Monday 25 November 2013

Day 519: Why Are we Here on Earth? Our Nature at Work - Part 6

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 518: Why Are we Here on Earth? Sexuality and Kundalini – Part 5:
”And the ‘method’ or the ‘Mechanics’ or the ‘methodology’ or the ‘goodies’ with which to actually access it - to let it ‘build-up’ to a point where it can be taken to a ‘Higher-Level’ of Expression so that one can experience this peculiar ‘Elixir of Life’ that was discovered in ‘Energy’, called: The Kundalini, Orgasm = ‘wonderful stuff’ , I mean - the ‘Ultimate Drug of Existence’ was Discovered.”

garbage And it became quite a Play to make sure you had this Drug in ready-steady Supply and no-matter who you have to Spite as long as you have your Free Will to get your Injection, your ‘Orgasmic-Expression’, you will do - it at all costs.

So knowing that that is the Inherent-point - all Anu had to do was create an ‘Infinite-path’ - which was created, as we Explained it in The Deception of Infinity - how the Infinite-path was created so that there is no-Beginning and no-End, Dimensionally - and that you are actually moving through Multiple-Lives in which you are experiencing yourself around, fascinatingly enough – your Free Will within the Context of your Spitefulness, which caused you to keep-on moving in exactly the same Cycle, you’re not really having to be Contained, because you’re Containing Yourself within the principle that you want to be ‘right’ at all costs - and because you want to be right - which is impossible under the Primary-Law of the Universe, which is Balance, you’re always taken to the point where you are ‘wrong’ and therefore you are continuously then attempting to move back to the point you are ‘right’: In that you are creating Energy.

The Energy that you require - you use - the excess-Energy was then siphoned-off and sent to Heaven, which gave Heaven all the power over Earth to direct it and implement ways of Containment and Control of this Beast that’s been Let-Loose on Existence, called ‘Man as Spitefulness’. Because Man – In Spite of what Man could Be, because imagine, you are, ‘In Spite of it all’ = You are Actually Creating this Reality: Every single thing that Exist here - from the Bug, to the Plant, to the Animal - every single thing and the very Nature that exist here: Is actually your own Nature that is in Expression.

How does that work - was quite fascinating, because in the ‘Nature’ of how a Planet operates, its Inhabitants, that which is from the Planet = determines the outcome of the Planet, because it is that part of the Planet that Interacts – by inserting the Mind Consciousness System, the principle of thoughts, Spitefulness and Free will within the Being = through the Physical they could actually Direct what is Created in the Physical.

So in the First seven-years of a Child’s life - the Child is Pre-Programmed, both through Genetics, DNA and through the influence of Environment and the principle of Structural-Capturing, which is the ‘point of Seeing’ and the ‘point of Structural-Hearing’, which the way you Hear - to Place into Containment and Design, that which is required within the Physical to keep the being occupied within the principle of Spitefulness by feeding it constantly conflicting-ideas and principles that Unbalance their Existence so that they may never Question: Where they are, Who they are, Why they are and What is going on?

And within that then, eventually what manifested, obviously, was the very System which is - as you see it today: Television, Machines, Motorcars - everything that you find today - the Electrical-grids, the Forces that are here within the Laws that are here. Have a look: you can’t Unbalance them in a way, they are Balanced within the principle of your own Fear, your own Fear which is Inherent, your distrust in each-other and the principle that: Through Spitefulness and Power – a fascinating-thing has been developed: A Control which is based on Compound-Interest, which is based on Compounding, which is based in Genetics.

The Genetic-lines were placed specifically within a ‘principle’ of: ‘From Father to Son’, Control was build- in and that was done under the ‘principle’ that: “There is apparently a ‘God’ which stands and takes responsibility for our Spitefulness, and therefore, eventually, by doing those acts, those acts that are ‘prescribed’, this ‘God’ will ‘absolve’ us from our ‘Spitefulness’ and that we are acting in the ‘name of this ‘God’’ and that this ‘God' in its very Nature is Spiteful= as you would Read, it is Written.

Which then, for those that follow this ‘God’ of this Reality, they would be the special-ones that are protected, that are promised a special-experience after Death.

But in that, obviously, a peculiar-problem Emerged: That those that followed this particular-line of ‘Free Will’, ‘Spitefulness’ - would deliberately-destroy the Earth, the Source of Everything that they Exist as, because they would see it as unimportant, because what is really important is only after Death - Why was that done = is because the Real Power was in the Physical.

How do you make sure that the Real Power will never be used? You make everyone believe that the ‘real power’ isn’t Here, and that it is Here-AFTER.

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