Friday 28 March 2014

Day 538: Astrology – God’s Divine Plan – Part 1

shutterstock_83116369 So Astrology

Ass-Trollogy as you troll along... ah sorry ….

Astrological- as the truth is logical. Astrology.

It is the reason of the system or the way that it was designed so that you will end up ‘believing’ that your experiences are real because events are happening to you that are just ‘too good to be true’, they’re all linked to some ‘greater plan’.

Now it’s fascinating because these things are all linked to symbols that move in dimensional timelines. These dimensional timelines are linked to your thought patterns, your words you speak and the people in your life. According to the ‘state of your being’ you’ll have an energetic imprint – which is like a dimension. When you reach a certain energetic imprint, which is a certain state of being and certain dimension – it ‘activates’ the symbol, the symbol locks into the lock-ins of the Unified Field and you have an event that takes place and you say ‘wow! God works in mysterious ways!’ But god is nothing without a system that is based on energy that links in according to its dimensional timelines and energetic imprints and when these symbols lock-in you have a ‘Voila! Miracle.'

Now you’ve got to really look at all the ‘ology’s’ like astrology, biology..

Biology is the robot that exists as the flesh which runs on a system that moves things from one point to another called the heart ‘the center of love.' I mean, it moves your dick into a pussy. I mean that’s the point of it: having control over another being through the word ‘love.’ But the biology is a point of an ‘ology’ like the astrology, that the biology has got the two points that moves the positive and the negative. You know... the blood is with oxygen and without oxygen for instance - this is a crude example. But the ‘ology’s’ are the things that you’re gonna really look at because that’s your logic – your ologies.

Darryl: Now, ‘ology’ is latin for ‘the love of something.’

Bernard: Yes, but you have to look at how it is used within the System. It is used within it as an ‘unquestionable truth’ which is what love is used – love is used as a definition, or a reason to place in on the board the unquestionable point that you may not question this point. I mean, so astrology must be true! Biology: ‘this is how it is, divine – god created it’- it’s a System! it is built up just like the car engineered from the old Ford T’s, you know from long time ago to the cars you have today. Why was it not the car in the beginning like it is now? Because through time and experiences, it was upgraded through ‘new systems’. The same happened to the human being. Your basic biology’s never changed. The System on which you’re running: that has changed, that is all the mental experience and interdimensional experience, because the Mental is Interdimensional. That is how you could be controlled.

The Physical - there is very little that Interdimensions can do about it, because it takes time for the Physical to take on the behavior pattern. Now have a look, it’s not that the Physical is changing - it’s the behavior pattern.

You have certain things that do ‘change’ which is genetically based for instance, that the children looks like their parents or the grandparents - but even that is not always like that. But you can trace back your genetic lines, but that’s the biological information thread that manifest - not mental information thread.

So your Structural Resonance is a Biological Structure, it is how your biology is creating reality because you’re in a Biological Ecosystem: the Earth. It’s a living entity. You’re inside it. You’re living of it. You’re feeding of it: that which is the same as the Earth is what is creating your experience on the Earth. Your mental condition is simply keeping you busy while you’re waiting for the Physical to manifest, because that takes time according to the timeline of the Earth. And if you have to wait till those things take place I mean, you’ll be quite bored so how you make sure that a being is not bored?

Darryl: You entertain the mind.

Thursday 20 March 2014

Day 537: Specialization: Conflict and Change – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 536: Specialization : The Debilitation Effect and Pricing – Part 1:
But at the moment you see a price on the shelf - you have no idea what went into it. And you're not even aware that you are in many cases supporting abuse and starvation because some of the beings that are part of that, did not get a proper income to make Equal Living. One of the proposals would be to change the way one price your structures and to make it available that everybody can see who gets what.”
inner-turmoil[1] Darryl: Do you think it's like a... just the way the system said that the human being was to become more and more specialized to enable systems to function more effectively or was that just...something that the so-called 'programmers' didn't really see.

Bernard: They did not consider the side effect, the same way they did not see the side effect of what’ll happen in the Money System through charging the Interest and using inflation as one of the 'measuring points' - I mean there's many, many points that should be measured within calculating your money supply within a System -that are not being considered at all. So because there is now no group in existence -not even the Elite -that has an actual figure of what's really going on in the Money System - they cannot ascertain, they cannot see exactly what will happen - they've lost total control over everything.

