what the fuck you are doing, every time you speak, you don’t, you are not directing you ‘Energy’: You are actually taking shit, out of your Children so that you can ‘feel better’.

That’s what happened to everyone. That’s why everybody ends-up, let’s put it, ‘most people end up’, in a point where they totally dislike their ‘Parents’. They Hate them. Because they Remember that Abuse.

But they cannot word it because it doesn’t exist in your education-system, it doesn’t exist in how anything is explained, how it works - so you don’t know why you Hate your ‘Parents’. You just regard them as – you just don’t wanna be like them!

But what invariably happens to you, when you have children? You do exactly the same thing.

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