Friday 27 September 2013

Day 505: Zero-Point and Other Points – Soul Purpose - Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 504: Zero-Point and Other Points – A Consumption System - Part 2:
“So the Soil becomes diminished, then we have to put things in there again so that we have a chemical-consistency from which we Produce Food. Our Oil is one of our Resources, our Water is one of our Resources here. “
body soul akashic record bernardpoolman But these are limited, because the System within which we are existing is limited and therefore as the Population in the World has been increasing we are ending-up in a Precarious Position: Where our Water is so contaminated that – silently, if you look back 20 years, you didn’t buy bottled Water - it was silently introduced as an acceptable thing to start buying bottled-water. Nobody can remember exactly when that happened.

In the past your tap-water use to be Clear and efficient and acceptable. And then silently, Water was introduced in bottles, and you could not trust the Water from the ground anymore or the Water that came through your taps or the organisations that is supposedly representing you to provide you with, which you are paying taxes for, to provide you with - Water that is drinkable. Slowly but surely you simply started accepting all the changes as ‘improvements’.
We have obviously now quite serious problems in our Water-supply and we must remember:

What is ‘Evolution’?

‘Evolution’ is the coming-together of chemicals, because everything that exists here is chemical in nature. It has a Design, a Nature.

It’s the coming-together of Designs that form relationships and within those relationships, form a relationship of action/reaction like in a Polarity and they act accordingly. So, if you have a Bacteria or a Virus that interacts and share their DNA-information, they will come to a conclusion within that: What is the best way for them to exist and survive and how can they most effectively consume.

Now, obviously, what are the best Sources of Food on this Planet: Is the human-being. I mean, there we have a new Bacteria that is flesh-eating, that is water-born and that lives already in our Oceans and in our Rivers and is already eating. And obviously is not only going to eat the Human, it’s going to eat the Animal as well. It‘s become what – flesh-eating, but I mean - we’re also flesh-eating, so why should we worry about it, I mean what you do you must get back isn’t it. I mean, that’s the whole point of ‘Law of Balance’, because that’s how Polarities Balance.
That’s why; when you are dying - for a Single Moment you See Everything and then you continue on your journey of ‘Energy’ in the Afterlife.

Now what was fascinating is; in the Afterlife a control-system was placed in. That control-system was called the ‘Soul’. What was the point of the ‘Soul’?

What was realised is: If ‘God’ is to be ‘God’ and everybody is always agreeing and supporting and ‘honouring’ ‘God’ and assisting ‘God’ and feeding ‘God’ with ‘Energy’ = every being in existence would need One ‘purpose’: A ‘Soul-purpose’.
Okay. So, How to do that, was to create the ‘soul-construct’, which gives everybody, which is what you do with Systems, I mean when you Design something you give it a ‘purpose’: To get and design everyone according to a single ‘purpose’ and with a desire to have a ‘purpose’. So how was that done?
That was done simplistically through the whole point of creating Physicality. What was the point of Physicality? Physicality...what was really needed to be Mined on the Earth was ‘Energy’. Understand: Gold represents ‘Energy’. That was the Goal.

The misrepresentation was to Create a point to look for like; if you look at Sales, it’s brilliantly how people are trapped into buying things, because when you are doing a presentation - this is used very effectively in Religion to Trap people into Hypnotic states of ‘Belief’: Is to create a point to watch for.

So what did they do? They created, for instance a point to watch for in the prophets, for instance Jesus is the point to watch for. Everybody looks at Jesus, while it’s all about ‘God’ actually, because Jesus is ‘God’s Son’.

So now you are trapped into the whole principle of giving all your labour, all your ‘Energy’ to ‘God’ while you are tending to Jesus, because Jesus is your ‘saviour’ – you move into a future-projection of ‘Time’ and everything you do is changed into ‘Energy’.

So you are born as a Child, Innocent, without programming - but in your base-design that you got from your parents. First seven-years you are taught language, culture, behaviour, personality - all those things, those things were not part of you, you are programmed that - you can’t remember exactly when you started speaking, when you started walking, when you started crawling or how you did it. It came because of a fascinating thing: You see it, you copy, you imitate.
You’re a Parrot, a Human is a Parrot.

That’s why what had to be designed was the perfect ‘Parrot-System’, where you present to the Human ‘what you want him to be’, like through television or so on and they will Parrot it and they will become it and you can create your Perfect Control-System.
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