Monday 7 October 2013

Day 511: Zero-Point and Other Points – Group Design - Part 9

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 510: Zero-Point and Other Points – Alcohol - Part 8:
“That, you must know is your feedback; if you cannot leave your body = fear and dishonesty. You’re not willing to give up your total-reality, Unconditionally – the only reason, otherwise, you’ll leave your body.
Which is also quite cool, because according to your
reactions to the point of leaving your body, you can establish what fears it is that’s still holding you back, what desires, what points are still controlling you, what points are still your ‘master’, what is still the ‘purposes that you are subscribing to’.“

soul system disengage lock anu bernardpoolman So, Heaven, in Reality, as that part that requires ‘Energy’ = is the Real Evil in existence. The manifestation being, Earth as ‘Good’ and Heaven as ‘Evil’ as a Polarity-System. That has all been inverted, so everything is now going to ‘zero-point’.

From what perspective? From the perspective of not existing as a ‘purpose’ anymore, of actually becoming Real, an Actual-Rebirth of the Physical.
You have a Chance, while you are in the Physical, to actually change the outcome of what you have Allowed, by removing all the layers of self-definition, layer by layer through Self-Honesty until you have Amalgamated with Existence in its Totality, its Total Design, Everything that is Here, the Totality of Nature, the Totality of Everything that exist, of all Beings, in you HERE, where you Stand in Absolute Trust as Life = no matter where you are; you can be Trusted. That you stand as life. That you are not subject to your Environment of the Mind.
Understand, you are in limitation. You cannot at this stage get out of limitation. No one will get out.

There will not be anyone that’ll be ‘First’. And there will not be anyone that’ll be ‘Last’, that would be a System. Everyone will reach this point together, at the Same Moment.

There are two Minds at play here; the one is Your-Mind and the one is the Real-Mind. How does it work? You have a System that you can Equate in the form of, virtually like a worm in a way, that form ‘groups’.

These groups are groups of ‘purpose’. You plug-into this as ‘your-world’ and your ‘family’ plugs into the other points and your ‘friends’ and all the people that you’re going to meet, and have a look;

You only meet a certain amount of people in a lifetime, and all of them play some role in your ‘purpose’ and you play some role in their ‘purpose’. It’s all by ‘Design of Purpose’.

And all of these are Designed according to ‘Fuzzy-Logic’, so that you have the ‘idea’ of ‘choice’, so that you perceive apparently have ‘choice’ and that these things are not just ‘random events’ - you call them; “Coincidence”.

They are not ‘coincidence’, they are by Design according to the ‘group-placements’ you are existing in and there is a certain amount of migration allowed within the System between groups where you can do an ‘evolutionary-step’ from ‘who you were’ to a ‘more’ ‘advanced form of being’, where you have a ‘greater ‘purpose’’.
Now, what is fascinating, that exist within you as your Design as you plug-into the System: All the words you’ll speak, all the thoughts you’ll have, all the people you’ll meet = everything you’ll do in that life, will be in a primary Cycling-Design that spins, within this, as you learn language, as you learn education, as you become part of the culture and the society; you start to participate in society. As you start to participate, you are beginning to participate into ‘your interpretation of time’ within this Reality and your world starts to move, and as you move within this, you are now moving to points which is like gears, that move in, where you meet and cross-reference other beings within your Design of your ‘group-purpose’, the ‘total-purpose’ of this group, obviously, was only one thing; ‘Energy’ - to supply ‘Energy’ for the System, for Heaven.

What was Anu’s idea: Was, obviously, to come to Earth and exist within ‘His System’, here, because he had certain peculiar things he liked, like Sex. Okay, so, therefore - his ultimate goal was to create a way that he could be here and have all the ‘Kundalini’, the Sex he could have and have fun with as much as he wants to. So he had a whole thing with that.

Therefore the whole Design was based on his Desire for ‘Self-Satisfaction’, which was obviously the Male-Female Principle. Him being dominant, as the, as the Male, which is what is dominant in this world.

So within this whole thing, as you start to participate within this ‘Group-Design’ and this is the ‘equality-design’, you were then placed Equal, that Design there, as ‘who you are’, is Equal to your place within the ‘group-design’, therefore you ‘feel’ in place.

You ‘feel like’ “you are where you’re supposed to be”. Because, according to the feedback you are getting – ‘who you are’ is at the “right place”, and everything that happens in your world support your ‘purpose’, therefore “your ‘purpose’ must be the ‘right purpose’”.

And what is more fascinating is that; you are existing in this ‘bubble of your life’, within your own ‘Time-Cycle’, not the same as anyone else’s – within your own Breath, which is determining your own Actions, your own movement in energetics – if you are not, obviously, bringing in ‘sufficient’ ‘Energy’ for this ‘primary equality-design’ to Feed Heaven, then events take place in your world, that push you to move faster: Things are given and taken away, I mean, the System just shuts-off and a part of your Design is taken out and the next moment you’re divorced or you have a relationship that fucks up your whole, you know a secret-relationship that suddenly walk into your life, and that get your ass in gear so you fuck a little bit more, I mean, just ‘Feed the System’. And you can’t understand why you are consumed with just wanting to fuck. You see this woman and you can’t help yourself.

But, she’s in your ‘Group-Design’. She was placed particularly to make sure that you keep on Feeding the System ‘Energy’.

Now understand that; this whole System here where within, where everyone is plugged-in, is also running in its own ‘Time-Design’. It has a particular amount of ‘Energy’ it must ‘generate’, ‘harvest’, while everybody is participating in this.
Once that’s done, they ‘disconnect’ the being and the System ‘disconnects’, and the being dies. Up to a couple of years ago, there was a actual Machine that came and disconnect you, and – they had secret... the whole fucking ‘coding-system’ so that not anybody can just go in and ‘disengage’ you, I mean, it’s a whole fucking ‘coding-system’, I mean - just like a safe, I mean, like a safe, you had a whole time-delay lock kind of thing, that then gets opened and then you get ‘disengaged’ and then you die. That’s how they killed many of the people that managed to break-through, they simply disengage them from the System and then they die.
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