Wednesday 24 April 2019

Day 574: Using Shame as Motivation

I found a nice way to use shame to motivate and push me into action in every moment-- I see a moment as all that occurs in my world with all the players/participants in the moment-- then I look at where I react or experience discomfort or withdrawal or my eyes move(see NLP) - I look at all participants and where they are coming from in their participation in the moment-- this I do on the in-breath and in the space before the outbreath-- study the moment-- on the outbreath-- I participate with all that I became aware of in the moment-- I have found that whatever we are aware of in a moment, is relevant to self expression and solving the problem-- then I take part-- mostly causing havoc in a beings life as I speak straight as I do not want to stand in shame before this being one day and say that I was aware of what they doing, but didn't see it as my place to participate-- Equal and one as me means I am responsible for what I am aware of in my participation-- Because--my awareness is my Inner work and my inner world and so I correct my world-- this is the practical perspective as living on the Spalding story--see also kid mongo statement--how do we practically fix the world

with yourself

what is yourself

What you become aware of in every moment

how long will this take

as long as we take to stop being embarrassed or ashamed for our limited participation in the moment--or as long as it takes us to see that when we separate ourselves from our own awareness inside --we become less-- thus-- every-one around us--or on Tv--or at work--are part of our inner reality

look--we see much--but we are not honest-- we walk away and say it is not our responsibility-- it is their process-- not true-

My process and your process is our inner awareness- and our inner awareness is according to What we understand in the MOMENT--thus we are the expert in the moment-- I suggest though-- first check if your awareness is awareness and not conscious enslavement--

that is why forgiveness assist-- to clear consciousness in the moment for awareness and honesty and inner corrective participation to take place-- so

This is fascinating

Look-- each one of us will change the world through changing ourselves by taking part fully without shame in the awareness we have in our inside and reflect that outside as our outer experience and make another aware of this inner-outer awareness that we must be honest with -- in doing this--our inner conflict reflects outer for a moment- the person in our moment may react with conflict-- but soosn the person becomes aware that what they thought was secret inside them is really actually visible and embarrassingly trivial and start to change themselves and observing their moments and understanding how they were helped and soon

All understanding this?

Please ask questions on this-- this is the key to inner peace and outer expression that brings freedom to all life

Thursday 15 June 2017

Day 573: Practical Living Explained

Practically Creating The World as Acceptable to ALL

This is the tested living model where each one will be able to participate as equal and one and experience their participation in bringing forth a new world.

How I apply practical forgiveness in every moment, is in my application of inner awareness in the moment before I act in outer awareness-- so in my world I am known as the destroyer-- because--once I am certain I am honest with me and what I am aware of my accepted expression and I have corrected me in my self expression, I will reveal the point in the other that requires correction to the point where their world will destruct-- normally they are angry --but inevitably they return in forgiveness and understanding --this is how we enlighten the world through revelation of inner awareness as the outer expression of what we are aware of in every moment.

Have a look at how we have created our world - the outer me reflecting the inner me (from which we have hidden, which we have denied through shame of what we have accepted and allowed to manifest in this world as us and thus the reason why we have not actually stood up and have taken responsibility for ourselves: Shame of all that we are actually responsible for, which is the inner me that manifests the outer me as this world within which we experience ourselves) - thus in applying forgiveness in every moment, before acting or speaking, making sure I stand as self awareness as me and correct what is necessary within (which is that which had been the cause through acceptance and allowance by me to manifest what exist within me and my world that is not of who I really am) - our expression both within and as me and without and as the world will change - because it is me and I am responsible for me, both within and without! Only when honesty with me is proven as me, that I am honest with me in every moment as self expression of inner awareness: Am I able to directly 'point out' that which exist within others which is not of who they are within and without - I then have the ability to see this within others as me, because I am aware of them as me, I see directly because I see directly as me through self awareness as me as who I am. I live who I am through and as honesty and inner awareness/self awareness and thus I know who others are as me and I will not accept and allow anything less than who they are as me. Because I know how and what their current image and likeness is accepting and allowing within themselves and this world, which is not who they are and thus the world will reflect that which is not who they are - I am responsible for them as me, in every moment I see that I or those around me are accepting and allowing within, reflected in this world, that which is not of who we are. Thus--I take responsibility for the moments in my world I participate in without compromise or justification or making it better than what it really is. I thus trust only my honesty with myself as self corrected and make sure I am self corrected through the actual forgiveness and correction--If I did not do the forgiveness, I will fall - If I did do the forgiveness I will understand that the being did not change immediately, but went through a process of realization as self that in a way excluded me, yet is me as the being is me. My input thus is the catalyst and the Structural Resonance as I am Presence will direct to the point of AHA--I see what I do--This cycle take from days to 2 years per event--so be patient--yet assertive and firm in your standing--Trusting self forgiveness and corrective application in your own world experience--inner to reflect outer. You will not immediately experience a change in your world through forgiveness--only a relieve--a moment of peace -- then more conflict as you start to face yourself.

