Friday 22 November 2013

Day 518: Why Are we Here on Earth? Sexuality and Kundalini – Part 5

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 517: Why Are we Here on Earth? Creation of the Machine -Part 4:
“And thus the Machine was Created. Obviously, at that stage not really understood, because from the perspective of what you would call ‘UFO's’ and so on, it didn't work at that ‘principle’. It didn't work on the ‘principle of the Magnetic Forces’ per se. It worked on the Principle of the Living-Forces.”

Kundalini Within that ‘Spinning’, obviously, it caused an interesting thing: It caused a Separation between the Matter and the Life-Force. So, which means Everything started to ‘Solidify’, from a certain perspective, and thus ‘Emerging from it’, would be the Living-Forces within its Environment that will Support it. Intricately-interlinked to its ‘Source’, similarly in ‘Nature’ - still ‘Balancing’ itself.

Obviously, what the beings that were then in Control didn't realise was: What Was Really Going On = That they're not really Directing it, because they were ‘acting on an Events-Horizon’ - that means - events would take place ‘Forcing their hand’, which is how they eventually had to Create Heaven.

What did they understand was: That they have a ‘Problem’: They need everyone together in Existence to keep Existence In ‘Balance’, at all cost.
So, knowing that nobody is going to agree, because everyone exist in 'Free Will', which is actually ‘Spitefulness’ – they therefore forcibly brought them together. Very similar to what they are now attempting on Earth through the ‘Unification-principle’.

They're understanding ‘the Problem is Vast’ and that they have to bring everybody together under a, a ‘Singular-point of Control’ to Not Destroy the Earth – exactly the same point occurred.

And obviously you can't get an agreement, so it's even pointless to ask for it, because in the very ‘Nature of Man’ Exist an inherent Beast: ‘Spitefulness’– that point where you can say: "Fuck you".

And in that - to contain that ‘Spitefulness’ – so that it has a minimized-effect, they Designed a System – a Mind Consciousness System, within which is Contained within the being themselves = its ‘Spitefulness’ as thought, sufficiently that the being ‘believe it to be ‘Real’’.

So, that it has a minimized-effect on the ‘Greater’ and the being can continue with their 'Free Will' within a Containment, which is a ‘Virtual-Prison’. And within that ‘prison’, they can continue with their ‘Spitefulness’. And have a look, what exist within your mind = There’s one Singular-point: ‘Spitefulness’ – your perception that ‘apparently you have ‘power’’.

And it exist in Containment within you in absolute ‘powerlessness’, because ‘there is nothing you can do in the ‘Greater’’. You are stuck with Yourself-Alone.
Which is quite a ‘Stroke of Genius’, because - in that singular Creation = Anu managed to Contain Existence in a way he never dreamed-of before; where everyone was actually Contained, as Themselves, within a Container, a System which they didn’t even understand or could never understand, because they are Forever-busy in Conflict with Themselves.

They are the Ultimate-Polarity that Creates Themselves and within that, obviously - simply created the Splits and Polarity - which was the things from Sexuality, for instance – because that (Sexuality) is one of the ways that the ‘Higher-Forces’ could be Contained as an ‘expression and an experience’ was to Contain or Build a ‘Point of Desire’ to experience or express it, which is Sex.

And the ‘method’ or the ‘Mechanics’ or the ‘methodology’ or the ‘goodies’ with which to actually access it - to let it ‘build-up’ to a point where it can be taken to a ‘Higher-Level’ of Expression so that one can experience this peculiar ‘Elixir of Life’ that was discovered in ‘Energy’, called: The Kundalini, Orgasm = ‘wonderful stuff’ , I mean - the ‘Ultimate Drug of Existence’ was Discovered.

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