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Day 342: The Internet is the Global Mind (Part 1)

We are now looking at ‘the Oneness of Mankind’ and as Globalization takes place, the Internet developed as the Global Mind of the Body of Humanity. Within and as the Internet, you can See What you See in the Human Mind. For example, what plays a ‘Big Role’ in the Human Mind is Sex/Porn, so you’ll see a Vast part of the Internet is the Exploitation of Each other through Sexual Abuse. Porn, in essence, is Sexual Abuse as it Only Exist because people Make Money out of it, the others are So Desperate that they have No other way of making money and some are purely just Greedy and want to Make a lot of Money.
You will also see that Discourse on the Internet Proves a fascinating thing: Those that claim to be Intellectuals, those that have ‘Pieces of Paper’ saying they have ‘Academic Degrees’ - are simply just as Nasty and Intolerant as the average human being is in their mind. There is No Difference to the Content of the Mind, no matter what your Education – so, Integrity and Standing in Reality is Not Determined by a ‘Piece of Paper.’

Those that have got ‘Pieces of Paper’ now, are Basing their Knowledge on people who invented the ideas (/knowledge and information) that Didn’t have ‘Pieces of Paper’ when this all started. So, the ‘Piece of Paper’ in itself has No Foundation in anything and it is Producing only a world that in No Way is What is Best for All. So, Never allow yourself to be Intimidated by a ‘Piece of Paper’. It is certainly not Peace of Mind, because ‘Peace of Mind’ would mean that: You can Co-Exist with your Fellow Human Being and Other Life Forms on Earth Without Causing anyone Harm - by Producing a System that’s Best for All. Those with ‘Pieces of Paper’ cannot do so, because they have specifically been Educated with Filters to Create the Current Global Society where the 1% Controls everything and the 99% are Slaves. To Ensure that the Slavery continues, it is of great Importance to them that the Internet becomes a place of ‘Ugly/ Vile Human Thought,’ because as long as the Human Thinks: the Human is Lost and In Complete Control of Whomsoever has the ability to Drive their Paranoia. This has been Demonstrated. We have Demonstrated to the group, very Effectively, the extent of the Problem that is Faced in the Global Mind. The tools for dealing with this Global Mind is very simplistic: you Insert the Correction, you Engage and then you Disengage - and you Let the Virus Eat Away at the Madness of the Mind and Those that believe that they apparently have ‘Some Value’ within their so-called ‘Energetic Body.’ (For reference/context of this process/demonstration by the group – we suggest reading DAY 328DAY 332)

The Attempt that will be Made through the Global Mind is (and to some extent they’ve been trying that already), to Create ‘The Soul of the Human’ as a form of ‘Freedom,’ ‘Freedom of Speech’ - Pretending that, somehow, by having ‘Absolute Freedom,’ just like ‘Absolute Free Markets’: it’s all just going to Magically ‘Come Together and Get Better’, ‘Take care of Everyone’ and it will trickle down to everyone… You can have a Look and if you Study this, you will Notice that is, In Fact, Not what is Happening.
In Fact, the Desperation of the World Economic System has now made All Social Media ‘gathering places,’ where everyone is desperately trying to Invent the ‘Next big thing’ to Make a Living. Instead of creating a System that just Solves all of this like the Equal Money System, everybody is trying to ‘Make a Life’ on the Internet. Now, let me tell you: It’s Not going to Work! You are Not going to make Money on the Internet. Have a look at the next stage of this Globalization and the Mind that Moves into particular Control. Remember the Problem of the Human, which is: Convenience, “Please Don’t Inconvenience me”. Therefore, the Human will follow the Corporation, because they have the Structure and Design to Make Sure that you Get What You Want without any Inconvenience. Anything else where you have to Support another Human so that They Also can ‘make a living’, will mean you have to ‘Inconvenience Yourself’ and you are Sure as Hell Not going to Do That…

Not to Worry, the Global Poverty is going to rise, and rise, and rise…strange enough, at this stage, you’re still going to say: “That’s OK, because I have a Hope, I can find another way, I am an Entrepreneur, I will use the Entrepreneurial Spirit!” Now your ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ is going to be based on your Savings and you’re going to Dump all your savings into your ‘Business Ventures’…a Few will make it, but Most Won’t. The Many that Won’t make it will Not Say a Word, because you will be Too Embarrassed, you’ll be ‘Out of Pocket’, you’ll be ‘Too Poor’ to Speak up and you’ll feel like a Failure and a Loser, you’ll Give up Hope, you’ll be Hopeless - not realizing you were Without Hope from the beginning. You’ll feel Powerless, because you’ll realize ‘You Have No Way Out’…
Yes, You Have a Way out! You have to Change. When you have only Change left in your pockets = that is the only time you’re going to start considering Change…that is So Sad.

In the Meantime, the World is going to continue. One will be able to Survive by doing Manual Labor, which was the Intent of Globalization anyway: to Create as Many Slaves as Possible, to Make Sure that Those with Money are Not Inconvenienced, because ‘they are Superior’, they made it Possible for Everything in the World to be ‘Cheap’ and Available for Everyone ‘If You have Money.’ So, if You don’t Have Money, you have to Work, because the ‘Good Book’ says: “By the sweat of your brow, you’ll earn your keep/living.”
Unfortunately, until you Realize that You Do have the Power Politically, Constitutionally and Legally - in fact, under the very Constitution of Creation, You Were Given Life Equal. Unless you Honor Life Equality, also in everyone else, obviously: You will Not be Honored as Life Equal and therefore, you Hold the Key to a Solution on Earth.