Many will react in many ways as I stand and not accept and allow anything less than who they are as me - through fear of facing self through self honesty because this will mean that the shame of self will have to be faced of that which have been accepted and allowed within and as self to manifest in this world as self and that we've never actually stood up within and as self awareness and self honesty in every moment and take responsibility for that which we have accepted and allowed within self and this world as self but instead cowered away in shame: This is but the process to realising honesty with self, which is self honesty through self awareness: Self aware of self, self honesty with self, self responsibility with self - the one and only relationship/agreement that exist within existence as me.

This world as it exist, us how we exist - the inner expression and outer expression have been created through many moments for eons of time. Thus self awareness is required in every moment to no longer continue with the moments of expression we have accepted and allowed that is not of who we are, with forgiveness we correct such moments within ourselves, with self honesty we correct such moments within ourselves, before we express - then we express through and as self awareness.

So= Strange--Forgiveness in full circle

So Step by Step

1. I see life as a moment-- a moment is not time , but the point that change my experience in a moment to the point that the moment change again-- Between this beginning and end of the moment-- I look at my inner reactions and movements-- I may have only one breath like in a conversation or many when I am more observer--

A moment not equated to time. I'd describe a moment as follows: Sitting alone within the living room and someone walks in, would be the beginning of the moment. The end of this particular moment would be when either one of you stands up and walks out. Within and during the moment the application of breathing becomes the expression of you as follows: The in breath and out breath and the infinite moment in between the in breath and the out breath. Within the in breath I observe my inner awareness, during the moment in between the in breath and out breath exist an infinite moment, and within the out breath I express my inner awareness as outer expression: This moment, from the in breath, to the infinite moment in between, to the out breath - occurs with every breath from the beginning to the end of the entire moment as my inner awareness is expressed as me within my outer expression as one. The beginning and the end as one moment with the in breath, the infinite moment in between the in breath and the out breath and then the out breath. And so you continue throughout the moment into the next moment, the next moment when you're alone once again within the living room is the following moment after the moment you experienced with the being in the living room with you.

The breath application within and as the moment work as follows: Four (4) counts in breath, four (4) counts infinite moment in between the in breath and the out breath and then four (4) counts out breath...and so you continue.

2. In the in breath I observe me inner self-- honest to the utmost-- I found that if I am not honest--I will be ashamed Later-- In the moment before the in breath and the out breath-- "Time" stand still and in that infinite moment (I practiced this infinite moment in-between breath by challenging myself to see the essence of the common sense that is best for all in the moment. That means: I look at the practical way each participant in the moment's life will continue if I don't interfere and whether I would be grateful at the end of time that someone had the courage to challenge my ego and belief systems when I was lost. And then I express myself as the challenge and interference in the beings life, taking responsibility upon myself to direct the moment to the benefit of the greatest self expression inevitably.) -- the outcomes of my participation is measured to obtain maximum impact no matter what--obviously only as words-- this same application was applied in the directive principles that changed the dimensions in one moment--This is the point f access that cannot be thought out or come from knowledge and access will only come through much effective honest self reflection and proven application within the infinite moment in between breaths--no more access will be gained than what is proven to be understood as life in the infinite moment with full awareness and understanding. Thus , here no-one give access and it cannot be forced or prayed or meditated upon--it is gained through proven effective self expression and participation in the current allowed reality focusing on stopping what is here to allow that which is life within to step forth to be directed by self as proof as Creator, Created and Creation and the responsibility that goes with this--This is the dominion of Man and why Earth is the “secret” of existence and why all creative Will is directed from earth in existence and why all creation became trapped around earth due to the abuse of self expression. This had to happen to understand oneness and equality and bring forth a model where all will walk as one--either on earth or after death--so--no-one will hold any captive with fear or with knowledge - death is the equalizer where self refuse to go in self forgiveness and correction for all as one.

