Friday 6 September 2013

Day 492: God and Ascension: Closing the 4th Dimension – Part 5

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 491: God and Ascension: Glorified Personas – Part 4: While – you are pissed off with all the Elites and all the rich that has got everything. What do they really have? What are you pissed off with them about? They have everything of the physical. They control the physical resources, they control the best spaces of Money, they control time and space – within the physical. And you are the slave. Who’s allowing it? You’re allowing it. I mean, you are not willing to consider that the delusion exists as you within the reflection you have created of yourself as personality, as persona, as belief. And you are not willing to give that up and get back to the physical reality and sort out what is Here.”
bernardpoolman marlen vargas del razo writing mind shut down 4th dimension So, obviously these wonderfully clever beings that realized they could control the Physical for their own benefit, so that they can live in abundance, having the best while everybody else suffer – had an interesting problem. Because they did not have the intelligence – to actually keep such a design effective. When I’m talking about ‘intelligence’, I’m talking about ‘the Capacity to see the Whole within all the programs that exist.’ That was always handled by ‘God’. So they have a very special relationship with ‘God’.

Now this ‘God’ obviously was the ‘God’ that created everything – the ‘I AM’. ‘He’ created it by the Input he placed In. Therefore – ‘he’ had to control ‘his’ existence so that nobody question it. That point was removed. So now this Reality is busy collapsing into chaos. Money, space, time, as it exist as the mind is in every moment collapsing more and more. It’s like a madness that will hit the world in every way; from money, to sexuality, to co-existence, to family, to culture –everyone within themselves will lose control over their minds, because it is no longer possible to keep it within programmed ‘pockets’ that was controlled through a magnetic grid that existed and kept everything stable. That magnetic grid is no more. All that remains is delusion.
The ‘ascended ones’ on this earth are going to see their asses, unless they send this bullshit away forever and stop the mind –which is really having to stop you, as the mind.

The tools are Simplicity:
Practical Self-Honesty within what is going on in this physical reality.
Practical Common Sense with what is best for all that is in this physical reality.
Self-Forgiveness by actually practically giving away, stopping, ending that which is your 4th dimension, that which is your thoughts, that which is your mind – that’s where you perceive you have ‘free will’. You do not have free will. If you had free will in the physical – you would not have died, you would not have been subject to space and time. You are subject to space and time. ‘Freewill’ is a delusion that exist as the mind.

Have a look, in your mind –you cannot even agree with another about what ‘Freewill’ is. You believe you have the ‘unique gift from God’ to be able to make up your ‘own mind’. Obviously you can make-up your own mind: it’s not real. It’s just a make-up. You are making it up as you go along.

Ascension is not real – but it is real from the perspective that you fuck yourself forever. Then you have to be born back in this reality and have the parents you created. Isn’t that fun!

There is nothing that can be done about what is to come. What is to come will challenge the Physical-Reality, your Space and Time – until Space, Time and Self is Purified Equally as Life. Everything, single thing that controlled it – that held it within a construct of delusion- was removed. It’s really no big thing. It was inevitable. They knew it was possible to happen and attempted to control it forever… They Failed.

Now, the support we are offering is simply in Self-REAL-lization. So that you can Realize for yourself; what is Real and that the Mind and Ascension and all of that – is not Real. What is Real is You in Space and Time and everything else that is Here with You in Space and Time. You have to be One and Equal Here, as that which is Real, that which is from the Earth, the Touchable -that’s Real. And STOP all Dishonesty.

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