And simplistically because the population explosion has outstripped the education level that was being able to be provided - and because the whole point of causing as much as possible confusion and conflict in attempting to control, it actually had a backlash

Darryl: Right, because they attempted to put a cap on education.

Bernard: Ja, and that's a backlash which now will meet - the one's that'll suffer the most at the end of the day will be the Elite of the world, because they will be brought back to Equality initially of those ...

Darryl: They won't be able to stand that, will they?

Bernard: No, they won't be able to - not without grave danger to themselves. That point is already starting to emerge - it will escalate- we are looking at a 'modern time revolution' that will emerge and the anger is growing amongst people because they are suffering.

And the point where the suffering is most is with those with children- they're unable to educate or feed their children so a total generation of delinquents are being created. And a delinquent has got one problem: it’s a linguistic problem - that's why they are delinquent, they are not effective in their linguistics which means they are not effective in their morality of the system - therefore they're not easily controlled- therefore they become unpredictable. All these things are known by the system's scientists so they know the problem. And unfortunately is too late for a solution from the perspective of anything they can do -there is absolutely nothing -

Darryl: They haven’t got enough time

Bernard: Yeah, they haven't got enough time –they’ve waited, they have not considered the effect of the outcomes- and they've believed the 'gods' that spoke to them. Those gods have fucked them, totally. Because the premise was that these gods must be actually in control, must be actually real for the stability to have remained -which wasn't so - so, fascinating
Darryl: so they would not... they're still... I mean will there be a time when they say ,'Wow! The jig is up."

Bernard: I mean it's like anything--

Darryl: "Let's make a deal or something..."

Bernard: There's no deal possible because have a look at a fascinating thing.
Automatically people will always first deny – there is always violent denial - have a look at the way there’s a premise that is quite accepted in the basic - call it 'philosophy of the world' – you know anything that is true is first vehemently resisted - I mean all change the same - look at a flat world to a round world cost the lives of many people. Can you imagine that? Such a simple thing now, cost many to die as a point of conflict - I mean fortunately we have the internet in which we can blow the conflict, so the being can face their inner struggle, use up all their energy and then eventually start to see - see I've considered what I'm doing.

What is fascinating is all you initially do is you charge the being up - so they can use all the energy, so you caused the conflict - then they use all of their energy and then they can't maintain their point - because the point is not themselves, the point is energy - it requires energy - so therefore you go into constant conflict up until the energy is finished - and then you withdraw, then you wait. That's how you get them to change.

That’s what’s gonna happen in existence.

Have a look already what the Money System is doing: it's drawing everyone's money, everyone's energy - because the moment it starts to look like it's rallying, it's moving up - the great factor comes in, everybody starts to push it - so the next moment it drops again.

But have a look: every time greed wins. Every time more and more participate in because they believe so much in the system, that they believe that the system is going to survive - I mean, who the fuck is got control over the system? No one – The system has got an inherent flow -as we say - it cannot be corrected.

Darryl: Yeah but that's not what people are taught or programmed to believe in -

Bernard: Obviously not

Tuesday 11 March 2014

Day 536: Specialization : The Debilitation Effect and Pricing – Part 1

in_greed_we_trust Specialization was and is actually a point where the mind starts to specialize, becomes more effective at one point and less effective at another. And this whole point has become our social structure that has caused in fact, instead of everyone becoming better - some to become better at a specific point – and the rest to have become incompetent basically, unable to actually even do the most basic of things in terms of self-sufficiency. So if you teach man how to feed themselves - you can feed a nation -But: if you take away their ability to feed themselves, you enslave a nation.

And more and more humanity has become enslaved to technology -but have a look: was technology a success in the economic realm? It wasn't. It brought some of the greatest monetary disasters imaginable because, technology made it possible for everybody to do something: so anybody could become a computer expert, anyone could do Windows courses and do training and the basic web designs and all of that - so everybody started doing it and everybody was greedy. So they tried to do it from a justification point of view, fascinatingly saying 'I can do it cheaper' and there was hope in to capture the market because they're cheaper -which is greed - but they never consider the practical physical action that needs to be taken in doing all the work. So instead of us developing a lot of people that are very proficient in for instance - computer programming and doing website designs and all kinds of technological things - that total era has fallen through and just a few companies have got highly paid experts.