So from the in breath I observe me, inner self, and in the moment before the in breath and out breath within the infinite moment I observe all participants as me included. And within the observation I see direct where it is necessary to act or speak to direct those as me to self realisation/ self honesty in revealing points that is not of who they are, and within the out breath I express me, inner self, inner awareness of all that surrounds me and I act and speak appropriately where necessary: The expression of me not accepting or allowing anything less that who the participants are as me.
Observe: In the breath alone, you are trapped in consciousness, as the breath alone you are trapped in consciousness. It is in the moment in between the in breath and the out breath that you are free, it is in the infinite moment in between the in breath and the out breath that you are free. That freedom expands and expounds as we become more specific in our understanding to let go of what we have allowed to be the Illusion we call creation--yet as a training model--the illusion is great and effective -- So--doesn't help to fight or scream or manipulate--this is done --This is the last life for each on earth as consciousness--sadly for those refusing to apply forgiveness--all that will happen is that you will be last to realize your responsibility to yourself as all as one as equal--so--we will be equal to our application

3. Obviously if I found a movement or emotion or feeling of reaction like anger in me because of the other beings participation-- I apply forgiveness and do the correction in myself into infinity in the infinite moment between the in breath and the out breath

Self first: This is important. It is first to correct self awareness, inner awareness of self through applying necessary self forgiveness before directly speaking or assisting those that participate in a particular moment in effectively and appropriately directing them as you by not accepting and allowing anything less that who they are as you.
It starts with self: In moments of not accepting and allowing anything less than who I am through breathing application and expression, making sure I stand clear within self honesty and self awareness and self responsibility through breathing application and expression, I won't accept or allow anything less from who those are around me as me.
Honesty with self first, self responsibility first, before honesty with self within others as self is 'pointed out' and revealed in realising self responsibility towards others who are participating in a particular moment. I always assist the being I am opening to self revelation by doing forgiveness allowed with them--very effective with children--example--say to the person or child--repeat after me allowed--I forgive myself that I have not allowed myself to see that the inner conflict in me is the inner conflict in all other beings on earth as well. I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to belief that my conflicts are unique and that I am alone. I understand that I am alone in my inner honesty, because I must prove me to life to be birthed as life from systems--etc--this requires practice and to ask questions will assist.

I imagine the fear--we all have to give up consciousness and what we believed was important--so we all will understand our fears and the fears of others--thus--important to not use the fear of your own giving up by saying it cannot work, because others will not believe--then you trap yourself-- Focus on self first and test this out--or you may stand after death having to face the truth about your essence of fear not yet transcended--not a recommended option and there is no judgment on what method you apply--now or after death--either way you only face yourself and in that you and each are alone

Self first - First making absolutely sure within the in breath, the infinite moment in between the in breath and the out breath and the out breath that I am absolutely completely clear from all that I am not within a particular moment. Inner awareness, self honesty and self responsibility must stand as me as who I am to be able to 'point out' and reveal within those that participate within a particular moment that which they are not. Thus I must make sure I stand absolutely clear within me as me of all that I am not, not accepting anything less than who I am, to be able to do the same within those that participate within a particular moment.

4. Obviously-- I have through practicing this multiple times focused on my correction with forgiveness-- established a level of trust in my corrective action and thus trust that I act as all as one as equal in the moment--In other words--because of my own honesty with self in understanding self correction and oneness in expression and equality in responsibility-- I trust me to do what is necessary to assist in revelation and practical example-- I cannot save another or fix another--I can only reveal self-deception and only once I have proved that I have corrected self-deception in me. This is proved through dimensional access--no honesty--no direct access--no proof that all as one is who you are--no access--just mind jobs and pictures--just snippets of uncertainty--yet where honesty has been infinitely proven--full access--hearing and seeing just like you and me in 3d--conversations -like dimensions and earth is one will become your reality experience--this is the guide for each on earth--all will see dimensions and communicate dimensions equally - as we do in 3d--the key--self correction and self realization and with effective application--quite possible for anyone any where

Here remember--access is according to the extend of self expression--no- one gain more than what is taken responsibility for as all as one--so no-one can actually harm another--only systems harm systems and death is only the death of systems.

