Monday 2 September 2013

Day 489: God and Ascension: The Seed of Deceit – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 488: God and Ascension: Stages of Evolution – Part 1:
“How to master that, is fascinating, because within this whole process it will go through an apparent ‘stage of evolution’: You will, as you move through your reality, become dissatisfied with what you are experiencing. Then you will start searching for an alternative. And in that search – it’s like already placed in you as a program – you will go to the next stage: You will then move from believing mom and dad to believing in God and a religion. Then, when you are dissatisfied with that you’ll start believing in yourself as the reflection as God; which is like Ascension.
It’s just a short view of your ‘progression’ which everybody eventually take. And each of those things will be equated to time: either a ‘coming again’ or a ‘New Age’ or some form of time-related construct.”

seed deceit bernardpoolman Now what did the programmers of the input realize? They realized that they could divert all the creative power of every single being into a system, and fuel that system. All they have to make sure of is that they never step into that system – because they’ll lose themselves. So therefore, they created what you would call today ‘Heaven’. From there, they controlled the input of every being, being born. How did they do that? By seeding it, they also seeded the whole reality as nature.
What is a SEED? A seed is that which contains the information of that which it would become, isn’t it? So if you take the seed of a flower you can look at the seed and by the knowledge of the seed you can say: this seed is this flower. Because in the seed is contained the information, the program, that will bring forth this flower. That program is DNA as a general description. Obviously there’s a lot more about how it works, in terms of its construct –chromosomes and, you name it -the whole story.

But for the point of this discussion it is sufficient to note the following: That all things that is consisting of a seed, and that includes the human – have a look; there’s a seed and an egg. A little, little bugger that swims and then penetrates an egg and then starts to divide according to a program – bringing together two seeds, a male and a female, from which emerged: A Human.

Within that seed is contained the information of what this being will become. Obviously in its initial stages, as the seeds meet and the being develops – it first gives attention to structure, which is the physical. Within the structure then contained, that which operates as the structure – which is the basic functionality like heart, liver, breath, mind, taste, eating, farting – the whole story. Within that then is the functionality – the program, the construct, the design – which make it possible for the being to interact with other beings.

So say the child is born – like we have examples of that – with a family of wolves, and it’s a human child. The human child will act like the wolves. Therefore, what was created was a construct within which the child would be given Input to fit into the total group of humans, the society – which is the family. Through which, in that family, became the construct which has got one primary…point of concern: That is control within the society, to fit in with the system that is here and that runs within a particular time-frame, within a particular space, within a particular application with a beginning and an end.

A fascinating thing was placed into it: By this construct, this mind, this definition of mine – what is MINE: “Who AM I?” this “I AM”-construct, the mind, which was inserted into each being as part of the seed – so that mom can say to the child: “I am mom”. “Your name is Danny”. “Say, ‘I – am – Danny’.” So the “I AM” was born. This I AM is a projection, a person-…personification, a mirror, a reflection, which was defined by the being which gives them the assumption, the idea, that they are apparently ‘God’. While, all the while they’re only following the seed that was planted. Which made it, in a way, that people, beings, in this reality could not…reality could not break out from what they were placed into.

So, consider this particular seed – consider the fact that the input equals the output. Then consider the common sense within the current accepted reality. You’ll notice a fascinating thing: the mind is actually the 4th-Dimension. You have yourSelf, you have Space and you have Time. If we all work within the construct of Self, Space and Time, and we consider everyone equally, within ourselves as everyone else also ourselves, because we are all coming from the earth, we’re the dust of the earth, so we are one within that – and we consider ourselves as being one from the earth within space and time: We will not harm each other. But, when we create a reflection, a deception of ourselves, a point where we are no longer able to see ourselves and everybody else within space and time, we create that as a reflection, as a mirror, as the mind. That is our 4th dimension.

Everyone at the moment believes, that are in the ‘New Age’, that we are ‘ascending to the 4th and the 5th dimension’. That’s not true. We are already in the 4th dimension. You actually going through these stages throughout your life. In various ages the next stage of your existence activate – age seven, age fourteen, age twenty-one, age twenty-eight. They normally run in seven year cycles, within which you go through a process of personification – the acceptance of your personification as an ‘ascended being’, as a ‘mind-creation’, as a reflection of yourself that is ‘untouchable’ within which you apparently have ‘choice’.

And within the 4th dimension you have no time – because have a look at your mind: You can think about so many things, time doesn’t influence you in your mind, in your reflection, you’re like superman, the super-hero in your mind that can be here and there and imagine all kinds of things. Obviously, what was the fascinating thing, was: That those that programmed the seed, that put the information into the seed, also put the information into the mind and exactly what it is they want to manifest. And you can test this out. Bizarre things…how, depending on the seed placed in you, you will have a particular affinity for particular things in this world that you apparently like. You can’t even explain why. You like certain music, you like certain ways people speak, you like certain cultures, you like certain expressions, you like certain body shapes, you like certain colours – all of that…ever wondered why? Why are you not free to like everything equally? It’s because you’re programmed. You are the result of a seed. That’s your DECEIT. You are DE-SEATED from yourself.
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