Wednesday 4 September 2013

Day 491: God and Ascension: Glorified Personas – Part 4

Nobody dare question you because ‘God will step up and protect you’. And therefore – if you would then be requested to manifest on earth, that means to come back in a design as an ‘avatar’ or an ‘ascended master’ or a ‘great being that will impact the information-input in this reality’, you are specially programmed, because you were given special accesses in this reality, because you will not question – that which is ‘here’. Some beings managed to break through to a certain degree and did question certain points. 

What was the point? Is to make everyone on earth accepts the status-quo unquestionably and to make sure everyone accepts an interesting thing: They accept death unquestionably and they accept heaven unquestionably and the process of getting to an higher existence as the mind – as ascension. Because ascension exists as the mind only. And in that process – separating yourself completely from what is real. Leaving a fascinating thing: A total reality, as heaven, interacting with earth, nothing of it is real, all of it is quanta: ‘quantum reality’, within which certain beings, as God and his entourage, his servants, control it all just through a simple thing: Through a SEED. Through what you SEE. Through an input of information – a simple construct. So that you never question what’s happened to you.

Now Hear me: If you die – and you have not transcended this delusion that exists as you, within the seed of yourself; therefore, you have not found a way to stop your self-deceit and the deceit of what is real, what is Life – (what is real is you here as the Physical within space and time. That’s real. And considering everyone that is here in space and time, and finding a way of co-existence EQUALLY) – and you allow yourself to die, you are so screwed. Because – on the other side now, all these systems, these ‘beautiful’ things, are GONE! The only point that now are to be faced: Is the mind as ascension. The ‘Ascended-Self’ – where you are creating yourself as this ‘glorified persona’ that is apparently ‘good’ within the ultimate reality of polarity that you have manifested as the ‘super-hero as yourself’ – where you are serving ‘God’. And that ‘God’, is fascinating, that you are serving in your mind as your persona – that ‘God’ is always different from everybody else’s God. Because you’ve created that God in your mind.

It is not real. If you are self-honest you can see that. That’s why you cannot find another being with whom you can agree or who will agree with you. I mean, that point alone should make you question this. And I mean, even an Atheist is the same in this – because they have an idea of themselves as a ‘God’ – as this…‘the point that makes the choice’. There is no difference what you call this process. The Atheists were trapped the same as the religious beings – there is no difference – the Satanists, no matter who you are, all that is really happened is that every point is…was given a different name.

At the end of the day, you are creating your delusion; which is your mind – and you within your mind and the powers and the choices that exist within your mind: By yourself. Virtually nothing of what exist in your mind – is real, within your experience of the physical. That should already make you question: ‘What is really going on here?’

Now, what is fascinating – is that certain groups of people in this world realized that, in essence the human is deluded. You can go and study the psychology; you’ll notice they became aware of it some time ago: That the human is deluded. And therefore the human cannot be trusted. I mean, trust do not exist with everybody existing within a mind-construct as persona with a delusional point as ‘God’ or ‘Intelligence’ or ‘Logic’ or something that they believe is ‘great’. Within that whole construct, they realized that everything works by input-output; and deliberately started creating a reality where the input is controlled.

What did they realize: I mean, what is real is the Physical. So if you control the Physical, for yourself – you have a very cool life. I mean, you can have everything you ever dream of. All you have to do is get everybody else, give theirs to you. And you created the super-rich, the Elite – through participating in Ascension. Through participating in Religion. Through participating in an ‘idea of Value’ – like money. Through participating in an idea of sexual-satisfaction – through the delusion that apparently it’s wonderful. Through participating in Drugs which take you into your Mind so you do not take…deal with the physical-reality that’s here.

While – you are pissed off with all the Elites and all the rich that has got everything. What do they really have? What are you pissed off with them about? They have everything of the physical. They control the physical resources, they control the best spaces of Money, they control time and space – within the physical. And you are the slave. Who’s allowing it? You’re allowing it. I mean, you are not willing to consider that the delusion exists as you within the reflection you have created of yourself as personality, as persona, as belief. And you are not willing to give that up and get back to the physical reality and sort out what is Here.

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