Tuesday 24 September 2013

Day 503: Zero-Point and Other Points – Evilution – Part 1

This is the Real shit, that is the...Real-Implications of what is going on, and why it works the way it does.

Look at the...fascinating nature of ‘God’, ‘divinity’ – I mean, how many names does God have? All of that (nature of ‘God’, ‘divinity’) centering around a single principle: The ‘principle’ of some form of ‘Creator’.

The very nature of the design of...and the implication of the design of ‘divinity’, ‘enlightenment’, a ‘higher path’, ‘heaven and earth’ = the very design of it with having a single ‘God-head’, a single ‘point’ everybody is going to; has a fascinating effect: It cause what you would see in geometry, the pyramid-structure – where you have the eye at the top, representing the single point of ‘Creation’. Which everybody screams about and say: “That’s the Elite” and so on.

Obviously that’s the ‘Elite’, because ‘God’ is the Elite. I mean, ‘God’ is ‘the point’ according to the design. But, if you really look at the design and the way it works in consciousness = it is not a pyramid – it is a ‘Hive-Consciousness’ we’re dealing with.

Everyone in existence is part of a ‘Hive-Consciousness’, because you’re all ‘connected’ to each other, see the same things, experience the same reality – so whether you are here in the physical, or whether you die and go into the ‘afterlife’ – you are experiencing what everyone else is experiencing and that is happening automatically. You don’t even know how it happens, why it is possible that you can actually perceive what others can perceive - that you are using a system that is designed by what functions around only five-senses of which the eyes are a pair of one of it (the senses) has two eyes, but one of the senses, through which you take in the information, your ears take in information and so on – and that all of that has got a similar assimilation-point, that means you can understand it and somebody else can understand it. Now, imagine – the design of this – took a long time. One do not consider this, but have a look:
Where you are now as a Human, and that process they call ‘Evilution’ – EVOLution, but it’s EVILution - took a long time it didn’t just happen, there wasn’t just Consciousness.

Consciousness was designed and developed and it is related to the (five) senses and the Mind and specifically how Energy is created within and as the Mind. Now, within this – it exist as a pyramid from a certain perspectives but actually a ‘hive’, because it is circling.

And you as a being, or within a group of beings that have a particular belief are on the side of the ‘hive’ here, making your way up to the ‘ultimate-point’ which is this ‘Eye’ that’s there at the top – to become the ‘Elite’, the ‘Ascended-One’s’, the ‘Special-One’s’, the ‘Masters’ = that desire is very deep, the “saviour of those that do not understand, because you do understand ‘better’”, “your knowledge is ‘more’”, “you are better in seeing”, “you’re are ‘better’ in understanding” = that whole thing exist in every human-being and that dishonesty is Vast.

If you look at the History of Man – that the Earth wasn’t always like this. The Earth has only fairly recent – become what it is now and it is still busy coming-forth with ‘new stuff’ from the Earth. That you see in animals, and you see that in the viruses and bacteria and as things communicate and come up with new points. It is actually just an outflow of the attempt of Man to come up with an answer in its particular nature of ‘wanting to win’, ‘wanting to be the best’, ‘wanting to be the one that’s the saviour’, ‘wanting to be the one that ‘knows it all’’ = in fact, that very statement of ‘wanting it’, means you don’t know (the answer).

And the very fact that you’re not actually understanding what is going on, also obviously means that there is simply no Real Understanding.

So, what is Really going on – let’s start...look at this ‘Cone’: That, this Cone, if you put a ‘L’ in there, the Cone becomes a Clone – so, we’re all Clones of the same Consciousness, but you are not the same beings.

This was brilliantly designed and brilliantly put together over a long period of time, slowly but surely building the ‘principle of Submission’, and that ‘principle of Submission’ was done through the principle of its opposite, which is Permission.
How was it done – that you end-up within cycles of experiences, where you will end-up accepting your experience as ‘reality’? Now, this was done through a process of ‘information’ that was ‘layered in time’ and in that ‘time was created’ as what you have it now within Consciousness.

Remember, what time within Consciousness is; is your minutes, your seconds, your hours, your weeks, your months = it is your evolution – it is how you are growing in your apparent ‘better understanding’ of what is it that you ‘want to be’ – it’s not what is Here – you’re not interested in that, you’re interested in becoming ‘better’, because what you experience yourself as ‘here’ as ‘who you are’ – you’re not satisfied with. There are those that obviously experience themselves as satisfied – because, remember the design of this Cone is fascinating: It creates two Cones. The two Cones is with Head-to-Head, and the point of that is – if you really look at those Cones, it creates an infinity-design, which that point (the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) is your zero-point, there’s your zero-point (indicating to the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) - the zero-point being Death.
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