Thursday 26 September 2013

Day 504: Zero-Point and Other Points – A Consumption System - Part 2

“The two Cones is with Head-to-Head, and the point of that is – if you really look at those Cones, it creates an infinity-design, which that point (the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) is your zero-point, there’s you zero-point (indicating to the point formed within/between the two Cones’ Heads/Tips touching) - the zero-point being Death.” 

So, what happens at Death, is fascinating – for a Single Moment at Death, you understand Everything – everything you can imagine and everything that’s ever’ll know it all. But it only last for that single Moment.
Because, you are moving in a Polarity-Design, and the Polarity-Design is not on Earth – it is between Heaven and Earth.
Why was it necessary? That’s the fascinating thing:

Have a look at the ‘Nature’ of what is existing on Earth – and understand that this ‘Nature’ that exists on Earth, is actually our Nature. What is the Nature of Nature?
Nature – whether it’s a plant, or an animal or a virus or a bacteria; it requires to feed on something. It requires, it does not exist by itself, it needs to eat. What do we do? What do we have to do? We need to eat.

Now, this what we are needing to eat, is coming from somewhere. It is a belief that we are apparently requiring something called ‘Energy’ to exist, because that, for ‘Energy’ that we believe we need; is not what is Really going on = we look for it (Energy) outside ourselves, specifically as we have become what we are now; basically a consumer of everything - we have done it in our Money-Systems, in our Cultural-Systems, in our Marriages, within Sexuality, within ‘bringing forth children’, within what we deal with – Nature, automatically the ‘Total-Nature’ that exist, exist as what? A Consumption-System. This is not the first-time or the first planet we are doing this with.

We’ve been doing this throughout the Universe. We have been consuming the Living-Reality, the Actuality of Matter - to quench our absolute hunger, for ourselves – which we have designed and believe to be ‘Energy’.

And we are looking now, for the point of apparent ‘free energy’ and the belief is, that that is at Zero-Point.

I mean, at Zero-Point, all that exist at Zero-Point – is the point where all the information comes together. It looks very big and vast, but that’s all it is.
Because, the total Design of the System is actually a ‘pulley-system’, a pulley-system that runs through an X – a cross, where it Reverse between Heaven and Earth.

So, if you look at the words Heaven and Earth...of Heaven and Earth that would describe this effectively you’ll see: “I come to Earth to live”, which is L-I-V-E. So; “When I die I Reverse my life and I become E-V-I-L – I become actually Evil”, in Death.

Why? was it possible for ‘God’ to exist?
For ‘God’ to exist it - requires of everyone to give all their attention to ‘God’. Unless that happens; ‘God’ cannot exist, because have a look: If everybody is giving attention to each other Equally – have a look:

Equality exist - No ‘God’ possible. So everybody had to be fooled into something, or a way that they would actually believe that a God’ exist so that they can give their full attention to it.
The best tool for doing that was ‘Energy’, because with ‘Energy’ you are actually Binding the being to his own need for ‘Energy’ to Survive according to his perception of his reality and according to that - you can contain him to the particular point – the obsession of gaining ‘Energy’, gaining food. Which is actually the obsession – the ‘fear of death’, the ‘fear of not surviving’. All those fears became the primary driving-force of this reality, of all realities, up to now, which is the all-consuming fear of ‘need to consume to exist’. And we are living that out perfectly now.

Obviously in Designing all of this, not all things are considered and therefore, eventually you have to move on. Like even the Reptilians, once they were finished with Mars they had to move from Mars because Mars was no longer viable.

If you look at the Histories in the Sumerian-Tablets, you will see the references very specifically to Mars, for instance, as a place where Resources were found; and have a look - what do we do with Earth? We mine the Earth for Resources.

Where’s our Primary ‘Energy’ coming from? Food, the food comes from Plants and Animals and that comes from the Soil.

So the Soil becomes diminished, then we have to put things in there again so that we have a chemical-consistency from which we Produce Food. Our Oil is one of our Resources, our Water is one of our Resources here.

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