Thursday 17 October 2013

Day 514: Why Are we Here on Earth? Balance and the Universe – Part 1

bernardpoolman desteni universe balance history A very long time ago there was Balance in the Universe.

Balance doesn´t mean anything per se but that it means - Balance.

The Universe was not Structured as it is now - it was structured in Galaxies -which you now would call a Universe - each one of them representing like a Petal of a Flower - a Particular Expression.

You had a Galaxy or a Universe, whatever you wanna call it, I mean, a name is really irrelevant - you had one that was Expression as Crystals, one as Sound, one as Water, you know, you had one as Mathematics - you had all the facets you now have intermingled - it was like, there were ´societies´ of it, it was Expressions of it.

Now - to ‘maintain’ that Balance an interesting thing was necessary, because that was all that was understood - what was understood is that: For Movement to occur; ´Energy´ is required, and that ´Energy´ would move as a ‘form’ of a Polarity – and that Polarity would be done in a Curious way: By having a single-Being stand as ´God´, as ´King´ - which was fascinatingly enough - a particular DNA-Lineage that stood as that.

So that means, that this - out of the same ‘King’ the same ‘Principle’ that you now have in terms of ‘Kings’ and of, of Tribes and things like that -you had the same ‘Principle’ then. And the very fact that that Being stood there, Everyone believing that that was the ‘Point of Balance’ = the Balance existed.

In every Galaxy it was like that: There was a ´Royal House´, so to speak, that ´maintained´ the Balance of Everything. And, there was Peace and there was a certain ‘level’ of Equality. And what was honored above all was: ‘Choice’, ´Free-Will´. The ‘‘Choice’ to express yourself’, the ‘‘Choice’ of the ‘Individual’’ – ‘Individuality’.

And within that obviously - a fascinating point that was understood then, was that: One must Support Each-Other. So the ‘Interconnectedness’ of Everything was ‘supported’ through the ‘Choice’ – beings would make a ‘Choice’ to Support Each-Other through the ‘Principle of Supporting Each-Other’ - but there was a ´specialness´ about the ‘Choice’. The ´specialness´ was that: You could ´make the ‘Choice’ to ‘Support’ someone.

Then a strange thing occurred - a very strange thing: One day the Question was Asked: Why could everyone not Balance themselves? Why is the Balance separate from everyone?

What is the Point that is not understood? Why do you have an Inequality where something like a ´God´ is required to ´maintain’ the ‘Balance´, to ‘maintain’ the ‘Balance’ in ‘Choice’?

Understand at that stage already - Beings or People - you could call them ´Man´ - at that stage it was not ‘HUman’ - it was Man.

Man existed very much as they do today, in a way that - they were all coming from Planets, you know, like we come from the dust of the Earth. If they’re in a Crystal-Universe or -Galaxy they will be Crystal-like - and in their Form and in their Expression and their ´Skills´ and everything is related to ´what they are coming from´ - they would ‘Emerge’, in essence, from the ‘Substance’ which they are, where they are finding themselves from - call it the Planet, or that particular Galaxy or Universe. And their ´Skill´ would be specific.

Obviously at that stage, things like Sexuality, as you understand it today - did not exist. I mean - it (Sexuality) was a point of beings ‘coming together’ as a ‘Mother’ and a ‘Father’ = the Family-Construct did exist - that would in their Merging, in their Expression of ‘Support of Each-Other’, would make it ‘possible´ for a place of Support, a place of Consideration, a place can call it ´Love´ to exist, for a being to ‘Emerge’ into Existence.

But then again beings also died, so in a way, the being ‘Emerging’ was someone that had been there before - it´s like Reincarnation.

Very much of the Reincarnation was in effect a Continuation, rather than a form of ´paying for something you´ve done ‘right’ or ‘wrong’´ - because ´right´ and ´wrong´ per se - did not exist. What existed was simply: ‘Balance’.
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