The Internet is the Global Mind (Part 2) to continue in the Next Post

Saturday, 30 March 2013

Day 341: “I am an Entrepreneur”

“I am an Entrepreneur”, this is what a chap said to me in the car park, ‘hassling’ with some New ‘Magic Anti-Dust Wax’ for cars. So, I asked him: “What is an Entrepreneur?” He said to me: “It’s someone that does not Work, they get others to do the Work”. So, I asked him: “Does that not sound like a ‘Slave Master’?” He said: “Yes, I’m a Slave now, but I will Work my way up and Become the Slave Master. You have to Start at the Bottom to work ‘your way up’”

This ‘sorry sod’ is completely Convinced of the Validity of his Reasoning, and Who Taught him that? The Entrepreneur that got him to sell ‘Magic Promises’ in a car park, Paying him next to Nothing, having Hundreds of people doing it all over, while he at the top Makes a Lot of Money. That sounds like a Pyramid, isn’t it? Yes, the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ is where the Hope of your ‘Greedy Future Self’ Overrides your Present Common Sense, and you Believe that: You can Become ‘as Lucky’ and ‘as Successful’ as the Entrepreneur you’re slaving away for, without Any Possibility or certainty that it will In Fact Happen. But, just the Hope is Enough….
It is to come to Common Sense Reason and actually have a System that Do Not Force you into such a form of Dishonesty, which has a Massive Impact in your Integrity. Because, unless you are ‘Dishonest at the Bottom’, when you’re a Slave along with everyone else, you’re not going to be ‘Dishonest at the Top’, isn’t it? Because, at the Top, as the Entrepreneur, your Dishonesty has been veneered and polished so ‘Shiningly-Glorifyingly Beautiful’, that You can’t even Notice How you Lied Yourself to the Top, How you Cheated, How you have In Fact been ‘Just a Slave’ and that you are Still ‘Just a Slave’ – Now you’re a Slave to your own Dishonesty and you have to say: “But, I Am With Integrity, I am Not Dishonest!” But, Conveniently, you have Forgotten that you Started ‘At the Bottom of the Pyramid’ and Now it’s Convenient to tell others that ‘They must Start at the Bottom to Get to the Top’. But, No way will one consider that there could be ‘Another way.’

If you look at, for instance, Equality - you have an Interesting point, because: in Equality you Do Not Have the ‘Pyramid Scheme’ like you have with the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit,’ like you have in Politics, in Education, in Religion, in Capitalism and the Family Structure that is now in the world. They All Function by One Design Only: ‘the Pyramid Scheme’ – the one where Promises and Hopes are Used to Manipulate ‘the Many’ to keep on Serving ‘the Few’. In spite of the History of Humanity Showing that Very Few Ever Get to the Top - the Slaves at the Bottom keep on Praying to this particular Icon, ‘the Pyramid.’ Anyone Providing a Solution that Can Actually Work, suddenly is a ‘Pyramid Scheme’, because: “It’s too good to be true”.
Man! You don’t get it! The System you’re In now is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the ‘Hopes’ you have is Too-Good-To-Be-True , ‘Jesus Died for your Sins’ is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the fact that you’ll have a ‘Better Life (than others) in this world’ is Too-Good-To-Be-True, the Fact that Your Life is Secure in this world is Too-Good-To-Be-True - Everything you live now is Too-Good-To-Be-True and it’s Actually Proven already.

With Equality, The Law that Direct Equality - is an Individual Interaction with Each One, Individually Protecting Each One and with Equal Money - Individually Provide for Each One Sufficiently. With Equality, You Do Not have to Compete to ‘Get to the Top’, which means that: ‘Only the Winner Gets All and the Rest Are Losers’ as it now exists within the Current System. So, Most People are Losers, but Nobody wants to Hear it, because apparently: ‘You’re not a Loser if you have a ‘Positive Attitude’. ‘If You can ‘Think Positively’ then, apparently: ‘you’re Not a Loser’’. But, if You Look at the System, Predictably, as it Exist now: What is Certain? It is 99% Certain that You Will be a Loser, that you will Always be one and that You will Never Get to the 1%.
So, instead of having a ‘100% System’ which is Best For All - you want to Live in a 1% System, where it’s 99% Certain that You will Be and Will Remain a Slave, so will Your Children. ‘The Few’ that Live in Protected little Suburbs with Lots of Money, Big Cars and Beautiful Holiday Packages (and there are Few that Live like that): Those Few are What You Have to Respect and Try and ‘Emulate’…Isn’t there something ‘Mistaken’ with such Reasoning?

Is the ‘Entrepreneurial Spirit’ Really such a ‘Big Thing’? Isn’t the Entrepreneurial Spirit those that come up with Solutions that is Best for All Life?
The Real Entrepreneurs of this World are Those of the Equal Money System, those of Destonian Integrity – that is a Level of Integrity. The word ‘Destonian’ is simply Describing People that Work for a Destiny that is Best for All Life and therefore, They Have the Integrity that Consider All Other Life Equally to their Own Life. Not being called a Destonian would be a Problem isn’t it? Because, a Destonian is a Word to be Proud of, a Destonian is a Person with Integrity, Somebody that Actually Care with Compassion and Empathy, someone that Understand the Living Word of Love, of Decency.

Those that are in All Ways Not Considerate of Other Life as Equal and that Want to Enslave - Will Always Attack Anything that would Provide a Solution and where They Will Lose their Control Over their Slaves. Understand that: Whomsoever has Made the Money in the System, utilizing a Pyramid Scheme, utilizing the Labor of Others - are In fact the Slave Masters that have step down. They are the ones that Will Fight and Try and Protect, they are the Ones that are the Lecturers at Universities, they are the ones that are in the Families that are Protected by Money and Position that is keeping this current Slave-Master / Master-Slave relationship within this current World System in place, without Change. Make Sure you Identify them and Bring them to Reason to consider/see there could be another way, the Equality Way, the Life Way.
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Friday, 29 March 2013

Day 340: What is Authority?

