Tuesday 23 February 2016

Day 572: The Road ahead

(July 2007)

We are in a curious position--Imagine we have the knowledge of what is best, but not the knowhow--even interdimensionally--we have traced all of existence all of time, past - present - future--Imagine--through the portal there is no restriction--being able to communicate with anything--any form--sometimes blow the lid off any perception or idea of why we are here or who we are.

So, Perceptually we are infinite--not really--only our essence--the same as a rock--is infinite--our consciousness and self-awareness is not infinite and actually quite finite.. In exploring this point, yes we are all here and everywhere is here--the Joel Goldsmith - Infinite way--very cool in actual living and application of self--but I found Joel just as stuck and lost as anyone else--none of anything we have thus far applied, is indicating any answer that will assist us--I must say, sometimes I drive the dimensions up the wall with questions of all sorts--

At the moment, what is certain is that the way must be prepared for the children to create life as an experience that will support all life as equal and one--we have throughout the Universe a lack in experience of the practical how-to of equality and oneness and any stable model can only be tested in physical form in 3d--not many candidates available to really test this out and although the structural resonances as sound is supporting, we are in for a journey.

One of the fascinating problems yet to be resolved, is that not any being even currently is at death able to remain here and recall all their life as experience integrated as self--most is just knowledge and knowledge is forgotten and is perceptually judgmental as it is subject to a point of view in consciousness--we are researching this and the beings at crossover that is most effective, is children--now imagine that beings like Jack has been at this process for thousands of years--there is more like him, but not many--due to the nature of what we allowed, we placed our understanding of the solution into a process that reveals in every moment once we understand--so sometimes, we get stuck or some-one else must reveal.

At the moment I am kind of sharing my process of questioning and equating as direction is once again uncertain--what is certain is who we will become and what we know we are intellectually and knowledge wise--yet we are not what we really are as fact here and that is apparent in our expressive abilities not being absolute--there is no denying that we are no more than what we express in relationship and understanding with all that is as a real here experience--Practically it may be equated to our sphere of influence and this is a touchy issue--we are no more than our sphere of directive influence at any given moment--

So, say we direct the universe as self as all as one and speak ourselves as the living word as manifested and it is done visibly here, then that is who we are--Fascinating within this is that it is impossible to harm anything as all form currently is consciousness and thus not real and thus the true being/essence cannot be harmed--this makes for some interesting experiences ahead--will we realize the nature of consciousness and how we have painted pretty pictures and will we be willing to do what must be done to stop consciousness for all as one as self no matter what or will we hide behind the idea of choice as if consciousness will ever choose to annihilate itself--will we realize that all that has ever been has been consciousness--thus the way forward is beyond any knowledge or perception we have or can conceive--

Sometimes in the last 2 years the experience was disheartening--once I found a woman in one of the dimensions we were cleaning--she was very old--meaning, she has gone for a long time and applied herself--she said to me that there is no answer--she has tried everything--we are infinitely stuck in this cycles of forgetfull ness always getting to the same point. She had no name, she lost all of everything, but she still existed--she was still here--she could not not exist--she refused to participate in finding a way out of our dilemma as life stuck in our perception and mind in form--we discussed this at length--the portal is set up that we must find a way or the being is stuck--so for a while I was stuck having to communicate with this being--she could not leave the portal

Now in the portal is quantum time, quantum knowledge, quantum experience--anything you can conceive--and we were stuck--not the first time, but this time, this lady has really tried everything known throughout eternity, and we had no answer--we moved beyond that point on one point--we realized that we have to trust each other in that we have a common goal and that we understand our common problem and so we moved on.

