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Day 494: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Energy Transfers - Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 493: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction - Introduction:
“ ‘Equality’ (in the System) is determined by place of birth. If you are born in Ethiopia – in a starving country, in a place where there’s no food – you are equal to that situation and become a starving person.
If you are born in an Elite family that is highly educated in America and that is a family of Lawyers – you are equal to that, and immediately your situation is according to that particular situation of education and opportunity.
So – opportunities in this world are not Equal.
But we are One as the World. “

Abstract_Energy_by_Requiem_K bernardpoolman masturbation Now, let’s go and look at an interesting thing, a thing that is not considered: One of the primary actions of every human being in this Reality, is an amazing fascinatingly energetic-experience.

It takes on various forms, but the two primary forms it takes on is:
One is called Sex, and the one is called Masturbation. They exist both as Energy, I’m quite sure all will agree that it exist as Energy.

Now, in the Principles of ‘The Secret’, the principles of the ‘Law of Attraction’ – are mostly applied within the expression of Sex and Masturbation, because the point of Orgasm is normally related to a vividly held experience, feeling or picture – that is taken to an ‘explosive-experience’.

Now, what is very fascinating about this, is that we do not consider the implication of what we are really participating in.

So, bare with me, because the explanation might be a little bit...shocking.
For instance: Everyone, all the Males in the world desire to have this magnificently, beautiful woman that they can make love to all day and they can walk around with and be their wife and be in this ‘perfect relationship’.
But, virtually none of the Males in this World has got such a thing.

They’ve all wondered why, I mean – how come that you have this, this vivid desire – and this is especially if you look at your pornographic-materials. You have obviously particular desires or particular points where some men would like big breasts, some like small breasts, some like big butts, some like small butts – very much dependent on the family-upbringing and acceptances within that or the cultural-upbringing.

Now, imagine the following little story:
All your life as you’re a teenager you’re dreaming about this ‘perfect woman’, the ‘perfect one’, ‘The One’.

You Masturbate. And you imagine – every opportunity you have, and especially your teenage years, I mean, two, three, four times Masturbating a day is not impossible. It’s preferable. Okay, so one will actually go to that, nobody speaks about it – because have a look at the fascinating nature of this particular ‘Law of Attraction in Action’: one do this in Secret. Where nobody can see you, and nobody can see The Secrets in your Mind, according to you, those are ‘your secrets’ and ‘your freewill’ to Masturbate about that.

Mostly, if you have been exposed to Porn, for instance you will use your point that will ‘turn you on’ within the picture-reality, whether it’s a picture or a story within the Porn – and you will use that to vividly imagine your orgasmic-experience while you ‘pump the action’, until you have your satisfaction. Now, in this all – consider the following:

You walk into a shopping-center and you see your ‘Dream Girl’. Your ‘Dream Girl’ – that’s the woman you’ve always imagined you want to Marry.
She’s a perfect-picture.

You go home and you ‘hit’ the ‘energetic-ride’, the imagination, the desire, the point where you imagine, vividly, this woman. And you look at how you can make contact, how can you get her, how can you connect with her.

And, you can’t help yourself – your hand immediately goes to an area of immense warmth throbbing thrust, where you then take the ‘pen’ in your hand – which is your ‘pen-is’, ach, sorry, your penis.

You take your pen in your hand and you write your Reality.
And you ride it, and you ride it, because this is what you want!
Okay, what happens if one look at the Law of Energy and how Energy move?

For that person that you’ve seen, you are bringing them into your reality. That means, into ‘you space’ energetically. You are ‘One’ within Consciousness, so therefore, you are actually bringing the being into your reality while you are pumping the action.

And you are starting to program them to come to you, and you to them. And obviously your desire and your dream is that you must meet, and sometimes it will actually come’ll actually happen, you’ll actually experience it.

But now, you get to this woman and the next time you saw her in the shopping-center you have now build-up this energy-charge, you are absolutely obsessed, this is the one for you. You have ‘slapped the hammer’ as much as possible to build the energy, you are holding the, the imagination, you are holding that feeling and you are ‘in love’, because you have built that energy of ‘love’ to its ‘peak’. And, you wanna meet this lady. You get to her, and she looks at you, and with Disgust. And fop you off and says: “I’m not interested”.

And immediately you drop down like a ton of bricks, and you are like ‘empty’ and you don’t understand Why. How could this have happened? What you didn’t realise within the great Oneness we all existed in is, while you were walking the shopping-center, there was another girl. She was slightly overweight, I mean, big boobs and she saw you and she thought: “O my God, the perfect guy”. Okay, and she went home with that and she started Masturbating. Imagining, wishing, falling in love, building that energy into its absolute point.

You didn´t realize it, but sometimes, while you were walking, you were experiencing a drop in energy.

You would walk into a shop and would suddenly just feel drained. You don´t know where your energy went. "Oh it´s probably somebody in the shopping centre that took your energy". No no no no no! Somebody was masturbating about you and at the big point of orgasm there was an energetic transfer -from you to the person, because an orgasm is not about one person, it´s about you with your imagination - that which you imagine - the points come together - and: Voilá! You are creating! You are placing into motion! You are training/planning your reality!

And so, this woman now has been planning her reality and you´ve planned yours. You´ve already gone to the contact point and you were fopped off -a drop in energy. But now you´re quite low and as you walk into the coffee shop there is this other girl sitting. And somehow you connect, and in her presence suddenly you feel uplifted again. And you start to wonder: have you made a mistake? Here you´re suddenly feeling this energy, this, this, maybe THIS is the girl! I mean, you are so ripe and ready for this. And there you go, and you start chatting and, you know what? She can actually talk as well! And what happens: you end up in the opposite spectrum of your desire. So in that game that was played energetically using masturbation, imagination, feeling - in that particular game the woman wins. In another game that´s going on -and remember all of these games are going on all at the same time all over the world - the male wins.
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