Friday 25 October 2013

Day 515: Why Are we Here on Earth? Free Will and Spitefulness – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 514: Why Are we Here on Earth? Balance and the Universe - Part 1: 
"But then again beings also died, so in a way, the being ‘Emerging’ was someone that had been there before - it´s like Reincarnation.

Very much of the Reincarnation was in effect a Continuation, rather than a form of ´paying for something you´ve done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’´ - because ´right´ and ´wrong´ per se - did not exist. What existed was simply: ‘Balance’

There was an ‘Understanding’ that everything in Existence actually Existed in Balance. There was not Nature as you would understand it now - because the Experience/Expression was quite Absolute from that perspective, as the Point of Balance was Absolute - which means in terms of how it existed: It had an Absolute Effect on the Balanced-Expression of Everyone that was Here – as the ‘Here of Then´.

In the Question that emerged on: Why is Everyone not Equal? - the Point was then Approached to Consider the Equality of Everyone and Change the Point of ‘Balance’. That immediately emerged as quite an interesting Point which was seen as ´unacceptable´.

It was seen as an ´atrocity´ to ´Change what is Here´ - because what is Here was apparently ´the only Answer´ and it was ´working´ from the perspective of everyone Participating. What was not understood obviously is that: The only Reason it was ´working´ is because of ‘the Submission of Everyone to the particular System’. And in the Acceptance of that, obviously, there was the Point that there was Inequality = there was not the Actuality of Equality between all beings.

Although they would All come from the Same ‘Source’ - their ‘Lineage’ would determine: ‘What they’re Equal as and to’, which is very much similar to what we have today - where your Equality is virtually determined on your Lineage, your Intelligence is dependent on your Lineage.

Your point of ‘Effectiveness’ in this Reality is dependent on what ‘Colour’ you are, which Country you’re in and how your ‘Family-line’ fit into that and your History of your ‘Lineage’ and all kinds of things - ‘Pre-determine’ your ‘Experience’ to quite a Vast-degree in this Reality.

Now, the only way, then to Question this Point, to bring Awareness that this Point, In Fact, was a ‘Weakness’ - this Point that there was not Equality, was the ‘Inherent–weakness’ of Existent Existence = was to actually Challenge the Point.

So in that - after the discussions and the Considerations broke-down, and did not go any further - one of the Beings that was standing as ‘the Point of Balance’ of one of the Galaxies = Abdicated ‘the Point of Balance’.

Immediately Many things Happened at Once. So we'll look at the various points from different perspectives: One was Immediately, that: A Fear ‘arised’.

The Fear that; because ‘the Point of Balance’ does not Exist, everything will now become Unbalanced, which will cause the Universe to ‘End’. Fascinatingly enough, was that: One of the Primary-Points that was there, which is very similar to today: If you do not ‘adhere to your Belief-System’ - the ‘End of your Existence will come and then you will be ‘judged’’.

So, in a way, that ‘inherent-judgment’ of, what was would flow out of the ‘Unbalancing of the Creation’ as it existed then = came forth.

A fascinating thing then occurred: The point of ‘Free Will', then, was Challenged - to truly Reveal its Nature.

And how it was Challenged was fascinating, because all that was required by everyone was a fascinating point: They had to ‘Stand-Together’ in their 'Free Will' and have 'One-Will,' and everything would be Balanced.

But an interesting thing occurred - some realized an interesting point: They could say: "No" - when it comes to the Point of: “Let’s Stand Together”. And they could do it in a peculiar ‘form of experience’, called "Spitefulness" – they could hold all the ‘power’, by simply saying: "I will not Stand Together, Equal as One. I will do it ‘my way’, because I have 'Free Will.'” In that Singular Moment = All of the Universes or Galaxies started to disintegrate over time, because - what was Spreading like Wildfire, was a form of ‘Revenge’: "If you say you're not going do it - I will say the same and I’ll ‘Spite’ you back." So ‘in Spite of’ having all that one can imagine, in Absolute-Balance - requiring One Singular Point to Stand in Balance Equal and One, by Realizing that your ‘Free Will’ wasn't really 'Free' = the ‘Original Sin’ occurred: That of ‘Spitefulness’.

And within that ‘Spitefulness’, a Fear ‘emerged’ that: If you have to Trust another, they have ALL the ‘power’ - because at ‘any given moment’, they can ‘Spite’ you.

Therefore you cannot ‘submit yourself’ to anyone, you cannot Trust anyone, because = what is Inherent, and that emerged more and more, was: ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look... it exist exactly like that, every single day of your life.

Your whole life has existed in the ‘principle of ‘Spitefulness’’.

You have Never Transcended ‘Spitefulness’ in any way.


  1. Por eso es que vivimos aquí en la forma que vivimos. Por eso aquí existe la venganza, el odio, el rencor y todo lo que se deriva de ese miedo y ese no querer estar unos con otros en igualdad y unicidad, sino separados no solo de nuestros semejantes sino de nuestro propio cuerpo. Gracias .

  2. what an eyeopener!