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Authority is the Taking of Responsibility to Produce a Form of Management, Government, Directive Principle and Outcome that is Best for Everyone. Our current Authorities on Earth, the Governments, Scientists, Academics, Corporations, Religions - all are Not Authorities, they are Dictatorships. Dictatorships Use and Abuse Authority in a way where the Advantage of only ‘some’ is Protected and the rest is Denied Access to Equality, Equal Support and Equal Part in Authority.

Someone that, for instance Claim they’re an Authority in something would then, in fact, Produce (like, if it’s a scientist) a Result that is Best for Everyone. If they are just Someone that ‘Dictates Advantage’ (like a Dictator), they will Misrepresent the Research to Benefit only a certain view and only Part of the Population. You’ll for instance see how Authority is Abused on Quora, where ‘Anonymous,’ the Government and Social Internet Trolls, would Use Fear as Authority and then Produce a Mob of Humans that Have no Authority on the subject that they Speak, for instance The Equal Money System – or even on Anything else they speak, they have No Authority. They have No Authority, because their Authority is Tainted with Dictatorship, Exclusion and Producing Only a Result that Suit their particular Self Interest, with No interest whatsoever to Produce a Solution that is Best for All. These people are Not Authorities, they are Dictators - they Dictate through Fear. They Use Fear to make sure that Those who are Foolish enough to ‘fall for it’, would Become Emotionally charged with their Fear and then Speak with the ‘Authority’ of Emotion and feeling. Where they don’t even Understand What created and How this emotion and feeling was created. Then, they will try and Impose Authority through Abuse.
You see: Authority that is not what is Best for All, is Always Abusive. It Always wants to Diminish some and Uplift others. It has no concept or conceptualization of What is Best for All, or of Equality.

What was the Authority of Jesus? He Gave the Guidelines of Authority. Those Guidelines Is, Was and Will be - ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’, ‘Investigate All Things and Keep was is Good’, ‘do Onto Another What you would like to be Done onto’. But, our Society has taken, for instance, the Authority of Creation, of the Creator and made it a Dictator - made Creator ‘God’ something to fear. Instead of Something to Aspire to, instead of the Image and Likeness of Equality, Authority, Creator, Responsibility - the Authority of Dominion, which would indicate the Ability to Find a Way to Coexist as What is Best for All. That is Dominion: Not to ‘Dominate’, but Authority as Dominion, as Life, as what is Best for All. Instead, every part of society is a Dictatorship.
Even the Family functions as a Dictatorship and Not as an Authority. An Authority in Parenting would be to Show the Child ‘What is Best,’ How to Coexist Best without Fear in Peace in Harmony with Everyone else, Without Abusing or Dominating another, Without Enslaving another through Fear. Yet, every single part of our society at this stage Enslave through Fear. Those that then Have the Resources and the Power over ‘Life and Death’, so to speak, with Guns, Medicine, Religion, Government and Education - would use their Dictatorship to Manipulate and to Misdirect the rest. So that there is such a Cognitive Disassociation with What is Best for All, that the individual will only look at what is Self Interest, what is Best for Themselves. They’ll Impose and Claim, that “if they don’t take it first, they’ll get nothing, because then the other one will take it first - and so, it’s best to take It first, because otherwise you’ll lose anyway”.

Authority is That which Life Grants Each One Equally, the Authority as Life.
There is One Authority on Earth now, which Stands Above all, that Dictates, which is Death. Death is the Point where Life is Authorized or Not, and to Get Authorized as Life - you Must, before Death comes: Be the Physical Evidence as the Living Flesh, as the Living Word - that you Understand the Authority as Life, as Equal, as What is Best for All - or You Will Not Pass Death.
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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Day 339: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part 3)

“So, to get out of Fear, you Have to Transcend Fear and Love as its Polarity Existence and Not be Consumed by the Energy that is created in the Friction of your ‘Fear-Love Relationship,’ because that Energy Do Not Create Real Awareness, it creates Consciousness, that Consciousness Do Not Care about Life At All as the World is Evidence of!”

It is Vital, for those that can Find it Within themselves - to Develop a Discipline. A Discipline to Discipline Your Own Mind, to Discipline Your Own Body, to Discipline Who You Are into a Functional Product that is Best for All Life. You are now a Product of Fear; you can just as well be a Product that is Best for All Life.

How can one Understand what Love Would be, if you Cannot In Fact Transcend the Polarity principle of Love and Fear that now exists? How can you Honour Life, if You are In Fear and In Love? You Cannot, because you will use ‘lofty words’, which In Fact are a way of Cognitive Disinformation that you Apply on Yourself and that is Why you Don’t See How it is Used in the ‘Bigger Picture’, because you are Using it within Yourself all the Time. Where you are Claiming, through ‘Beautiful Words’, that Apparently: ‘things are much better than what it is.’ You are your Own Media, your own Television Channel that is Happening in Your Mind through Visualization-Media, Meditation-Media, Feeling-and-Emotion-Media, Thought-Media and having ‘Good Thoughts’ the whole time to blot-out Reality and say ‘It’s not real.’

Remember: What’s Within You is Without You, what is Without You is Within You. That’s how we Change the World and you Do understand this. All those that are in ‘Love and Light’, which is in the opposite polarity of Fear, Claim that they know this…but You Don’t Live it. That’s why I Challenge you, because on the Other-Side of the divide there is Nothing left of you. So, within the principle of “as within = so without” – what becomes of you after death, is what you in fact were within/during your life, which is nothing real, nothing substantial, not ‘life’ and not ‘living’ as there is no ‘life’ that crosses-over, only the remains/remnants of memories of what you were on earth as Consciousness, as Energy. Millions Die Every Day - Not only Human, but from All Parts of this Existence. If you can Really Access the Afterlife, you can in an Instant, Immediately, Communicate with Any being that’s dying - Even in their Process of Dying. Understand: you as a Human Being cannot See this, because you, as a Human Being, is Not the Life Force that’s going to Leave. You are the Consciousness that’s going to Die. Therefore, You Do Not Continue After ‘Life’. You have to first Transcend this Consciousness, Become the Physical Life that Exist here - if you want to Continue Beyond-Death and You are Not Able, because You are Not Real. You are Just Energy, Dependent on the Vehicle that you are in for your very Survival, so when that Vehicle Dies: You Die.

