Monday 13 January 2014

Day 527: Bubbles and The Theory of Everything - Part 1

Okay, so - I´m going to tell you the whole story, about…this is the...‘The Theory of Everything’.

And we were just chatting-along and we says: “Okay, let´s chat to the first Child that´s just stepped out of the Body, just died”.

And so, Breathe-In – Breathe-Out = Here´s a Child.

“Okay, what´s your First Impression? What do you See - you´ve just died - what do you See? know...just, you know, give me your First Impression of Existence”.

She said to me: "Existence is very busy." I says: “Oh, What do you mean, ‘Existence is very busy’?”

She says: "I mean, there´s like, like...these ‘Movement’ everywhere."

I says: “Okay, but I mean explain...I mean where´s the Physical?”
She says: "It´s Nowhere.”

I says: “Oh, Oh no, come, explain, explain, explain”.
She says: "No, I mean - Existence is like, Everywhere, and then inside Existence is these ‘Bubbles’ that ‘Move’."

I says: “Oh, okay. So, um, what is these ‘Bubbles’?”

She says: "No, Existence is the Physical and then inside the Physical is these ‘Bubbles’ which is like, the Dimensions, the Dimensional´s like...the Being.

And the Being is trying to Move Existence; but the Being is just inside this ‘Bubble’ inside Existence."

(I) says: “Okay, now = What´s the First Thing you´ll do, what´s the first Action you´ll take? You´ve just Seen this. You´ve just Seen what Exists, what is Here. What will you do?”

She says: "No, I´ll go and...go into the ‘Bubble’ and ‘try’ and ‘explain’ to them that they’re in a ‘Bubble’ - I mean, I mean what would You do? I mean, you can See they are all in ‘Bubbles’."

So I said to her: “No but, um, I mean - what about Bursting the ‘Bubbles’ - what will happen?”
She says: "I don´t know."

I says: “Okay, Burst the ‘Bubbles’”.
She says: "Okay, I´m Bursting the ‘Bubbles’."
(I says): “And what happens?”

She says: "I mean, everything is just ‘Floating’."
I says: “Okay, now...what will happen now?”

(She says): "I don´t know."
(I says): “Okay”.

I mean, if you are in that ‘Bubble’ and the ‘Bubble’ is Burst, I mean - what happens to You? Are You still Here? The only thing that´s happened is the ‘Bubble’ is Burst - isn´t it?

I mean, you were moving inside a ‘Bubble’, inside the Physical. So now the ‘Bubble’ is Burst = you’re still Here.

What is gonna happen? What are you normally doing - First Thing: You´ll build another ‘Bubble’, isn´t it? I mean, that´s ‘all you know’.

You´ll only do what you know, which means, you ´know you have to have a ‘Bubble’ to be ‘here’’ and ‘without a ‘Bubble’ you’re ´nothing´’, so therefore - what´s the first thing - when your ‘Bubble’ Burst: You´ll build another ‘Bubble’.

So - we looked at this Whole-thing, I said: Okay - Here I am, okay, what happens if I take Water and I Shake it? We take Water, Shake it, what happens? It make ‘Bubbles’.

Okay, so you take the Water, and you Shake it, and there´s a ‘Bubble’. Okay, so, it´s easy to make a ‘Bubble’.

So now the Question is: What´s In the Bubble?

Is what IN...what´s IN the ‘Bubble’ exactly that which is Outside the ‘Bubble’ as well? What do you say?

It´s Exactly the Same - Inside and Outside the ‘Bubble’ is Exactly the Same. But there´s a ‘Bubble’.

So, I asked: Okay, now, I´ve been Shaking the ‘Bubble’ - What do you See? - "No, it´s ‘Vibrating’"

I says: “Oh, but I mean, isn´t it Shaking?” / "No, no, no, it´s ‘Vibrating’!"

Yah, but - isn´t it Shaking? I was Shaking the ‘Bubble’ - the Water - and the…from the Shaking there´s a ‘Bubble’, and the ‘Bubble’ is still ‘Moving’, and that ‘Bubble’ that´s ‘Moving’ is still Shaking, isn´t it?

