Tuesday 10 September 2013

Day 495: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Money Transfers - Part 3

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 494: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – Energy Transfers – Part 2:
So in that game that was played energetically using masturbation, imagination, feeling - in that particular game the woman wins. In another game that´s going on -and remember all of these games are going on all at the same time all over the world - the male wins. “

law of attraction secret money bernardpoolman desteni Let´s take another example: a group of girls, they are quite young, six, seven, eight years old, they are playing, innocently, they are exploring themselves, and they start to masturbate together. They have great fun doing it. And in that great fun of masturbating, they are having most divine experiences. Then suddenly, they were caught out by their parents. And a big council ensued where they were told how bad it is what they were doing. So, into a little box called suppression -somewhere inside, in the depths of one´s being- that little experience is buried. Not away. It´s waiting. Much later, the women is in their later years, and as they explore life, they just can´t meet the same fun experience with a male. And suddenly one day meet it with a female. And what will that woman do? She will go with the female relationship. It was imagined, it was felt and it was prepared -during childhood, using the law of attraction: placing the energies in play, and all that now happens within the Unified Oneness Field, where we all are together, is the energy points must meet.

Now, let´s take this particular- or let´s take the whole energy concept also to the point where it is now done in relationship to -for instance- lots of money. Everybody wish to be rich, dream about riches. But by now you must´ve realized a fascinating thing: if you look what is happening in the world, there is a limited supply of money. And governments are in such trouble because the banks are folding that they are starting to print money -which means obviously that your money is worthless -because it´s got nothing to back it up, it´s just a piece of paper like a newspaper that is being printed. But there is not enough money. But that´s a proven fact -look at the news, look at the markets, there is not enough money. Obviously there is a big flaw in the system, but we are not discussing the flaw at the moment -we´re just looking at the principle and the fact that´s already proven.

So now more and more people in the world want more money and they are using ‘The Secret’ to imagine themselves with various riches. And you know what? They get the money because they focus on the point. Again they don´t look at the consequential outflow of what they are doing. That means, if you work with energy and you take from one point -it comes from somewhere. So if you take money, it comes from somewhere. Within a world system that is not understood in terms of how it actually works and how the wealth of -for instance- the western countries was built: at the lack of for instance the countries in Africa, that that wealth in itself was actually an act of stealing. So now wishing to have (money) while another won´t have -so that you have (money) while there is not enough within the system- means what: you are actually busy stealing, exactly as you are stealing energy when you are masturbating. Because really your experience of masturbation won´t happen the way it happens unless you have your point of feeling, or your picture, or your imagined person that you are having that particular sexual experience with. It won´t happen.

That´s why we specifically suggest self-honesty, because without self-honesty, one will not be willing to consider the consequences of these experiences. You will not be willing to consider: But why are there some in the world with money -and others in the world that´s starving? The person with money must investigate themselves self-honestly. Do they have money because of their place of birth, because of their parents, because of their upbringing -because of their particular social structure? So, the fact that they have money is not even their own design. That´s a matter of birth. Those with no money is also a matter of birth. This inequality has taken the world now closer and closer to a brink of total destruction. Because more and more understand one thing -and you can imagine that for yourself: as more and more people are without the basic needs to survive, the human being will turn into a survival instinct being. What will the human do? What will you do for your children if you don´t have food? Would you steal? You will steal. Will you sell your body for money? You will sell your body for money -you will do whatever it takes to feed your children. We are busy creating a society which is going to have consequences for us for some time to come.

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