Our common goal is freedom within equality and oneness--thus coexistence that support each other as we are always here--our common problem is that throughout billions of years we have been unable to find the solution--what We have come to realize is that the answer is in 3d--not dimensions--we must be able to bring forth equality and oneness as a practical living model where all at the same time agree and live as equal and one to in any way get out of our rut--that is easier said than done and that is where we are in searching for a reason for all to listen and understand that we are stuck--infinitely

That death is not a way to some higher life--we stuck in the dimensions as well--in fact infinitely so--not the coolest place to be and many refused to believe it possible--the fact of it is in the way we exist on earth--as in heaven so on earth--now heaven is in place, though still in process as there is beings dying every day and as heaven is understanding oneness and equality, that must be born on earth--though as life from the physical--that means--heaven currently are only able to assist with words, insights, grace etc--the human will have to face this which is heaven as we all come from the dimensions--we are thus only at the beginning of a journey--we must find practical ways to support this for all--most won't make it--children younger than 5 with effective support will--Veno's structural resonance story will help

Fascinating--currently working on biodiversifying the Dna strings to play different sounds to assist with hollographic changes--this is done through creating viruses as self and then assisting with the virus as self in slowly bringing selfrealization--this is another interesting story--who are we, what are we, what are we capable of--what is speakable and what is unspeakable

We focus on developing independant abilities to assist in independant crossreference--Once a being are able to directly communicate with the dimensions, they cannot return to old ways--this is scary, as you truely lose all you have ever conceived--few are able to make this choice

Understand that all spiritual experience up to now was a controlled dimensional insert--the annunaki was really good at controlling all existence--virtually nothing can be trusted when perceived through the mind--to give the mind a reality experience is easy, but enslaving and will hollographically manifest as "real"--so--we are in for a journey

Much to discuss and writing all of it will take volumes--we are at it and it will take years--we are currently equal to the world we have allowed, even if we cut ourselves from it to have a perceptual experience of peace--we are no more than the worst we allow--that is our starting point

Our greatness is the same point--our worst as manifested on earth--that was the way we found heaven--exactly the same as earth--with their own marketing and public relations division called angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, feel good messages, plugged into the soulconstruct and the emotional generators of humanity--like a form of politics, sucking essence from each to have power in one point--fascinating that is so, power will be always in one point till it is given up as equal as one--some find that difficult to give up perceptual power.


Saturday 13 February 2016

Day 571: Authority and Consequence - Part 5

Continuing from previous blog, Day 570: Authority and Consequence – Part 4

Now your problem is that, that which you have accepted as yourself, is Resonantly the Authority as the Directive Principle of the Substance you exist as. And you have to first be Equal to that Understanding, how you have Created it and be Equal in Authority to that Instruction that is currently the Accepted you, to be able to stop it.

And then you have to Prove it, by Living it, because the Moment you Fall, what comes back? The original Authority, and you’re just Fucked. Which is why Nobody can get out of this shit. Because you have in fact created your own demise, and you have given Authority to it.

I mean, you can’t stop that Authority, unless you really stand Equal to it. That is the Principle of Equality. That is the Equality we are talking about, the Real Equality as Structural Alignment, as Structured, Resonant Authority as Life, Equal and One Here. Which is why the Polarity Opposites come out as Pre-Programmed Designs.

And then you will place it within context of ‘people around you’, which becomes then your Expressed Pattern. Therefore, your Patterns are expressed in All the People you Know. Because that’s the Authority you have given Permission to as the Patterns as Who You Are. Makes sense?

So as long as those Patterns are existent, and the way they are Formed and how your Feel, Energetically, about them – and how you act and How you try and keep them in place = will show you the design of the Authority and the Permissions you have already given. And obviously in stopping and changing that, what is relevant is that you will ‘lose’ all those people, because those people were not Real in fact in the Relationship of your life anyway.
They were based on the Patterns and the Authorities you have Given the Permissions. So the moment you change that, I mean, it’s obvious = it’s going to change. If you fear losing them – you’re not Ready to take Authority for your Life.

Makes sense?

So, within the Principle of doing the Forgiveness, Identifying the Pattern, watching how it ‘plays’, Doing the Forgiveness: You are Strengthening yourself to re-gain your Authority. That will take as long as it does. Until you actually establish it, and you have Definitive Authoritative Effect in Stopping the Pattern that you have Allowed yourself to Be.
Does That make Sense?

And within that means, it’s a Journey, that Journey will be Equal to How you’ve Lived it out in Time. But through the Acceleration of Self within context of Mind and Pattern, you’ll now be able to live Several Lifetimes in a Single Day, through Effective Application. That means, you can short-circuit the Multiple Lives within which you have given Authority to this ‘Absurdity’ that you call ‘Yourself’.