"No no, it´s Vibrating"
Are you sure?

Oh, so you say - when you look at a ‘Bubble’, you can give it another ´reason´, a ´purpose´, a ‘name’.

So - you can take a ‘Shaking-Bubble’ - which is where it comes from: You were Shaking (the Water) - and you can call it a: ´Vibrating-Bubble´.

But what´s inside the ‘Bubble’ and what´s outside the ‘Bubble’ is the Same!

But now what happens when the ‘Bubble’-burst? There´s...What is there? Just...Nothing! I mean - still the Same!

I mean, what was Inside the ‘Bubble’, what was Outside the ‘Bubble’, and when the ‘Bubble’-burst: Everything is still the Same, isn´t it?

The ‘Bubble’ didn´t Change anything, did it?
Oh! Okay, so the ‘Bubble’ didn´t Change anything - so let´s Shake the Water again:

We Shake the Water, Shake the Water and there´s ‘Bubbles’, okay, there´s ‘Bubbles’ - okay, the ‘Bubble’ is still Shaking.

So that ‘Bubble’ that´s Shaking is...Now we say it´s ‘Vibrating’. So, now, this is, but, you then call that ´Energy´.

Oh, say: Okay! So - when you Shake a ‘Bubble’- and we Shake the Water - the Water makes a ‘Bubble’ - the ‘Bubble’ is ´Vibrating´ and you can call that ‘Vibrating’: ´Energy´.

So what does that mean? I don´t know. I mean, it´s Still the Same ‘Bubble’.

The fact that the ‘Bubble’ is ‘Vibrating’ and that is called ´Energy´- doesn´t change the ‘Bubble’ Inside, Outside, or when the ‘Bubble’-burst – so = it has No-Effect on the ‘Bubble’, does it, Really? It´s only something you call the ‘Bubble´, isn’t it?

So - then - we started looking at this Whole ‘Bubble’-thing - okay - it means: How many ‘Bubbles’ can you make? As many as you like = all you have to do is what? Shake the ‘Bubble’.

Then - you Notice an Interesting-thing: You can take...take the ‘Bubble’ and you can Shape the ‘Bubble’.

I mean - you can make the ‘Bubble’ Square, you can the ‘Bubble’ Round, you can make the ‘Bubble’ anyway you want it. Or you can Push the ‘Bubble’ and then it...the ‘Bubble’ has got a Wobble.

When the ‘Bubble’ has got a Wobble, I mean, it´s a Wobbling-‘Bubble’. Isn´t it?

Okay, then you Look at it all and Says: Okay, so, I can make the ‘Bubble’ Wobble. What does it Change about the Wobble...oh no - the ‘Bubble’?

When the ‘Bubble’ Wobbles - does that make the ‘Bubble’ anything different to the ‘Bubble’ that was coming from the first-Shaking? No difference. Still the same ‘Bubble’, isn´t it?

But - the ‘Bubble’ doesn´t Change anything about Anything - the ‘Bubble’ is just a ‘Bubble’ until the ‘Bubble’ is not a ‘Bubble’ - isn´t it?

Even the ‘Bubble’ with a Wobble doesn´t make a difference to the ‘Bubble’, or to anything else - does it? It´s Still just a ‘Bubble’.

Okay, so - Now we look at it and say: Oh! But you know what? I can Blow with a ‘Bubble’ into any Form. And then I can make the Form ‘do things’. Does that mean anything?

I mean - I´m Blowing into the ‘Bubble’, the ‘Bubble’ gets a Form, and I can get the ‘Bubble’ to do things. Okay – so, the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’.

Okay, now, I can give the ‘Bubble’ ‘names’. Because it´s a ‘Moving-Bubble’ - I mean,´s ´special´. So, when it´s ´special´- does it Change anything about what´s In the ‘Bubble’?

It´s the Same that was Outside the Bubble, and I mean - in this case it will be Air – I mean, I´m Blowing Air into the Bubble, and I’m Blowing and by Pushing I´m giving that ‘Bubble’, for instance, Legs and a Tail and a Head - and I mean, now the ‘Bubble’ ‘Moves’.

Part Two to Continue…

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