Wednesday 8 January 2014

Day 526: Stimulation: Existence as One Word – Part 4

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 525: Stimulation – Addiction – Part 3:
“They will Stimulate you to have an experience not to worry about reality. Christianity is doing that, the Muslims are doing that, the Hindu’s, every Religion is doing one thing: it is Stimulating you not to care about what is going on in Reality, and it’s Stimulating you to worry about what happens to you AFTER you are DEAD.
It’s too late then!”

key to reality desteni The Masters do the same. Did they really Master anything? There is not a Master in Existence that’s mastered anything. The Masters mastered the way to Stimulate their followers effectively to become Mentally Incapable of Realising what is Here. Incapable of making any movement to actually care for Earth. That’s why we’ve created a Consumerism System.

In Spite of all the Great Masters that’s ever been on Earth – what have we done? We have not moved, we have not evolved. What is evolution at this stage? Evolution depends on Stimulation. Stimulated on how to become ‘more’. ‘I’m evolving! I am more Intelligent!’

Let’s look at it furthermore…The Ultimate Deception of Stimulation lies in the moment that you are improvising. When you are improving your wisdom, ‘I am wise’ – somebody says something and you respond immediately, ‘Jah, I’ve seen that!’ – but actually you didn’t, you’ve just seen it now, you’ve never actually tested it, you don’t even know if it’s really real. But you’re pretending that you know. You’re all wise! You know Everything! You’ve done it for Yourself!
Not True, you’re improvising.

You never even know if you’re being tested to check if you’re self-honest or not. Never improvise. Test the shit out for yourself and Stimulate it yourself to see how it works. Then find out whether you’re justified in Stimulating something for your pleasure without making sure that this part of Existence that is there as you as another being – is actually understanding what the fuck they’re doing, and what they get themselves in for and that it is possible to exist without Stimulation.
From the perspective of Understanding what’s going on. Why are we Here, for Eons of Time, uncountable time?...We’ve existed only through Stimulation.
We have not existed as Life in fact.

Life is Here. Life does not require Stimulation, Life doesn’t have a Beginning or an End. Life has been Stimulated into Illusions and being abused as these Illusion called ‘Man’, ‘Nature’. Everything that exists as a System is an Illusion! Because that System is not aware of itself and how it functions. It is not aware how it is Stimulated to get a result. You are not aware of all the points that Stimulate you – have a look. You are living according to those points of Stimulation in your life that you like.

That determines who you are.

Even the Name that’s given to you soon after it’s been given to you and you have been Stimulated into accepting that Name, you will respond to any Stimulation where somebody calls your Name. You say, ‘Oh, are they calling me?’.
But that’s not you!

You have been Stimulated to accept that Definition of you – but it is not you.
You are not really your family. Your family – you’re purely here by a Stimulated Event that took place between a Male and a Female that brought you forth within a Design and then you were taught according to the Stimulated points that is in this existence as to what Life apparently is.

You’re not Real, in any form, whatsoever!

Have a look – take your Stimulation away, what happens to you? You’ll find you go into a Depression, you go into a Boredom, and you’re unable to get out unless you Stimulate yourself - which is what? You’re experiencing the System dying because it’s not Stimulated. That’s what you’re experiencing when you’re in a Depression and when you’re in a form of Boredom – you’re experiencing = No Stimulation!
And then you start searching and suddenly the next moment you ‘meet someone’. The ONE that can Stimulate you. And Immediately your whole body is on Fire = ‘I’m Stimulated. Please Stimulate me – I don’t mind! I’ll exist as long I’m being Stimulated.’

That is the whole point where everyone is existing. Because what do you want? You want to be Stimulated. ‘Give me enough Stimulation and I will exist, I’m satisfied. As long as that Stimulation is to my approval, the way I like it = I’m Happy.’

‘Let it not be the way I like it, and I want to discard it = I’m not Stimulated by this. I mean, this is just not acceptable. I want to be Stimulated. Like THIS! I have CHOICE! I can CHOOSE how I want to be Stimulated. This is the way I want to be Stimulated. And that’s all I’ll accept.

I mean, that’s not Life!

That’s not Real!

So, existence exists as One Word. This is the Revelation that will be proven that existence exist – I mean common sensicly you can work it out now – that existence exist as One Word = Stimulation.

Everything in your Life exist as One Word.

Who you are, is who you are right now because of how it’s been Stimulated to be.
Everything you believe, every Religion and every book you read is a point of Stimulation. Every Philosophy that exists is a point of Simulation. The total Science is an observation of Stimulation. Science is nothing extraordinary!

It is people that are Stimulated to watch Stimulation – and according to that they write down their own observation of Stimulation. That we call = Science!
Isn’t it wonderful.

It’s Profound! We’ve worked out Reality!

I mean, it’s One Word = Stimulation.

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