Monday 30 September 2013

Day 507: Zero-Point and Other Points – Part 5

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 506: Zero-Point and Other Points – Jesus & Ascension - Part 4: ”So when he died, they imprisoned Jesus, the Real Jesus and he was imprisoned for close to 2000 years. How does that work? You’re imprisoned in a Dimension where you can’t get out, because you are imprisoned by the very ‘Energy’ you believe in.
The moment that you believe that this ‘Energy’ is ‘real’, it Controls you – and whatever is done in the name of that ‘Energy’ has ‘power over you’, and you can be placed in all kinds of stuff.
So...and a clone of Jesus, I mean – in ‘Energy’, what is ‘Energy’? ‘Energy’ is simply copies of itself, it’s looks the same. So it’s all just, from a certain perspective, Clones.
So, therefore a being that is in the Dimensions or in Heaven - can clone themselves an infinitive amount of

bernardpoolman energy heaven love Now, what was fascinating is - as this whole thing was developing you had those beings that was discarded as ‘unworthy’ and ‘trouble-makers’ that will ‘never make it’, that will never actually submit to ‘God’ and feed ‘God’ for eternity with ‘Energy’ and ‘adoration and praise’, which is ‘Energy’ – I mean, attention, which is ‘Energy’ - which will not make the ‘soul-purpose’ of their existence the support of ‘God’, so that ‘God’ can exist for ‘eternity’.

Because, ‘God’ wanted to exist for ‘eternity’ – I mean, ‘God’ didn’t exist for ‘eternity’. So the rest were thrown to their own demise ‘outside the System’, because the System was seen as kind of ‘so perfect’ that ‘nobody could touch it’.
And those that did not submit were then thrown-out into the Demon-Dimension, so all ‘trouble-makers’.

They also had some beings which realised that they could actually Challenge the System, and they had them totally-wiped and then re-programmed, and then used as bodies for Mind-Systems – because in Dimensions they could plug in a Mind System into a being which is how ‘channelings’ worked. They would, if a message needs to be placed – remember what is a message placed on the Earth? The message is a specific ‘sequence of words’ that activate a specific-Design that Create ‘Energy’ to feed Heaven. I mean, that’s the whole ‘love’-thing, the whole “Ooh-la-la”- thing, creating ‘Energy’.

So, therefore the ‘channelings’ were Designed specifically to activate the pre-placed codes in the beings so that they can create the ‘Energy’ that’s necessary in a, the released-form that is required by Heaven - Heaven requires more ‘Energy’, have a ‘channel’ speak, I mean, “Woops!” - there we go. So, with these Designs all they had to do is; they had a whole Dimension where they had those beings that was wiped, is like, virtually hanging or floating around - when they need the being they take the being and place a Mind-System in, the being goes, get into the human-body, shifts the being (human) down in its, in the physical, take over the Mind for a moment, speak for a moment, give a ‘message’, all ‘profound’, ‘wonderful’, and everybody says: “Ooh-la-la ,‘God’ has sent us a message”.

Obviously this ‘God’ needs ‘Energy’ so, ‘God’ sends you a ‘message’ to get your fucking ass in gear, “Love everybody, do not look at what is really going on in this reality, forget about that, live, you know, there’s a ‘eternal-life’ waiting for you after death – just do not see what’s going on, on Earth, because Earth is an ‘illusion’. After this, the death, after ‘zero-point’ after death, that’s real.”
Meantime, obviously, it was the Opposite. I mean, the Reality is Here and Heaven is the Illusion. Heaven is the part that’s not real, because Heaven is actually subject to the ‘Energy’ from Earth.

So, this created obviously a fascinating thing that; through time, the Human-Being developed layers by layer, by layer, itself into what it is Today. What you’re consisting of today as a Human-Being, is Layered-Information.

For instance, if you die - you no longer have a language, you no longer have a culture you no longer have a family = All of that ends at the moment of death.
All of that wasn’t real, it was programmed into you here in this reality as part of the functional-system of family, society and what is the accepted ‘way we live’ within the cultural- and economic-systems of this world. Have a look, self honestly, nothing you are is really you. Everything you are, you were programmed to accept to be and you’ve accepted it. You’re existing as it.

But at the moment - and understand that all of this is functioning from a System that is in the physical. Now, the System is not the Physical.
So when you are speaking, you are speaking from the Mind-System – which is the point that now has – the way to sort out this problem; is to get the Mind out of the way in a way, by actually becoming the Physical.

So that the Physical actually Speaks, so there’s no thought, there’s no thinking – you are then One and Equal as the Actual-Reality that exist as the Physical, because that’s what Actually Exist.
While, when you are in Heaven - you are just a thought. Now, you can look at your own thoughts; do yourself a favour, have a look - you can delete all your thoughts.

Your thoughts are only as valid as the attention you give it – and is only as valid as how you define them to be. Your thoughts are nothing more, if you become obsessed with your thoughts, have a look what happens; your fear-factor, which is your polarity-factor - increase dramatically, and within that a ‘Madness’ ensues, because you become so scared – while none of that is actually real, that’s not who you are, but that’s who you ‘believe you are’.
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