And, what caused this? The basic greed of everyone that wants to do things cheaper - without actually taking in consideration the actual space-time, the labor that's coming, who must eat - so there's no consideration of the amount of money that must move for everybody involved to have a good, you know, an effective life - and everything is then made cheaper and more 'affordable' apparently, so that more can afford it - but nobody can afford to live. And this is all driven by a peculiar thing of greed and where one use the mind instead of the Physical Reality to work out the price of something.

Specialization, have a look. Those that are highly specialized now - which is a mind specialization where some forms of practical application in some points have become very well paid, their time is worth a lot of money. Those that are doing the actual work - which is the general work that is required to maintain everybody else's life- they don't get any money: they starve, they live on the bread line and they are the slaves to the Elite specialized beings in existence.

And this was deliberately developed once it was seen to cause a massive control situation - but now the Money System’s crashing obviously - that has backlashed and virtually bitten the Elite of this world in the ass - and it'll get much worse. I mean, the Elite better buckle their fucking seatbelts because, there is going to be a very tough time ahead for them and eventually we'll have no Elite in the world -which will be the coolest fucking thing - and then one can start working at a solution - what's best for all.

And for instance I would suggest: when you work out your pricing for products or services - that you work out the space-time labor factor and who needs to be fed by it - before you even put the profit on - your profit is an extra - your actual costing is what makes something work or not.

You'll be surprised if one would for instance dare to explore the point in your shops to expose the actual production cost, the actual labor cost - who's been fed and so on - within a price and one expose it openly who gets what for the item you're buying - people will be more likely to buy stuff, because they know that they are supporting somebody else.

But at the moment you see a price on the shelf - you have no idea what went into it. And you're not even aware that you are in many cases supporting abuse and starvation because some of the beings that are part of that, did not get a proper income to make Equal Living. One of the proposals would be to change the way one price your structures and to make it available that everybody can see who gets what.

Wednesday 5 March 2014

Day 535: The Physical NOW and Money – Part 2

Continuing from the previous blog, Day 534: The Physical NOW and Money – The Money Religion – Part 1:
”Now you are ‘loving your neighbor as yourself - you have satisfied all the basic spiritual laws and rules in existence. Just with money and changing the rules how Money is used or directed or understood within our Social Structure and our Economic Structure and your Basic Society.
Without one
substance, we can take something that is not real based on laws and so on –which is Money - and we make it real that is has a Real Physical Effect: Best for Everyone. “


Darryl: So how do we transform Self Interest into compassion for Everyone – I mean it’s… right now it’s like typical programming function.

Bernard: Unfortunately we have to focus on the point of explaining this over and over and over again -and focus on the Common Sense and Focus on Assisting beings to realize one thing that: If you deny this point, you’re in essence participating in the harming of other being simply in the name of the way you want to keep control over your money – instead of allowing everyone to have Equal Money - so in essence you become a murderer of the starving. So that in essence should be actually a ‘criminal offense’ – allowing starvation on the planet - which means that every single being on existence now, should be sent to the gallows for what they’ve allowed – isn’t the word ‘gallows’ allowed as well but just with a G? – I mean you’re the God that allowed it with the G - the ‘G-force’, the ‘G spot’ – you’re the G spot, I mean you’re the spot that decided all, you’re the One – not god, not religion, nothing else, you are, you are – you are the ‘G-spot’ – you’re the one that should put in the gallows for what you allow in letting people starve, just because of the way you have placed money within certain rules – and nobody questions this – that is what confirms Pre-programming – The fact that nobody questions this –

Everyone participating as an Activist, an Anarchist or as in a Non-Governmental Organization that the poor apparently alleviate poverty – they are all deceivers – why? They are not considering what a Real Practical Solution is that will Support All Beings in Existence

There are these claims that your Economic System and your Money System apparently are ‘alive’ and you can’t really measure what is going to do and it is like an ‘Energy Force’ – it is not, it is the Energy Force that you’re experiencing is the fear and the greed and the survival needs of people as they deceive each other so that they can have more money – and I mean within that, all your crimes that are money-driven, greed-driven and so on, multitudes of that is all based in the Basic Principle of Need – which is satisfied with Money.