Help is Available, if You are Willing to Take Responsibility. We do Understand that Few at this stage will Take Responsibility and Much is being done to Help you to Eventually overcome some of your Fears, so that you may be Able to walk you own Process. But, as it is in All things: if You Are to Become your Own Creator, you Must become the one Responsible for You. We Cannot ‘Do that’ for you. You Have to Do it. Otherwise, you will Not be Worthy of the Life that you have been Gifted.
We are what Man Should be – you are Not yet. We are Not Special, we are Normal! You are Not Normal, because You Believe ‘you are Special’ - strange isn’t it? While you all Claim we are Claiming some ‘greater things,’ many claiming all the Amazing things we can do - No, what we can do is Normal. The ‘Amazing things’ are, amazingly, those things that Allows Life to be Abused, that Allows Poverty to Exist, that allows One Nation to Take Everything from all the Other Nations while their People Do Not Question it….

Will I Die? Yes, I will Die. But, there is a Difference: I Will Continue. I Already continued. You will Understand it, once you are Equal in Life and you’ll be Amazed that you could have Missed it. But, that is the Power of Fear - especially when you are the Creator of Fear. As long as You are Creating Fear in yourself, you’ll try and Create Fear in others to try and Stop them from Reminding you that ‘There is Something Else, there is Something More’ – you don’t want to Hear this. So, “Shut up!” - you all Scream as you can watch what happened on Quora to our so-called ‘Highly Qualified’ Fraternity of Academics in this World. Forgive me if I have No Respect, because How can you Respect Fear? They are Not Real People. They’re Just the Product of Fear. Therefore, they will use Everything they have, which is only Knowledge (which can be and is Disinformation), they will Use that as if it is ‘real’, claim it to be fact, they all Scream for scientific fact – when they already know Science Actually Knows Nothing. Next time you get sick, go to the Doctor and see if the Doctor can really Diagnose Anything and you’ll notice the Doctor Can’t. We don’t have Science. Not Yet! Yet, when it comes to most important questions they’ll Scream for ‘scientific evidence’, when the Evidence is Clear: it’s This World. It is What you Allow to Exist in Fear. The Science of this World, the End Times Signs is all you need - that is Real Signs, you see ‘Science’ is Reading Signs. But, the Fear is what Prevents you from Being Able to Hear.
Even Empathy and Compassion is Irrelevant within this context, because at the end of the day: your Equality Depends on You and the Measure of that Determines Everything. If you exist in Fear = Equality is Impossible, because you don’t have the Quality, which is the Quality of life, and therefore: You can’t have Equality. Even if you Scream and Claim it - it is Useless, you’re only doing it out of Fear, not out of Understanding. If it’s Understanding: You’ll be Silent and You’ll Stand – but, you’re Not Equal.

Amazingly enough - there seems to be some form of ‘Mercy’, because You are Still Here, you Still have Time to Hear. Will you Hear? That’s the whole thing about Freedom of Choice, isn’t it? You are ‘Free to Choose’ – that’s astounding. The very same choice you’re not Willing to Give to Everyone Else on Earth - You Have. If that is not Abuse, that you would not even Exercise it for yourself: it’s because you’re Not Exercising it for yourself that you are Not Willing to give it to Everyone else. You see Why Freedom of Choice doesn’t exist? You are the Reason why.
Are you That Weak, that All you can be is a Bully? Or All you can be is One that can be Influenced by a Bully? That, All you are is Fear and All you can Be is what is Influenced by Fear? Then, that is the Answer of your Life, isn’t it? There is Nothing-else for you…and Suddenly Without Notice: you will No longer be here and Nobody will Notice. In spite of your Feverish attempts to try and leave some memory of yourself in this world of your ‘grandeur’ - it will disappear. This Earth has existed a Very long time and yet, there is only a written history of a few thousand years – ever wondered Why? What happened to Previous Civilizations? Why were they simply Wiped Out? Do you think this isn’t going to happen to this one? That Is How Irrelevant one is that Do Not Honor Life. The Evidence, the Scientific Evidence - is This World.

There are thousands of Documents and Recordings with Desteni to support you, but you will Not Hear. Because, when you Read this and you Listen to the Interviews: the Fear will become so Overwhelming that you want to put your head like an ostrich in the sand, Pretending that ‘It Just Cannot Be!’ But, it Is.
We Will Never Give-up on You. You are the one that Gives up on Yourself. We can Never Give-up Our Lives, because We Are Life – you are Not yet. Nothing can Happen to me, because I’m not subject anymore to what happens. My Life is Here, Wherever I Am. No matter what Fear you throw at me - it is Irrelevant, because I am No Longer What You are now. Yet, I used to be that. I Understand. And, Alone I had to Face this. There was No One that could Really help me to Face my Fear, I had to Self-Honestly Face it, to Realize to what extent my Self Interest was Dominating and Separating me from the Gift of Life. I’ve been there, I Know it can be Done, I am the Evidence, I am the Science.

