Sunday 8 September 2013

Day 493: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction - Introduction

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Okay, let’s start at ‘The Secret’, the ‘Law of Attraction’.

A big fuss is made of the ‘Law of Attraction’.
And many rally around it because, utilizing that they can ‘change their life’ – according to what is being professed and promoted.

The fact is, that the principles of the Law of Attraction have been always part of every human-beings’ life. We’ve always existed according to our imagination - and that which you vividly imagine and hold onto = manifests.

So, if you put up a goal, a purpose, “This is what I wanna do” – know if you stick to your goal, your intent, your imagination, your vivid energetic feeling, because it’s a feeling that you’s an energy that you hold onto, you see it, “This is what I’m becoming. This is what I want” – you hang onto it then – it manifest.

Obviously, single-mindedly, one must hang onto that particular point.

So, ‘The Secret’ has never been a ‘secret’.
You know, from childhood, from whenever you can remember – there’s many instances where you have actually used ‘The Secret’, the ‘Law of Attraction’.

Obviously the ‘Law of Attraction’ works within Consciousness. Consciousness is also one can call the ‘Unified Field’. It is a Field of Energy within which we all exist as ‘One’. It’s the ‘Field of Oneness’.

Within this ‘Field of Oneness’ we are equal to that which we give attention to attract. That is our ‘equality’. And we use that principle of equality under a specific guise, a specific node, a specific mode we call: ‘Free Will and Free Choice.’

They say – each one of us has got, the ‘Divine Right’ of ‘Free Choice’ or...the ‘Right given by the Creator of ‘Free Choice’’ – to do whatever we want within our lives. Obviously within that, we are coming from the principle that – there is ‘enough for all’. And “if you work for it and you prepare yourself for it and you study and you have all the right credentials – then your ‘good fortune will come your way’”.
This ‘good fortune’, yes, will come your way if you adhere to the basic principles within the System. The system is designed around the principles of Consciousness, the principles of the Unified Field and the principle management-systems of this reality which is the Laws that direct Energy. Within these Laws, we are existing. These Laws are fascinating, because we all fear each others’ energy, so therefore – most of the Laws that exist in our reality are about protecting us from each other.

And we have jails full of people, showing all the people we must be protected from and we have stories on every channel on T.V. telling us about all the ‘bad things’ that can possibly happen to you, because there are people out there that simply is going to harm you, if you, if they have an opportunity. That is so. There is, unfortunately, such things. But many of the things we are creating, we don’t really understand. We don’t really understand how we are creating it.

We know it’s happening, but we don’t know why or how – we call is ‘pre-ordained’. “I mean – it’s ‘God’s Will’.” “What know, it happened to me or, it’s my ‘Free Choice’”. “That’s why I’m able...or that’s why I’m in this situation that I’m in now – I worked for it, I’m...imagined it, I stuck to my ‘purpose’ and I did all the right things to get this into my life”.

So, the System within this world is One. Where Oneness is manifested in this World.
But it is not Equal.

‘Equality’ (in the System) is determined by place of birth. If you are born in Ethiopia – in a starving country, in a place where there’s no food – you are equal to that situation and become a starving person.

If you are born in an Elite family that is highly educated in America and that is a family of Lawyers – you are equal to that, and immediately your situation is according to that particular situation of education and opportunity.

So – opportunities in this world are not Equal.
But we are One as the World.

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