5. Correction of self deception means to find a solution onto infinity in every moment-- That seems odd, but look-- The I am only exist in the moment and not in the mind or thinking-- so The I am of me will show me what to do in the moment if I have proved my honesty to me and proved that I will act in the interest of ultimate oneness and equality -- NO MATTER WHAT

6. This means that the answer cannot be planned or prepared--I must be prepared thus aware and in that awareness -- self-directed-- thus I must trust me that I will not abuse my awareness to get my way or my will, but will do the GREATER will-- This is where power is--if one can call this power-- Power is greatly misunderstood

Within the expression of self through the out breath - the outer expression of self is unpredictable - self expression is unpredictable as it's not equated to memory, as it's not equated to thought, emotions and feelings as a reactive behaviour. Outer self expression as one with inner awareness as self - is unpredictable and it is within and as unpredictability where self trust exist. Yet this unpredictable self expression is where the words spoken together with actions necessary to be taken in the moment is one - and is done within and as equality and oneness for what is best for all as one as equal. Thus, in unpredictable self expression, trust exist from the principle that I will speak and do in this moment what is best for all as one as equal - as each human being represents existence as all as one as equal.

7. Now in the in breath I assessed myself and what I became aware of-- in the point in-between I tested me into infinity--In the out breath I participate in trust and let the words flow-- no thinking-- this is then the I am that speaks--we are all this I am , but this I am never speaks-- the mind speaks-- this is the calamity of Man.

It is here within and as unpredictable self expression, as the outer expression of inner awareness as self with the out breath - that the I am speaks and expresses as all as one as equal - appropriately, what is best for all as one as equal. Here the I am speak in sound as sound and your words become infinite expansive sound where you see all the various ways your words will flow through existence--this is truly amazing--but impossible for systems or the mind to experience

How do we know it is the I am speaking--the mind is silence--as long as the mind thinks or pictures of something greater exist--the I am will not speak--see the 10 Commitments in Baird Spaldings books - a few adjustments necessary--but the Amalgamation expressed there happens only through honesty and self forgiveness as an inner process that each must do individually and that no-one will be able to do for another--those that wait for another -will experience the fate of the one they wait for--to show that -our example of discipline with self honesty and self forgiveness no matter what the challenge--will manifest--this is certain

See how humanity is being forced to speak out with world events having little or no effect-- because they have not yet done this process of self-awareness at an inner level of practicality-- thus-- great calamity must now manifest--not necessary if we get our asses in gear with revelation in the moment and forgiveness and self correction

The process of self revelation as movement of self, instead of the culminating of effects within the world which we caused through no self awareness, no self responsibility and no self honesty - reaching calamity which will only then cause self revelation and self movement for us.

I have been living like this for years, but to place it in practical words took a while.

Look in this model of practical living -- no God is required, no Master is required , no ascension to send your ass to some better place--the best place is self, here- as Self Mastery. No religion is required but honesty with self. No wisdom is required but awareness in the moment. No honey words is required because you are the bee that collect the pollen in awareness in the moment as the moment flower - knowing that honey will be produced from it. This is the food of life.

Practical breathing thus is--constand--practise
4 counts in 4 counts infinite 4 counts out - repeat

No-one will come to prove you but yourself--this is certain and only self will proof self to self--this is equality and oneness in practical expression


Tuesday 23 February 2016

Day 572: The Road ahead

(July 2007)

We are in a curious position--Imagine we have the knowledge of what is best, but not the knowhow--even interdimensionally--we have traced all of existence all of time, past - present - future--Imagine--through the portal there is no restriction--being able to communicate with anything--any form--sometimes blow the lid off any perception or idea of why we are here or who we are.

So, Perceptually we are infinite--not really--only our essence--the same as a rock--is infinite--our consciousness and self-awareness is not infinite and actually quite finite.. In exploring this point, yes we are all here and everywhere is here--the Joel Goldsmith - Infinite way--very cool in actual living and application of self--but I found Joel just as stuck and lost as anyone else--none of anything we have thus far applied, is indicating any answer that will assist us--I must say, sometimes I drive the dimensions up the wall with questions of all sorts--

At the moment, what is certain is that the way must be prepared for the children to create life as an experience that will support all life as equal and one--we have throughout the Universe a lack in experience of the practical how-to of equality and oneness and any stable model can only be tested in physical form in 3d--not many candidates available to really test this out and although the structural resonances as sound is supporting, we are in for a journey.

One of the fascinating problems yet to be resolved, is that not any being even currently is at death able to remain here and recall all their life as experience integrated as self--most is just knowledge and knowledge is forgotten and is perceptually judgmental as it is subject to a point of view in consciousness--we are researching this and the beings at crossover that is most effective, is children--now imagine that beings like Jack has been at this process for thousands of years--there is more like him, but not many--due to the nature of what we allowed, we placed our understanding of the solution into a process that reveals in every moment once we understand--so sometimes, we get stuck or some-one else must reveal.