So, Become Part of a Most Astounding Project: a Project of Life, a Journey to Life - where You Become the Giver, First to Yourself, because Unless You can give Life to You, you Cannot be Life. As You Give, You Will Receive. Then you can Come and Be Part of the Process of Giving to Others, so that they may also Realize that They Must Give Life to Themselves, they must become ‘The Giver’. As You Give, You Receive and then you’ll Grasp the Message of Jesus. The Message that Stand Beyond-Fear and yet, even That has been made a Message of Fear.
If You Believe in Jesus out of Fear of God, or Fear of the Afterlife, or Fear in any form whatsoever: You have Not Understood the Message of Jesus. You Have Missed it Completely and Hear me: No One will Save you, Ever – Yes, it’s Fearful to Hear. But, Listen to the commonsense…I Dare you.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Day 338: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part Two)

Throughout History, no-one has Ever ‘Crossed the Divide’ in a simple, functional way, that is Immediate - having Access to Everything as it exists throughout All Time, Assessing What is Best for All – that being the bottom-line principle we have placed. We have Removed All Points that may create any form of Grandeur, that would create any form of ‘Specialness’ and we have focused only on That which is Relevant to Each One’s life – not only Here but also upon Death. Because one thing is certain: Death is Certain. Therefore, it becomes and should be - the most important Study of your life: What Happens at Death, so that you can be Prepared, isn’t it? Because, You are Going to Face it. There is No Way Out. If you are Not Prepared to Face Death, there is going to be a Consequence. As you well know, there are Always Consequences to things that are based in Cycles of Time.

In the Nth Degree, if you are to Face God and you cannot Face God with Integrity (that means, with showing that You Have Valued Life and not only in You, but in Everyone else): There is going to be a Consequence, isn’t it? You are then Not Worthy of that Life you were given, temporarily. Therefore, you Cannot Have Eternal Life – Jesus explained this. Yet, You Do Not Want to Hear. And, from a certain perspective - if you are not going to Value Life: it doesn’t matter, because you’re just not going to ‘Have Life’ when the Time comes. This ‘Time’ is not Doomsday…come on!
Doomsday is what we have on Earth Right Now, what we have Created. We have Created the DOOM for Many that do not even have the Opportunity to be able to Consider this Question (Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God?) that I’m placing to you. The Fact that you can Hear this Question means that, in some form, You are Abusing Others to Have What You Have. You are Abusing Life. That’s the Only Reason You can Hear what I am sharing – no other reason. Therefore, according to Your Fear, you Must Attack Me, because I am Presenting to You the End of your Mastership, the End of your Dictatorship. Yes, I am Presenting that to you. I am Presenting to you that: ‘Who You Are’ is Fundamentally the Reason Why the World is in Trouble, that You Do Not Honor and Respect Life, that There will be a Consequence upon Death and that No one can Help you with that. The Only time you have to do something about it, is While You are on Earth. Therefore, don’t leave before you have Not taken care of this point and You Have not Changed yourself, through your Freedom of Choice, to that which is Best for All Life. Because, if you Dare to Leave - only You will Pay the Consequence and there is only One Payment you Can Make, which is Your Life.

So, to take your life before you have corrected yourself - it doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but to you. You are then ‘taking your life,’ that’s why it’s Called that and that means it’s Over. It has No Effect on Anyone else, but You - and so we say Don’t do it.
If you believe that you Can’t do it – take Responsibility for yourself, for Life and Change, then that is how it will be, you will not do it and therefore: all you’re going to do is Abuse, eventually Just yourself. There is Really No Reason to Do that, because the Support and the Help is Available to Walk the Process which takes many years of Correcting yourself and Re-Aligning yourself to Become Respectful of Life, to Value Life and to Change the World System to that which is Best for All Life, to Challenge the Creator, Fundamentally - and to Show that it was Not a Mistake to Give You the Gift of Life. Take Time Every Day to Study, Educate yourself, Consider the Questions, Study the Journey to Life Blogs, Study the Desteni Material, Study the Equal Money System Material – it All Holds a Key, a Key that can Support you.
Understand, those Around you will/may React with Fear and when they React with Fear they will ‘Lash-out at you’ trying to create the same Fear in you again, because they understand that Fear is the Key to keep everything ‘the way it is’. Therefore, they Must ‘Do their Best’ to generate Fear in you – that’s all they know! They have known Nothing else, understand that.

Understand that, Getting Rid of the Fear is Not so Easy if it is All that You have Ever Known. So, you’re going to have to Stand in the Face of these Attacks - all focused on one simple thing: to Generate Fear in you. Yet, it is an Appropriate Test to see if you have Overcome Fear. So, we all have to Walk through this.
In a way, the God you face is the People around you, the Products around you, the Products of Fear that try and keep you in Fear - and That is How you face your creator. Your Creator, in essence, Being Fear - until You are No Longer affected by Fear. Then you will See: There Is Another Way. But, as long as Fear exist - you will Only See Fear and that, unfortunately, exist Within you as Your Mind, as Your Spirit and as Your Body.

The Ultimate abdication of Responsibility is to go to the Opposite Polarity of Fear and to go into Love, to Pretend ‘the Fear Doesn’t Exist.’ You are in Severe Trouble if you go into those ‘type of scenarios’ and strange-enough - individuals in such scenarios Will Claim that they have reached a ‘Higher Consciousness’…That is Why the word ‘Consciousness’ has got the word CON in it, it is a Con. It becomes an I-Con, it is Delusional - because all you have Done is Not transcend Fear, but moved to its Opposite-polarity.

So, to get out of Fear: you Have to Transcend Fear and Love as its Polarity Existence. Not being Consumed by the Energy that is created in the Friction of your ‘Fear-Love Relationship,’ because that Energy Does Not Create Real Awareness: it creates Consciousness. That Consciousness Does Not Care about Life At All as the World is Evidence of!
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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Day 337: Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God?

This is quite an important Question, because as a Consumer, as a Human Being Part of a System of Consumption: if a product is created and it is Substandard, and in fact Not Effective in its Use for you - you will Question the Quality of its Production and you’ll ‘make a scene’ out of it, even going as far as going to court to ‘Claim Restitution.’

