Thursday 3 October 2013

Day 509: Zero-Point and Other Points – Choice - Part 7

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 508: Zero-Point and Other Points – Purpose & Parenting - Part 6:
“But they cannot word it because it doesn’t exist in your education-system, it doesn’t exist in how anything is explained, how it works - so you don’t know why you Hate your ‘Parents’. You just regard them as – you just don’t wanna be like them!

But what invariably happens to you, when you have children? You do exactly the same thing.”

That was done to you, why? - Because it’s existing as you, you are this thing that happened. You allowed it.

That’s why Forgiveness is so effective, because in your Self-Evaluation, you are looking at what has Really happened - as you take away the layers of time; you will see how these things have happened and then you Forgive Unconditionally.

Why Unconditionally? - Because if you want restitution, if you want others to ‘pay for what you’ve gone through’ - we will be here forever, because nobody will ever be satisfied, because then you have simply replaced your ‘goal’, your ‘obsession’ with a ‘soul-purpose’ with getting back to with others - you’ve replaced it with revenge.

Therefore, Unconditional Forgiveness, what is fascinating is that Forgiveness places everyone in a point of Equality, a point of taking Personal-Responsibility for your life and your life only.

In doing so the truth of you steps forth, you either stand up for All as life Equal as One, or you stand up for ‘your ‘belief’’ and ‘your ‘soul-purpose’’, your ‘specialness’.

Which was the design, obviously, that each one must ‘feel they’re special’ within the ‘Hive-Consciousness’ and that they’re on a journey to the top of the pile, the top of this heap of shit - where they gonna be the ‘special’ ‘Ascended ones’.

The ‘special’ ‘Masters’ at the right hand of ‘God’, I mean Jesus - how many funkin’ right hands has ‘God’ got for all the fuckers that wanna sit there. Hey, and, I mean Self-Honesty does just not exist, CommonSense doesn’t exist, because I have heard many people and I have subscribed to this - that means; I have believed this Shit myself - that somehow, “Jesus is gonna know who I am and have a ‘special fuckin’ message’ for me”. Obviously if Jesus come to Earth he will be in Space and Time like I am in Space and Time like he’s been in Space and Time Before, which means; there are a couple of million ‘Christians’, “we’re going to have to stand in line”, okay, so “we can each get our ‘special message’”. By the time fuckin’ Jesus is finished with that he’ll be dead again.

I mean, we haven’t even done anything. But we don’t look at that I mean, we don’t want to see the Reality of our Bullshit. We just don’t want to see the Reality of our bullshit - “We want our ‘special’ ‘soul-purpose’. We are ‘souls’.

If you go back in the ‘New-Age’-point that the whole concept of the creation of the ‘soul’ was a teaching that was introduced here through the process of ‘evolution’, because what needed to happen; that the creation of the ‘soul’ that existed in Heaven had to be cloned on Earth so that you have ‘equality’ between the two Systems, so you have absolute control - which is how Equality got fucked with.

Okay, so how was that done; introduced through ‘channels’ and ‘Masters’ and so on - the whole point of ‘equality’ and that you are ‘equal to ‘God’’.

But I mean - have a look at this ‘equality to ‘God’’, you’re never actually ‘God’ you’re only ‘equal to your Belief that you’re ‘God’’. And therefore, if you decide you’re ‘God’, you’re apparently fuckin’ ‘God’. And I mean… you can believe that as much as you like, because nobody can touch you because “I am ‘sacred’ and ‘divine’ and in my own ‘individuality’. I mean, I am right, I have this ‘right’.” I mean –

If you really have ‘choice’: Don’t fuckin’ die – but you have no choice in that.

If you really have ‘choice’, don’t breathe – but you don’t have choice in that.

If you really have ‘choice’, don’t eat – you don’t have choice in that.

If you really have ‘choice’, don’t shit – but you’ll notice; you have no choice in that.

Let’s get Real Here, you have no fuckin’ ‘choice’, you’re in a System. And this System is actually In Control. And this System does not give a fuck about your peculiarities.

Okay, so, here we have this whole interaction taking place between Heaven and Earth: Heaven sending the ‘souls’ down into bodies, for which they required a certain amount of humans to be born, for which they created the Ultimate-Attraction, to make sure that there is always a source of continuous ‘Energy’: Sex. What is Sex? It’s where a Male and a Female ‘connect’, okay, to procreate another being which is the way ‘Energy’ works.

I mean, you take a ‘Male-connection’ put it into a ‘Female-connection’ and you have a transfer of ‘Energy’. That’s how our Electricity operates in this reality: Male/Female ‘connect’, then we have Orgasm the light goes on if you push the switch, ok = that’s how it works, simplistically. So there were obviously a few problems in the Design.

The ‘idea’ that existed was; that it would be possible to keep on controlling the outcomes within this reality. What was not taken into account was; Nature itself, the Animal-Kingdom and that there is gonna be human-beings that is going to Challenge the System.

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