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Day 506: Zero-Point and Other Points – Jesus & Ascension - Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 505: Zero-Point and Other Points – Soul Purpose - Part 3:
“That’s why what had to be designed was the perfect ‘Parrot-System’, where you present to the Human ‘what you want him to be’, like through television or so on and they will Parrot it and they will become it and you can create your Perfect Control-System.”

Ascension-of-Jesus bernardpoolman But what is more fascinating was; that every single human-being was then infused with a ‘nuclear-reactor’, a Mind-System, a System that would take the Physicality, (which is the ‘Earth-Energy’ that is compacted into Form, because the Earth was Unconditional offering this, itself up) - into a System, into a construct that will through the process of emotion and feeling and sexuality and orgasmic-expression and anger, all the ‘hectic’ energetic-expressions, cause a form of ‘Fusion’.

Have you ever wondered; where all the ‘Energy’ goes through (/to) that you are experiencing, for instance if you suddenly have an ‘anger-outburst’? You have it and I mean, the ‘Energy’ goes away after a while isn’t it? Where does it go? Ever wondered?

Or – I mean, all this ‘Energy’ that you have during your orgasmic -experience, you’re masturbating and “Whoa!” - I mean, there’s this ‘Energy’ and then it’s ‘gone’. It is not back in your body you can check. Where did it go?

Nobody noticed I mean, “Who cares? I’m satisfied”, this is a Consumption-Existence.

You are not aware AT ALL of anything you’re doing. You’re not aware of what you’re participating in AT ALL.

You can go and have a look: For instance, when you ‘fall in love’, that ‘Energy-sparks’ that happen, that you direct to somebody and then the relationship falls apart eventually, but there was all this ‘Energy’, where did it go to? It was Consumed. Yes, part of it you have consumed.

The rest was fascinatingly channelled to Heaven. Heaven could not exist without ‘Energy’.

So, when the chaps that Designed the System realised that they could do this - and all they had to do was get everybody to believe what they’re doing is their ‘soul-purpose’ - and that they can actually get everybody to believe that, which you have, if you have to take a look at this world: You are believing whatever you’ve been presented within this world. I mean, you believe the education-system, the history-system, you believe the news, you believe everything. You believe even that you are actually existing as who you’re existing as.

It’s the perfect CON as CONsciousness and you don’t Question it. You’re not even aware what happens to your ‘Energy’. There is no Self-Honesty in your relationship with your Physicality, because you are not In your Physical-Body.

You are contained within a Mind-System in the Body and you are Mining the Body for ‘Energy’ – that’s why you grow old and you eventually Die, because what happens: The Body Dies.

There is no more ‘Energy’ to Mine. It’s Finished. It ‘s all Gone – okay - and what’s left, which is obviously not all of it, goes to the Earth.

What happens to you is fascinating: In that process, they found a fascinating key; You change in ‘energetic-nature’. As you come into the world, as you’re born, and through reincarnation this has been made quite an ‘art’; that when you are, if you look at the whole principle of ‘Consciousness’ being a doughnut, because if you look at this: Two cones on top of each other ( The two cones on top of each other wherein the tips of the Two Cones Touch/Connect) and it flows in and it flows in and flows in - it actually creates a circle, but that passage there (The Passage – the point formed between/within the Two-Tips touching/connecting) which some would call a ‘star gate’ a ‘zero-point’ and any point, you are in this is a ‘singularity’ – wonderful words but I mean they are all Bullshit.

It actually creates a doughnut. And when you are ‘enlightened’, what is on top of your head? A Halo!

This is how the ‘halo’ is created, once you are totally submitted, submissive and totally accepting the System – you become a ‘Master’ of those that has not yet accepted it and you get certain privileges, that means, you get allowances of ‘Energy’ that gives you certain ‘powers’, compared to other beings. And therefore you seemingly look ‘more ‘powerful’’, because you’re getting more ‘power’!
I mean, you are given that ‘power’. It’s not by your actual-design and accordingly you will now have an ‘halo’ and that’s how, for instance, the ‘Angels’ were designed that...and presented as “Saints” with their ‘halos’.

Because, they (the ‘Angels’) were controllers of the System, making sure that the Design of the System and how ‘Energy’ transfer would work well. So the ultimate point that was the final-phase of this whole thing, was ‘Ascension’.

Because, the point was to get everybody out into total-acceptance of the System through a process of ‘Ascension’, which obviously only happens after ‘zero-point’ – which is Death.

But all you have to do is, create ‘points of belief’ which you can superimpose clones of the Actual-Real Point of what’s really going on. So therefore, Jesus was used, and by changing the story a little bit, they were able to get everybody to believe that Jesus actually ‘Ascended’.

He didn’t.
He fucking died.

And...I mean, Jesus is really a cool-fucker. He really came to Earth to help, he saw the problem - but he did not understand the bigger-picture that was going on.

So when he died, they imprisoned Jesus, the Real Jesus and he was imprisoned for close to 2000 years. How does that work? You’re imprisoned in a Dimension where you can’t get out, because you are imprisoned by the very ‘Energy’ you believe in.

The moment that you believe that this ‘Energy’ is ‘real’, it Controls you – and whatever is done in the name of that ‘Energy’ has ‘power over you’, and you can be placed in all kinds of stuff.

So...and a clone of Jesus, I mean – in ‘Energy’, what is ‘Energy’? ‘Energy’ is simply copies of itself, it’s looks the same. So it’s all just, from a certain perspective, Clones.

So, therefore a being that is in the Dimensions or in Heaven - can clone themselves an infinitive amount of times.
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