But, When the Products are You and your Children, Produced in a way that even our Science does not in fact comprehend – instead of Questioning our Self/Physical Production/Engineering, you seem to Immediately go into Fear, a Fear that you may Lose what you Have, you may be ‘Redistributed’ back to Dust. Therefore you come with the opposite of Fear to try and appease this Power that you Claim you ‘cannot understand’, and therefore you then end-up ‘Loving God’ out of Fear.
Instead of considering Questioning the Authority, because the Evidence of the Product produced shows that, certainly: the Intent was to Create something Substandard, something which would, in essence, Always be a Slave. Yet, you would not Challenge the Chains that bind you through Fear and Force you to create an Illusion like ‘Love’. Fascinating, because What Do You Have Got to Lose that you weren’t going to Lose Anyway!? You are Going to Lose your Life, You are Going to Lose your ‘Perception’ of Wealth – it’s Not ‘Yours’ in the first place, because it was Given to you. So, you can just as well Stand up and Question all of this.

To Claim that there is No Creator is Delusional, because: if there is No Creator, you should be able to Create that which you Claim was Not created by some ‘Greater Being’. But, you are Not Able to, which in All existing Technology shows that there Is an Engineer, a Producer, because the Human Body is an Engineering Marvel. It is something created, it forms and follows All the Rules of a Machine - a Very Advanced Robot, even with Awareness.
Yet, you are Unable to use the ‘Awareness’ that you claim you have to Question this ‘God,’ this ‘Creator’ that apparently, according to you, cannot be Understood. When it Can be Understood, because you are its Product and you can always understand the Producer through the Product. That’s why we can understand Parenting on Earth, because Parenting is that which puts the Software into the Child, it’s that which produces the Character and Personality of the child. So, we can Understand that the Parenting is Flawed, because we know where the Programming comes from. We can Understand that the Body/Physical Production and How it Functions is flawed, that Nature is flawed, because we can see it in its Result, in the way it Functions. We have Discernment, we can Discern between ‘Right and Wrong’ and ‘Good and Bad,’ and we can See the way the Human was made is Bad, the way Nature has been constructed is Brutal and Evil. The very Nature that Exists, is created in a way that Cannot Be Honoured.
Yet, through Fear, you can be Moved to Honour it and go into the Ultimate Form of Fear. The Ultimate Form of Fear where you Disregard the Evidence and you Create, through/within your Mind, a ‘Space’ where you only see the Good and call it ‘Love’, then you Claim that That is ‘Real’. That’s actually, psychologically speaking, a form of Extreme Delusion. You are a Danger to yourself and Society at large, and because of your fear (and you will defend this with Fear as well): you are apparently ‘Not Worthy’ and Not able to Challenge the Creator.

The only Reason you’re not willing to Challenge the Creator, being Fear, is that: you are unable to understand the Construction, the Production of the Self/Physical – but, let me Share with you that it can be understood. Yes it’ll take Time, unfortunately, because you have been ‘Dumbed Down’ to a Level where it Serves the Purpose of Slavery. But, we have reached a Stage on Earth where it is Possible to ‘Break’ this Slavery, to Actually understand That which exists on Earth and to take care of the Part that we are Now able to change, and upon Death - you can Face the Rest of Your Maker and See for yourself if it was ‘Worth Honouring.’

That is why the Desteni Portal, in a way, is Possibly the Greatest Miracle Ever on Earth. Imagine what we’re able to Change and Research if this was Done in a Proper Way. A proper way, meaning Having Access to All that is now on Earth, the Scientists, the Teachers, the Experts – so that they (beings from the Afterlife, through the Portal) can Assist them to Understand what they are dealing with, with Great Specificity, so that we can Re-Create what is on Earth into What is Best for All. But, instead of it being seen as a Great Opportunity, those that are in Fear claim: ‘It’s Impossible’, because they have a pre-conceived Idea of ‘How it Should Work’ – but, it doesn’t work that way.
I remember the first moment the Portal opened and the first beings that came through. I was in a form of Shock, because I did Not Expect it in the way it came and I had to immediately redress my preconceived ideas about it. Because, in a way, I was Programmed through being exposed to Deep-Trance channels and Mediums over years, and suddenly we had Free Access into the multi-dimensions of Existence. That means, we can look at things in the way it Really exists, what’s Really Here - and that took some time to Break through All the preconceived ideas, we understand that – but, You Have the Evidence of What we are saying Around you in this society Every Single Day, Every Single Breath, you have the evidence of what we share.
The only thing that Stands in the Way of your Understanding of this, to Challenge this and to bring about a Better Society: is You, no one else.

In the ‘Beyond’, I challenged God, so to speak, or that which was ‘God’ – and I’m still Here: Evidence that it doesn’t have to Cost your Life. It doesn’t make me anything ‘Great’: I am Just a Man, a Man that Cares about Life, which means: that Part of You that ‘Could be Life’. That part of you that could be life, doesn’t exist as such yet, because: You have Never Honoured it. But, I’m saying that You can, that You Can In Fact Change your Nature.
I have Changed my Nature and so have many more, you can check the Journey to Life Blogs as people Walk their Process of Change and you will start Seeing, if you Dare to Investigate, Profound changes that start happening in People over time.
This Process takes Time, because this ‘particular creation’ is subject to Time and what we have in this world is based on Time, which is History. If one look at the history in its Actual Evidence of How it really happened, we can establish the problems with clarity and we can Fix it. But, If we use our Cognitive Disinformation way of constantly wanting to Deceive others, because we want to believe we are ‘better’ in some way, then: we’re going to rewrite History in a way that is Not the Real Evidence, which is Effective to Support us in Changing the World.

We’ll continue with “Why Do You Not Question the Authority of God? (Part 2)” in the Next Post
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Monday, 25 March 2013

Day 336: Democracy and Capitalism are the Redistribution of Wealth - (Part Two)

For context from the Previous Post:
“In Fact, the question would be: is there Even Any Americans Capable of conceiving the extent to which they are Brainwashed? That would be able to go Beyond their Fear (and they would Recognize this as ‘Fear’), their Fear of their Own Government and their Own People - to Stand up and Create an Alternative. They won’t! Because everyone in the past that’s done this has been Killed. You know Why? It’s so that You Can Fear it, Fear Standing Up.”