Thursday 11 February 2016

Day 570: Authority and Consequence – Part 4

Continuing from previous blog, Day 569: Authority and Consequence – Part 3
I mean, what do you really know about Money? Very little, except about how ‘money makes your feel’. Some even ‘hate’ Money, which is ludicrous because they’re existing with Money. They’re not existing without Money, they’re still buying shit, even if they ‘hate’ the money. That gives Money more Power over them.
Stupid to even consider that your Relationship with Money can be Directed by you, while you’re substantially not even Authoritative within yourself in any way whatsoever.
Within that, you’ll live Knowledge, which is your Understanding for something, That is really useless, because the Knowledge is just your Reflection of what you are Observing as your Pattern. You are not the Living Pattern.

The Living Pattern is Happening at a Level where you don’t even see you’re doing it. You’re covering it up through Knowledge, the Truth, which is why Self Honesty is Relevant. Because within Self Honesty you want to Establish, what is ‘You’ and what is ‘Knowledge’. Discard all Knowledge and Work with the Real Living Pattern that is You and correct that Living Pattern by establishing your Authority again.

The Knowledge is irrelevant because the Knowledge is just an excuse, it’s just a Way you’re justifying why the pattern exists. Understand the difference between ‘Living Words’ and ‘Words of Knowledge’. Words of Knowledge make you ‘sound clever’. We’re living in a world where everything consists of Reflections of the Truth, that means, they are Deceptions. It’s knowledge which is Deceiving. That’s why the World exists in a Pattern, where it believes itself to be ‘superior’, while the way the world lives, is a total fuck up.
But – the ‘Higher Knowledge’, makes everyone Blind to the fuck up of the System, that is present Here in which millions suffer. You see, because, Knowledge has been Deified.
But the Knowledge is not real.
The Knowledge is Deliberately there to Cover up the Dishonesty that each one exists as.
So what is Anxiety? Anxiety is the Knowledge that you are going to repeat the Pattern, So you look at everything and say ‘Oh fuck, it’s going to repeat’ = anxiety.

‘But I really want to Change it, But I already KNOW what’s going to Happen.’
‘So I already know how I’m going to experience myself’

But now, you’re dealing with Knowledge only. Therefore you’re trying to Stop the Anxiety, but the Anxiety is not the Cause. The Anxiety is the Result of the Pattern of Substantiality, the Authority you are Living Out, as Pattern.

Does that make sense? It is you knowing that you are going to repeat the same cycle. That is Anxiety, therefore, you now have No Power, No Authority, you can’t Stop it. So when you get to anxiety, you’re already into the Pattern, you have already Lost that Cycle, does that make sense? You are going to repeat it, you are not Standing Substantially, Here as Living breath – Stopping the Pattern.

The Pattern is already in outflow, you know it, therefore, it’s a Projection of ‘Knowledge’, you’re seeing what you’re doing already, you know that’s happening, you know you’re not going to stop it.

Therefore: anxiety, anguish – all of that opens up, and you now diminish, which in fact is you saying ‘I am not Equal-Authority to the Pattern which is now playing out.
And therefore, the Pattern I’ve given Authority to = is the Right Pattern.

Make Sense?
So – Now it ‘Repeats’.

This Authority, as Substance – this Absoluteness, is what Structural Resonance Alignment is about.
Which is the level where we are busy operating in the Corrective Nature of Existence – which is exactly the point the Dimensions are operating with.

What is the Authority of Substance? Why have we given our Existence as Thought, as Mind, ‘More Authority’ than our Existence as Matter?!

And as long as that exists, you cannot be Equal to Matter and therefore Matter will Substantiate you, that means – it will Control you and Lock you into the Pattern that you’ve accepted yourself to be. And therefore, Matter, in Fact will be your God.
And you’ll be fucked, the moment you Die and get Ejected, because: You’re not Equal to the Matter at hand. And you will end-up only again as the Substance you have given Authority to – which is Mind.

To be continued...