Monday 16 September 2013

Day 500: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction - Devolution - Part 8

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 499: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction - I AM that I AM - Part 7:
“Because those in the elite don’t really want to do the work. They want a nice physical experience, but they don’t want to actually do anything that is going to get that experience. So therefore they get the rest of the world to do it for them, I mean that is business isn’t it? Wouldn’t you do the same; I mean the principle of free choice will allow you to do that. You can manipulate as you wish in this world because as long as free choice exists. As long as inequality is seen as equality. As long as it is possible to hide behind the point, the fact that you are equal to that education means that’s all you can ever be. So let’s keep you at that point, you do the work, I’ll pay you, you do all the stuff. “

url bernardpoolman We have created the system that feeds off each other where some are living like gods on earth, even in this current economic crisis in this world there are those that live in ways you cannot begin to imagine. There are those that have money and then most that don’t – most that are living on the bread line – that means they just have enough money to make sure that their children get into the system – and there is food on the table. So their children can continue in the accepted tradition of serving the great I AM, the world system. That is taken to – or attempted to be taken into the next stage. A few problems obviously. All that had to happen over time within the evolution of ‘love’ was to create another way to trap everyone. Like you now have the love cycle within the New Age that has become a wonderful money making machine. Everybody jumps on the band wagon and defends it, why? To make money.

How do we stop this nonsense? We have investigated this extensively. We found one particular way it is possible for us to actually stop this nonsense: A new money system – a money system where life is valued, I mean when you are born you immediately have your life supply of money with which you can do exchanges and support you within the world system. Will it mean we have to change our morality? Certainly. Does it mean that some people are not going to want to actually create food? Certainly but I mean if you are not willing to feed yourself or create food for yourself – eventually you are going to starve and then that will get you moving. So there is going to be problems within the suggested system of equality but not problems as big as we have now and we can consider actually evolving, because at the moment we are not evolving we are devolving. We can consider building a system where everyone is supported equally, where everyone is actually receiving an equal education. Where our vocabulary is equal so that when we talk to each other we can understand each other – we don’t have to fight for supremacy – because the system is designed for a win/lose situation. But if everyone is on a win/win situation, it’s professed, like in the 7 habits and the secret – a win/win solution. Where is the practical win/win solution?

There is no practical win/win solution as long as there is no equal money for all. Not in this world system as it exists, not possible because the source of what is here take the human away and there is no human, so who is the one that must make this decision to change the world system? It is the human. Common sense practically applied with self honesty will show one the points that is required to change the world system. Will there be pain? Yes, for some of the rich they will actually have to do something to get something. They will no longer be able to manipulate to get everything. Yes there will be a difference for the poor, because suddenly they will have something they never had so they might overdo it in the beginning. I mean if you can suddenly have access to what you could never have – initially you overindulge a little bit. But soon with the sickness of overindulgence, you get to a point of equilibrium.

Within this all we have to consider the following interesting point. One must consider that this must have a definitive effect eventually – is that when you die, what is certain? You are no longer here in this reality and you no longer have access to this reality. Everything that you have been in this reality no longer exist, because if it did exist when you were born you would have remembered it. But when you are born you remember nothing.

There is that which you could call an afterlife. We have found such a place, but it is disturbing in its nature because what is left of a human after death is rather limited. I would advise you to consider that there is a consequence for every single thought you have – this is in all religions. There is a consequence for every deed. There is a consequence for every word and there is a consequence for everything you don’t do and there is a consequence for everything you accept and allow in this world. That consequence is that what you allow, you become. So if you exist in separation from other beings that is coming from the same source of life, you diminish. Equal to the amount of separation to what you are existing in – so that at death only your diminished part will pass over and you will have to come back to this reality to find the part you have left behind.

To consider all life, which is in everything that exists in this reality equally is a common sense suggestion. You can equate it scientifically, you can equate it mathematically, you can equate it in every known way. As long as you stay out of your imaginary world where there is some fucker called God or some thing called divinity. There is no such divinity. You are actually creating this world yourself, instantaneously as who you are as the physical part of you. That determines what actually happens – the actual space/time actions. The things you really participate in, the things you really don’t do, the things you really allow, the things you really accept like: masturbation, sex, sport – all the things you really do. Those things are really happening. The things that are really happening in your imaginary world – take a look they don’t happen - very seldom do they.

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