Saturday 21 September 2013

Day 501: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction – the Laws of Earth - Part 9

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 500: Masturbation and the Law of Attraction - Devolution - Part 8:

“You are actually creating this world yourself, instantaneously as who you are as the physical part of you. That determines what actually happens – the actual space/time actions. The things you really participate in, the things you really don’t do, the things you really allow, the things you really accept like: masturbation, sex, sport – all the things you really do. Those things are really happening. The things that are really happening in your imaginary world – take a look they don’t happen - very seldom do they.”

That is where the secret now is attempting to bring some of those points forth without understanding that the secret has always been here, it is just a money making game – without a practical solution for all life on earth. If you participate in the secret, I mean you are just a thief – nothing else. You are not considering life equal and one, you are not considering love. Love means to consider all life equally. If you do not consider all life equally with a practical solution for everything that is in this reality, in physical form you do not love. You are deceiving yourself and everyone else. The only point where love can exist – go and read about love and see what it means practically in this world. Do not profess something which you are actually not standing up for and living. Stop worrying about what is happening with those that are making decisions and start to change your reality where you are. Make a difference within it – stand up.

They are the same as you, they are just getting away with it because they make you believe in your imaginary reality so that they are more than you. They use what for that – television, education, dumbing you down to believe that apparently the leaders are wonderful. The rich and elite because of their education and what they own is wonderful. Do they really own anything? It all belongs to the earth.

Every resource, every piece of land belongs to the Earth – exactly the same substance you are made of, Earth. Everything belongs to the Earth. Nobody can take it away from the Earth. You can try.

All the oaks that own everything, they are all going to die – and it’s all just going to stay here, they can’t take it with them.

Realize, we need one point of agreement in this reality to bring forth a new reality: I suggest that we consider that point to be the Earth – that everything that’s of the Earth be regarded as Equal and be available for all as Equal.

And that everything that is life within and as the Earth that come forth from it - be regarded Equal in how it is supported by the resources the Earth provide. That’s a basic law that is already written in the very way that this existence exist.

The laws we’ve created; they are all part of our imagination. They are not real. We can stop those laws in a moment - but we cannot stop the law that actually manifests this reality, the physical law of the Earth.

The physical law of the Breath that builds our body. The physical reality that we need to eat, that we need shelter – we can’t change that. That all comes from the Earth – that law is written by the Earth – that law is written by our limitation.

That limitation is absolutely worthy if we look at our morality. We need a limitation because we are immoral beings. We do not care about life. We do not care about love. We do not care about anyone else but ourselves.

There is no morality in the world, we are immoral – we are not willing to consider that our very existence is based on: Our imaginary-world in our Minds and our personalities. All of that obviously we have given it a beautiful word: Ego.

Our Ego is fed by an interesting system that we designed, that is as unreal as our reality that we exist in as personality. And remember I’m not talking about the physical-reality; I’m talking about the imaginary-reality which we call society, culture, entertainment, education, government-systems, so-on - all of that is a product of our illusionary-reality within which we have placed rules of control and domination over each other. So that some may have it all and others have nothing.

We must consider what we have done, because the Earth will no longer accept our abuse. We will see that manifest in this world in multiple ways.

There is a suggestion that one must consider common sense. If one do not, there is a consequence. That consequence is being accelerated trough compression of time and it will be an inevitability that everyone will face, consequence.

All consequential -outflows eventually will be ONLY be self-directed and no longer affect another without permission.

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