Saturday 14 September 2013

Day 498: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Oneness Implications - Part 6

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 497: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Recycling Energy - Part 5: “So, it becomes quite complex if you want to have an experience – which is called masturbation – within an energetic expression. How do you do it without a relationship? You do it with yourself, as an expression. Where you do not involve another being. Where you do not take their energy so that you could have some satisfaction.”

recycling_symbol energy recycle bernardpoolman Because the moment you take something – there is another law within the Law of Attraction: the Law of Balance. Positive, negative will always move in exchange. In that movement of exchange, it discharges, that means: as the positive moves towards the negative, it’s giving the energy to the negative and the negative becomes the positive. And then, the positive moves to the negative and it gives its energy to the negative, because that’s how energy flows – the positive gets to the negative and so it moves – to and fro, to and fro.

It moves, the energy. We don’t see that, because we are that energy moving. We are experiencing the energy as it moves – so we are either positive or negative. We’re not considering that we have become this very energy that is moving as the mind and we start to forget about our real reality. The physical reality exist here and we don’t look after it anymore, because we’re trying to satisfy our imaginary reality, where we have a positive and a negative.

In real reality you have what? You do labor, you eat food – it creates energy in your physical body, the waste products are released through shitting, it goes back into the Earth, it is re-cycled, back into the plants and again becomes food. I mean, we always eat our own shit – we just don’t want to look at it that way. Every piece of food you ever eat that comes from the Earth, is coming from manure – either dog shit, animal shit, human shit or shit from the trees that is decomposing, that is regenerated through the sun. And photosynthesis is an example into food that we eat that turns into energy, physical energy with which we do things. Once that energy is finished, we need to eat again. Have a look, what happens in the mind? It also needs a feeding ground.

What is fascinating? That we have created ourselves as beings that exist not in the physical, but exist as personalities, as ideas within our mind of ourselves. We judge our physicality, we want to look a certain way and we go into all kinds of regimes of how we should be looking – because we have this perfect picture of what we want to be – instead of accepting who we are and working with what we are. Then, we create our own world, not according to what the physical requires, but according to what we mentally require. We call that ‘mental stimulus’, we call that ‘intelligence’, we call them all kinds of wonderful things, but what has that brought us in this physical reality? We have a world in peril, we have beings being abused sexually, which starts off – your sexual abuse that starts off with imaginary abuse, becomes an obsession and it’s all done in secret and that secret Law of Attraction attract people to each other that ends up in abuse situations. Your child may end up in an abuse situation because you masturbated and imagined – and now, your sins are being visited upon your… - the sins of the fathers are being visited upon their children up to the seventh generation – what does that mean? They have to discharge the energetic responsibility you have created while you were abusing another being, using energy. So now, your child gets abused by an unknown stranger, a ‘bad man’ – but you love masturbation and you love to imagine a unknown man knocking on the front door, walking in your house and taking you violently and taking you to a massive orgasmic experience – and you imagine that all the time and you masturbate about it – it’s so wonderful… Now it happens to your child and you’re mad at the world – come on, some self-honesty here – who created this? Oh, Great Creator.

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