Monday 23 September 2013

Day 502: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Imaginary Worlds - Part 10

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 501: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – the Laws of Earth - Part 9:
“There is a suggestion that one must consider common sense. If one do not, there is a consequence. That consequence is being accelerated trough compression of time and it will be an inevitability that everyone will face, consequence.
All consequential -outflows eventually will be ONLY be self-directed and no longer affect another without permission.”

imaginary worlds bernardpoolman Much is changing.

We’ve always wished for it (for change). That wish was our permission for what is to come. But - be careful what you wished for, because that wish has come to fruition.

The suggestion is STOP creating an imaginary-world that does not consider the physical space-time part of it. It will have consequences that are unbearable and that’ll take a long time to walk through. It’s not necessary – there is another way, where each being takes responsibility in self-honesty within the context of what is relevant within the space-time, the physical and the time of the physical in our creation process, our existence and how we co-exist here.

If we do not consider each other, no-one else is going to.

The suggestion is also not to die, because if you are in separation and you die – what ends up on the other side of the energetic divide, and understand: It’s an Energetic divide – you do not take your energy with you - it all stay’s here.
Your mind, your imaginary-reality is energized from your physical body - when that dies, it’s no longer generating energy.

The energy that you use to think with - is no-longer there. Immediately your imaginary-reality is GONE. It’s not real. Your thinking is not real. What remains is that within you, which is Life.

If you have not considered that, as Equal with...and remember: You cannot find that unless you are Equal with ALL Life-forms that’s Here.

So if you have not been able to notice and be standing Equal with every Life-form and the Life-force that is actually animating you: You don’t really actually exist.

And the Life-form that cross-over that was there at your birth - is virtually without any form of... memory, let’s call it that or...I mean, it’s like something that you were supposed to educate yourself, there is no education about life because nothing you did was of any value within the context of Life Equal, as it exist within each one. So only that part that was actually considering Equality of all Life - will cross-over. The rest, is gone.

The Soul - was a deception, to create a form of a DVD-player within which your life was captured as magnetic-information to create the illusion that there is apparently memories that go with you in the afterlife and then it was kept in the Akashic-record in a storage facility - just like our networks and computer-systems is now storing our energy as money within systems and our information as our validations – not real.

Have a look - you can’t even remember your own life from day to day. You have to capture the information. The same happened – that’s no more.

The Earth said: “No more”.

Life said: “No more”.

And life is not going to show anyone or give anyone proof, because the proof is already here!

The proof is already in each one - the Life-force that exists in each one is already here!

That’s the proof.

You know you have that Life-force. You know it can be taken away – you can leave and there’s nothing left.

You know this Life-force exist - you don’t need more proof of it.

You know what is happening in the world - you don’t need more proof of it.
You don’t need a ‘God’ to change this world – you need yourself.

If you will not - your actions that you have already done in this world, will force you to, because this world is collapsing. You have created this mess. There is no way out.

And death is not a way out. I suggest don’t die. You’ll come back here. This is your point of accountability and responsibility.

And it’ll take time, because you have never really considered Life - even within yourself.

You’ve allowed yourself to become an imaginary being and something where you have freedom to create multiple different voices that can talk to you, multiple personalities that you can design the way you want them to say the things you want them to say.

I mean, the channels in this world, the psychics in this world: What are they doing? They’re say things people want them to say.

They train themselves that’s why...and that’s what I love about “Esoteric Online” and Kendra, for instance, she explains this so beautifully: “To become a channel, it takes lots of hard work and many years of training”...

Obviously, I mean to become the Parrot that says the things that the channels says requires years of learning the words - and then you have to say it again, and over and over and over again – thank you for that beautiful explanation,
I mean, it’s same as any education: It’s not real, because you were trained to be that – you are not actually doing it.

You’ve created an energetic-entity within your Mind that takes over and speaks on your behalf, you can see it move as energy – wonderful, yes you can – you’ve created it after all, come on!

So, please when you Masturbate - let it be between your Dick and your Hand. Do not involve another person. I mean, that’s not real that is an imaginary orgasm.
If you can get yourself to Orgasm between your dick and your hand: I take my hat off for you, because you know how to Masturbate.

Have fun with that.

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