America is, in fact, a Prison for those that are in it and within that, they Import cheap labor from other parts of the Americas by Creating a so-called ‘Opportunity Scale’ claiming ‘Equal Opportunity’. In the Meantime, those that come from other countries to come and Work there - they are simply Wage-Slaves who must do all the ‘Dirty Work’ so that the Wealthy Can Live their ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ in a ‘Dream-World’ set-up under a so-called ‘American Constitution’ - but even That is Worth Nothing.
Fascinatingly Enough, the One key point in the Constitution that Everyone Protects, is ‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ – no matter Who you have to Kill, obviously, because: “Oh, it’s just part of The Way of Life on Earth. You Can’t Change Human Nature” is what All of those claim that Have Wealth as they know One thing: if you have to Change Human Nature, they will All Have to Change Theirs First, which means they Have to Do what Jesus Proposed to the Rich man: “Give Away Your Possessions”. That means, Jesus said: “Redistribute Your Wealth – and then, Follow Me” - Follow Jesus, Follow Life…Holy Crap!

So Any Wealthy Person Claiming to be a ‘Follower of Jesus’, is In Fact also using Cognitive Disinformation to Misrepresent the Message in a way that will Suit their Wealth. You Can’t Trust the Media, your ‘Educators,’ your ‘Leaders’ - you Can’t Trust Anyone, especially when they are Wealthy. Because with Wealth: that becomes a Problem, with the Problem being “It’s Mine and I’ll Protect it No matter what – Property-Rights, Money-Rights, but I will Not give you the opportunity to be Equal because if I have to, there is Not Enough Resources on Earth, then I’ll have to Lose some of what I have” – That is the ‘Reasoning, “Therefore because there is ‘Limited Resources’, I Must Protect what I Have. I worked ‘Hard’ for it. I GAVE BACK to Society!” – Yes, you Gave Back Poverty to Society.
Have a Look: the Return that the Wealth gives to the World, with seeing the MASSIVE Increase of Poverty Escalating on Earth in the last 30 years. In One Lifetime, you are seeing What is Really ‘The Truth’ on Earth, what’s Really going on. But, the Blind Refuse to See because they’re Not Really ‘Blind’: they are Deliberate in NOT Wanting to See, because that would mean They Have To Change. As Long as They can Keep most of Humanity in a ‘Grid-lock’ claiming that ‘Human Nature Cannot Change’ while that ‘Human Nature’ is Deliberately Introduced and Controlled through a Lack of Money: They can Have the Power and Wealth that gives them their Idea of ‘Happiness’ which is based-on the Ability to Abuse Others, the Ability to Bully Others.

We Now have a World in which the Wealthy are the Bullies. They have managed to find a way with which to Control Everyone around them, to such an extent - that they (the Wealthy) can be ‘Safe’, so to speak. They have All the Guns, Money and All the Choices, and because They have it, they Claim (and here you have the Cognitive Disinformation again): that ‘Everybody else has got it as well.’ Go and Stand in the Shoes of Everybody else and you’ll see it’s a Lie. You’ll see that this is Deliberately Misrepresented, simplistically to Justify and to ‘Seemingly’ look like a ‘Good Person’- “I Have Human Nature and it’s Bad, but I do Good Things”, part of the form of Disinformation.

Now at Desteni we have Proven that Human Nature Can Change. The Journey to Life Blogs are Evidence of that. We’ve been working with this; we Understand/Have the Way that Nature functions and How to Adjust it. Therefore, for You that are Ready to Face Your Fears - and Yes, we Do Understand there are Many, we Do Understand it is a Massive Process ahead – but if You Do Care: it is Important to Stand Up. Standing up, Not for everyone else, because - Really, You Standing up is Not Going to Make a Difference at this stage. Standing up is Important to you, to Your Integrity, Your Value: You Establish that. So Please, if you Don’t Stand up – understand that: Only You Will Face the Consequence, which is The Truth About You. This World is Wonderful, because it’s based-on Consequence – That which is Done Cannot be Undone. That’s why this World is Real: you Cannot ‘Undo’ the First World War, the Second World War, all the people that have been Killed, You Cannot ‘Undo it’ – that’s how you know it is Reality. If it was an Illusion you would be able to ‘Undo it’ isn’t it? That’s the Basic Measure of What the difference is between Reality and an Illusion.

The Reality is (and You Know This), that: If You Allow Consequences to happen that Cannot be Changed - You are Responsible. You Do Know that there exists the Ultimate Measure, a point where you are Removed from this Reality which you have No Power over. When that Removal happens, whether you want to Believe it or not, the most Likely point, the one that Very Deeply everyone Understands to Be True - is that: there is going to be a Measure of What you Have Allowed, while on Earth, with your Gift of Life. Remember: The Life that You Have is Not ‘Your Own Creation,’ it is a GIFT you were GIVEN. You can’t even Create another Life-Form, you are just ‘Taking Part in it’ like a ‘Functional Robot.’
You Do Have ‘Free Choice’, that means: You Have the Capacity to See What’s Right and Wrong, to See that - through what happens with everyone else around you and in some cases what happens to you: the World is Mirror, it is Mirror in which your Integrity is Measured.

