Saturday 31 October 2015

Day 567: Authority and Consequence – Part 1

Okay – So: (following a question on ‘Timeline-Pattern’)
Timeline-Pattern, meaning that I have accepted and allowed myself as this Pattern – my Physical Body has accepted this Pattern as ‘normal’ – is re-creating this Pattern ‘in ‘Anticipation’ ‘as my request’.”

Patterns are layered and they work by Permissions. These Permissions get Embodied as Resonances – and when your Resonance is a “Primary-Permission” – that means: You Have both confirmed-it as a ‘Permission’ before this life, and in this life.

Simply trying to Stop-it from the perspective of disengaging it = will not work. Because your ‘Permission’ is Resonantly superior. It carries more authority than just you, as the Mind, attempting to disengage the Pattern.

The Pattern is Permitted by you, as the totality of you. And, accordingly - when you are Doing...adjustment’ within yourself, and you’re not speaking as the total Authority as Yourself’ = it will not disengage.
Does that make sense?

Which is how Resonances work. A Resonance is operational at the level of, and according to, the Authority that is involved in the point of Creation.

So – if you have, over a multiple lives, given ‘Permission’ for a particular Pattern of Authority = the ‘Resonant-Self’’, the Substance that is Self, will accept that, that Pattern of Permission is Authority - and it will accordingly give that – the Overriding-Factor – no-matter how much you try and change it.

Unless you stand in Equal Authority - to how you created it in the first place.

So, the point of ‘Equality’ or ‘Equal Authority’ must be understood when you are working with your Resonant Self, and the patterns that are Here, being currently expressed. Because the pattern of ‘Who you Are’ as “your name” – and Who you are Existing as = are all of your Patterns, for all-time that are currently in one physical body. Then, stretch that out over multiple lives, multiple bodies – under a Primary Authority = which is Yourself.

And that Authority overrides EVERYTHING.
Unless you get to an Equal point to both Mind, Physical and Resonance as Authority – Directively – the point won’t change. It will just cycle into another lever, another timeline, another time-cycle.
Which is also okay, because then you disengage it time after time, after time, after time – until you’ve got all of its layers.

But in that, you have to understand that you must regain, you must reconstitute your Authority: you, Equal and One – Here – as Life as Authority. You have abdicated that Authority, that Authority is the point that is the problem.
Does that make sense?

So when you say: “The Pattern is a Timeline-Pattern.”, It is not only a Timeline-Pattern. It plays out within a Timeline as a Pattern. And yes, you have accepted and allowed yourself as this Pattern. And your Physical Body has accepted this.

But that is not all. You as Substance have accepted this. I mean, you as Substance as the Living Self has accepted this Authority as this Pattern – as you. That is what you have to change: the Substantial Self, the ‘Eternal Self’.

Does That make sense?

So, it is not ‘re-creating this Pattern in anticipation as my request’ – it is ‘Re-creating it as you’. (Referring to a sentence in a document).

It is not an ‘anticipation’. It’s the Actuality of You that is Here. This ‘Who you Are’. That’s why you can’t change yourself.

That’s why you are ‘working’ now with changing yourself; but have a look at what overrides? YOU override what you are busy changing, all the time!

Therefore, the condition remains the same. You disengage and disengage: but the next morning = it’s the same. Because the ‘You’ that is attempting to change, is not Equal to the Authority that established the Pattern in the first place.

Does that make sense? Are you getting my drift?

So therefore, you have to consider ‘Establishing your Authority’ first. Do you really actually kow what is best for you? Or do you need the experience to generate sufficient Authority to say ‘till here no further!’?

Because, if you cannot say “till here no Further, I stop!” – and stop in One Breath, immediately = you still don’t have Authority.

And therefore, your Forgiveness will only be temporary, and you will have to re-do it over and over and over gain: until you have generated Authority.

Okay – make Sense?

To be continued....