So within this whole context -the whole context of what we’ve allowed in Existence to have a Mental Projected Physical manifestation that we’ve guided by rules to control our Physical Reality, our Physical Experience – I mean that is absolute stupidity.

If we want a better world, we need to first look at what is Actual Physical Reality – what is the Basic Needs of Every One, what is Best for All – that’s really our Oneness.

Are we directing this Oneness within Love? That’s really Love – we cannot go and profess some ‘Higher Experience’ if we can’t even Direct our Basic Physical Reality – that’s the dishonesty of those professing ‘Love’ as a Solution – that is not a Solution unless you have a Physical Actual Solution that Assists those that are Physically suffering in this Reality

Darryl: Yeah so the question is: how can you love someone you’ve wronged? You know?

Bernard: And you’re continuing to ‘wrong’ them, because you’re continuously focusing on those things that will harm those that don’t have- that don’t have the opportunity to have – you will continuously be stuck with the point.

For instance if you take the “Law of Attraction”, you’re “attracting” the “best for All” – but I mean your attraction does not happen automatically, it requires Action. Now what about those that are not in a position to actually apply this Action? – they are the ones that you are disregarding, that you’re harming so you can benefit – you’re not considering their disadvantage.

Darryl: And not only that justify their suffering as "their choice."
Bernard: Yeah I mean absolutely - but nevermind the Polarity that you actually activate when you participate in – let’s just forget about that.

I mean “I stand for Love - I stand for Oneness – I say in the ‘Now’ is the answer!”- but the Now is represented by the Physical Reality - not by your Mental Reality – your Mental Reality is only your now – it is not the now of everyone –the now of everyone is the Physical reality as it exists now –that’s the point that requires direction – that is the point where the true Image and Likeness of every human being is reflected in what is being allowed – that is our Enlightenment , that is the point in the point we will face in the Physical Now-

Who of these” great lovers of life” will stand in the Physical Now? I’d say not one, not one will be able to stand through the Physical Now and say the same thing –there is not one being in Existence. That will not change for Eternity due to the Physical Now. What created the demons in Existence –was the Physical Now - the experiences they had in the Physical caused them to become demons because there was no support in the Physical . Now they’re called ‘mentally weak’ – no. What is it?

The bottom line is: they got to a point which exists in every single being in existence that got to a point where they just could take no more – now imagine us all being driven to that point of ‘taking no more’ just to make a decision what’s best for all in the Physical now –then we’ll have Oneness – not Equality yet –
So I suggest stopping all this deception based on a Mental Projected Oneness, a Mental Projected Now, a Mental Projected Love that does not considering or that do actually look at the points that is relevant to the Physical Now as it is playing out right now

If we have that point sorted out – we will have ‘Heaven on Earth’ - with practical purposes – then we can worry about the mental condition of each one.

But have a look at the tension, the fear, the anxieties, the discontent, the depressions – how many things will be removed if the Physical Now is effectively supported from the perspective ‘love thy neighbor as thyself’ in a Physical reality and have a look: Neighbors don’t love each other –

What is more interesting is maybe the laws should’ve said – ‘Love your brother and your sister and your family as yourself’- that doesn’t exist, that’s where the greatest conflict exist –why? Because everybody knows each other and according to that, they judge each other - and now they hold each other for eternity in that judgment because you did one thing that they regarded as ‘unacceptable’ you must be held ‘accountable’ for eternity – which is why we say Self Forgiveness is going to be necessary from the perspective that one is actually be willing to judge and keep within ‘containment’ or within a Mental Prison those around you just based on some events - instead of looking at the Principle of the Physical Reality and what is required to sort out this point- which is simply Self Honesty, Self Forgiveness and then a Practical Common Sense Solution on how to Direct the Physical Now where it is Best for Everyone and Everyone’s Needs out of it, actually.

Makes Sense?

Darryl: Oh yeah