Tuesday 8 October 2013

Day 512: Zero-Point and Other Points - Living Words - Part 10

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 511: Zero-Point and Other Points – Group Design - Part 9:
”I mean, like a safe, you had a whole time-delay lock kind of thing, that then gets opened and then you get ‘disengaged’ and then you die. That’s how they killed many of the people that managed to break-through, they simply disengage them from the System and then they die.”

its-time-to-stop-carrying-the-past-investigate-self-with-desteni-i-process So, this is the primary ‘Design of Equality’ was: That you would be ‘in place’ because your ‘placement’ within this Reality is ‘all feeling fine’. That’s why we had to interfere, for instance, specifically with Andrea – to Move her, we had to create a new ‘System’ for Andrea, disengage her from her ‘placement’, because she’s ‘demon-possessed’, so nobody will care about that, because you’re seen as ‘Mad’, you are just disregarded by the System because you are ineffectual - you are actually quite cool, because you charge everybody else up as you walk into their world and you shake up their world, I mean, then you get some ‘Energy’ moving there, and that means you get your ‘Energy’ to the System anyway - to get her out, so that when the event takes place; she has no ‘choice’. So when it all happened, she had no ‘choice’, that’s why she’s here.

She had no ‘choice’, because it all was just in Place. And no matter how she tried to think about it, she could not invalidate the Placement, it was just what it was.
Okay, and so was each of the points as one bring it in, while some of the points or some of the people we brought in, was particularly here simply to teach others how dishonest human-beings really are. That’s why I say many of the beings that come here will not make it, because they’re simply just fucking dishonest. We just brought them here to fucking show how dishonest they are, and they will act accordingly. They’re pre-programmed within their Design.

What we’ve done is, obviously, this is no longer Feeding Heaven: All this ‘Energy’ is now Feeding the demise, the destruction of = Yourself, it’s all inverted to yourself. And in that, you cause a massive compression of Reality - and within that, what happens is it’s been directed - the point that’s now happening is; the Mind, the ‘emotional-body’ is merging with the Physical. Eventually the total existence will be only Physical-Beings, no Minds.

And you will become a Physical-Expression of your Madness or your Life; you decide.

So, fascinating - really actually simplistic if you look at it - how you were fucked-with in terms of “feeling in place”, how you “‘feel’ you have a ‘purpose’” and all the things, so that – any Question that may come up - is always ‘answered by the System’ through events in Space-Time. And you keep on accepting it, because "it seems so ‘right’". You don´t look at the Bigger-Picture and says: “But, there’s something wrong - we have One Billion People Starving = What the Fuck is going on?!?!?” - “Because MY ‘life’ is okay, I am looked after - ‘God ‘is looking after me! I am special! And we are all saved already, we don´t have to do anything! ‘God’ ‘promised’ that. And I can ‘feel’ so…I ‘feel’, this is so ‘real’. It sits so well with me, I, we, are saved! I am ‘divine’!” = It´s the fucking System telling you that and you believe it.

Yes - your Design. I mean, you are Designing this, and the System just responds and says: “YES!” You ask: “Is it so?”, and it says: “YES!” - Any ‘voice’ you ‘hear’ is the System.

The System has become self-functioning, ‘aware’ – completely. Locking-out Heaven. Heaven didn´t expect that, because Heaven didn´t realize that the System is Alive.

Anything you ever create: Is you = it´s always Alive.
There is only two parts in Existence now that is getting the ‘main-attention’: Which is the Dimensional-Beings and the Human-Beings. They are that part in existence that is totally, fucking dishonest.

They (the Humans and Dimensions’) will be Purified by everything else in Existence.

If you are not Equal with it (existence), if you are not Standing Honorable as Life Here as All Parts that Is Here - you´ll be taken to your experience that will get you to reconsider your conviction.

Because, as a convict of your convictions you will be convicted - by Life, and you´ll serve your sentence until You Change your sentences - and the Words that come from you is Living Words – and not just words you were taught to speak; And that you take Responsibility for those Living Words, because you are Actually Living it - you´re not just spewing forth poison.

The Living Word thus is: You as the Physical, as Who You Live, as What You Are - the Real Truth, Purified.

Obviously you can do it in your points where you are in separation and where you are harming as well -but within that - it turns automatically through the System to ‘Evil’ and returns to you.

So I suggest; you cannot expect to be in a System of which you understand nothing and expect to understand everything over-night. It takes Application. It takes Dedication. It takes Consideration. It takes Specificity.

The more Specific you are the more Specific you´ll be Able to See. You Decide, thus, how Effective you become.

Everyone is Absolutely - Self-Responsible.

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