At the moment I am kind of sharing my process of questioning and equating as direction is once again uncertain--what is certain is who we will become and what we know we are intellectually and knowledge wise--yet we are not what we really are as fact here and that is apparent in our expressive abilities not being absolute--there is no denying that we are no more than what we express in relationship and understanding with all that is as a real here experience--Practically it may be equated to our sphere of influence and this is a touchy issue--we are no more than our sphere of directive influence at any given moment--

So, say we direct the universe as self as all as one and speak ourselves as the living word as manifested and it is done visibly here, then that is who we are--Fascinating within this is that it is impossible to harm anything as all form currently is consciousness and thus not real and thus the true being/essence cannot be harmed--this makes for some interesting experiences ahead--will we realize the nature of consciousness and how we have painted pretty pictures and will we be willing to do what must be done to stop consciousness for all as one as self no matter what or will we hide behind the idea of choice as if consciousness will ever choose to annihilate itself--will we realize that all that has ever been has been consciousness--thus the way forward is beyond any knowledge or perception we have or can conceive--

Sometimes in the last 2 years the experience was disheartening--once I found a woman in one of the dimensions we were cleaning--she was very old--meaning, she has gone for a long time and applied herself--she said to me that there is no answer--she has tried everything--we are infinitely stuck in this cycles of forgetfull ness always getting to the same point. She had no name, she lost all of everything, but she still existed--she was still here--she could not not exist--she refused to participate in finding a way out of our dilemma as life stuck in our perception and mind in form--we discussed this at length--the portal is set up that we must find a way or the being is stuck--so for a while I was stuck having to communicate with this being--she could not leave the portal

Now in the portal is quantum time, quantum knowledge, quantum experience--anything you can conceive--and we were stuck--not the first time, but this time, this lady has really tried everything known throughout eternity, and we had no answer--we moved beyond that point on one point--we realized that we have to trust each other in that we have a common goal and that we understand our common problem and so we moved on.

Our common goal is freedom within equality and oneness--thus coexistence that support each other as we are always here--our common problem is that throughout billions of years we have been unable to find the solution--what We have come to realize is that the answer is in 3d--not dimensions--we must be able to bring forth equality and oneness as a practical living model where all at the same time agree and live as equal and one to in any way get out of our rut--that is easier said than done and that is where we are in searching for a reason for all to listen and understand that we are stuck--infinitely

That death is not a way to some higher life--we stuck in the dimensions as well--in fact infinitely so--not the coolest place to be and many refused to believe it possible--the fact of it is in the way we exist on earth--as in heaven so on earth--now heaven is in place, though still in process as there is beings dying every day and as heaven is understanding oneness and equality, that must be born on earth--though as life from the physical--that means--heaven currently are only able to assist with words, insights, grace etc--the human will have to face this which is heaven as we all come from the dimensions--we are thus only at the beginning of a journey--we must find practical ways to support this for all--most won't make it--children younger than 5 with effective support will--Veno's structural resonance story will help

Fascinating--currently working on biodiversifying the Dna strings to play different sounds to assist with hollographic changes--this is done through creating viruses as self and then assisting with the virus as self in slowly bringing selfrealization--this is another interesting story--who are we, what are we, what are we capable of--what is speakable and what is unspeakable

We focus on developing independant abilities to assist in independant crossreference--Once a being are able to directly communicate with the dimensions, they cannot return to old ways--this is scary, as you truely lose all you have ever conceived--few are able to make this choice

Understand that all spiritual experience up to now was a controlled dimensional insert--the annunaki was really good at controlling all existence--virtually nothing can be trusted when perceived through the mind--to give the mind a reality experience is easy, but enslaving and will hollographically manifest as "real"--so--we are in for a journey

Much to discuss and writing all of it will take volumes--we are at it and it will take years--we are currently equal to the world we have allowed, even if we cut ourselves from it to have a perceptual experience of peace--we are no more than the worst we allow--that is our starting point

Our greatness is the same point--our worst as manifested on earth--that was the way we found heaven--exactly the same as earth--with their own marketing and public relations division called angels, ascended masters, gods, goddesses, feel good messages, plugged into the soulconstruct and the emotional generators of humanity--like a form of politics, sucking essence from each to have power in one point--fascinating that is so, power will be always in one point till it is given up as equal as one--some find that difficult to give up perceptual power.