Understand: Death is Permanent, Death is Certain and Death Cannot be Undone – it is like all things ‘The Final Exam.’ Will You Pass-it or Not? You Be the Judge, isn’t it? You have the Capacity to even Judge that. That’s the amount of Freedom you have.
At Desteni we suggest, that: if you Allow what You are Allowing on Earth right now and what has been Allowed through Generations - You will Not ‘Pass the Test’, and That will cost you Everything that is of Value, the Only Real Value - which is Life.
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Day 335: Democracy and Capitalism are the Redistribution of Wealth - (Part One)

Yes! Can you Believe this? The Cognitive Disinformation is So in Everyone’s Face Engaged in the Current-System - but because the System provides Benefits to those who Support it, they simply don’t want to See it. They don’t want to See that Capitalism and Democracy are Not Only ‘Redistribution of Wealth’ - in the case of Democracy, it is the Violent Redistribution of Wealth like you’ve seen in the Arab Spring, Iraq, South America and all the various countries. Where, would you believe it - the Proponents of Democracy and Capitalism, which is the United States of America – are Actually the Perpetrators of this ‘Redistribution of Wealth,’ while They are the very people that Scream “Communism!” when anyone would Propose that Wealth should be Distributed Equally.
Instead, the ‘American Way’ of the Redistribution of Wealth is to Kill as Many People as Possible, Innocents - ‘Claim’ that That is ‘Collateral Damage’ and then to Redistribute the Wealth of these countries to The American People, specifically, the American Corporations. But - The American People All Benefit, so they’re Part of these Atrocious Actions.

Within this, Capitalism is then Used to Redistribute the Wealth and the Right of Life of the rest of the World - Also to the American People. That’s why you have 25% of the Wealth of the World centered in America. To Keep it like that, they have the Necessary Army and Weaponry with which to Subdue Anyone that in Any way May Claim their Equal Right of Life to be on Earth, and If they Dare to ‘Say something’ (as History has proven, you can go and check the Documentaries - it’s there): There Will be Violence. The Violence would be Directed at ‘Removing’ any Dissident Voices that May in any way Show what the Americans are Really Doing. They are In Fact an Extreme Form of Totalitarian Communism with a Very strange kink in the cable: They, through Violence, take from Those who Cannot Protect themselves and Distribute the takings to the ‘Top Elite’ in America with ‘some benefits’ to the People in America, like having ‘Products Free’ (well, not ‘Free’, but ‘Cheap’) and having Basic Needs taken care of to a vast degree. This All is also busy Collapsing.

You see, the Americans have Never really cared about Their Own People. The whole approach of ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and ‘Self-Interest’ - you know, the “Right for you to Also become Wealthy”…that’s the Fascinating thing: “The Right for you to Also Become Wealthy” is so Entrenched that it is Protected with Violence. On the Internet you can see this very clearly. You have a Similar kind of situation coming out of Europe for instance, the two Primary Areas from which this Bizarre Behavior is coming - to use Violence and Bullying to try and Subdue Any Voice that May Claim that Life is Equal. The Behaviour, so Bizarre, that it is a Psychological Problem and Sociopathic in Nature. This type of Violent Behavior, whether it is in Writing or in Actual Actions - you can see being taken around the world. So, whether in Writing / Actual Actions – the Problem Is that: there is a Fascinating ‘Change of the Meaning of Words’ through Actual Actions, while at the same time the Words like ‘Democracy’ and ‘Capitalism’ are Presented to be something to be ‘Glorified’ through the Media and through Those that are being Brainwashed through Education and whose Brainwashing is being Motivated by Money, their Income and Protecting ‘Their Wealth’ - while the Only Real-Wealth, which is Life - is Not Equally Recognized for All on Earth. Thus, the actual actions of the Words like Democracy and Capitalism and the Presentation/Writing of the Words – change in meaning, and according to their meaning/value/definition given, will be protected/defended with Violence, to protect/defend Individual’s Right to become wealthy/remain wealthy. And so, the meanings of Words in either Action or Writing will deliberately be changed/altered to protect just that: an Individual’s Wealth/Money and will thus ‘attack’ anyone/anything that challenges their Wealth/Money/Status within this current World System/Money System. There are Actually, Here on Earth, No Real ‘Human Rights’. There are Only ‘WEALTH Rights’, and if you have Wealth - You Must be Protected. If you Don’t have it, “it’s your own Fault!” But the Fact that those with Wealth that’s got All the Guns with which to Force the Implementation of their form/their Definition/Meaning of ‘Democracy’ and ‘Capitalism,’ seems to be Missed by Everyone that Should Take Notice.
Therefore, you will find that Most people ‘Speaking up’ about this will do so with Care, because there is a Problem: whomsoever would Create a ‘Big Following’ that would Challenge this Extreme form of Fascism that has taken root in the World since the Second World War especially, are simply Killed. Martin Luther King, Malcom X - there are Many that has been ‘Removed’ simply because they Dared to Question ‘The American Way’. In the meantime, this ‘American Way’ has been implemented in virtually Every Country around the World. Now there’s ‘a few left to go’ under the disguise of ‘Democracy.’

This Mockery of the Value of Life, seems to go Unnoticed by the Internet-Mobs for instance, that would Attack us when we Share that Life is in Fact Equal and All should Have Equal Human Rights. Instead, like what is done through ‘The American Way’ - it becomes a Personal-Attack. Have a look at How the Americans would ‘take out’ the Personalities that would do whatever they can to bring about an ‘Awareness’ that ‘We should change the way we live on Earth’. ‘Taking out’ such Personalities and Protecting the Wealth of ‘the Few’ and Obviously the Voting Block in America. Is America Democratic? Obviously Not! You can go and try and start another political party in America, for instance based on Equality - and you’ll see it is Not a simple matter that can just be ‘accomplished.’ In Fact, the question would be: are there Even Any Americans Capable of conceiving the extent to which they are Brainwashed? That would be able to go Beyond their Fear (and they would Recognize this as ‘Fear’), their Fear of their Own Government and their Own People - to Stand up and Create an Alternative. They won’t! Because everyone in the past that’s done this has been Killed. You know Why? It’s so that You Can Fear it, Fear Standing Up.
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