Wednesday 6 March 2013

Day 315: The Children of the Law of One (Part Six)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued 

Children of the Law of One continued…

It is also Important to consider, that: One of the Fundamental Points within the Encryption of the System of Self – is the Money-Point.

One must Move Slowly and Look at Every Single Thing that you have in your Life, that you had throughout your Life: and have a Look at What was its Monetary Value, How was Money Involved with it Existing in your Life – ALL of it, so that you can get to a Point of Self-Honesty. And you must have a Look at: if the Money didn’t exist – What would your Life have been Like? And then you have to Investigate: Why it was that you were Privileged and Why it wasn’t the same for Everyone else.
Why is it, even today, after it all, that you Haven’t Even Considered the Effect Money has on Who you Are and to What Extent, Who you Are – in Every level of yourself, Body, Mind and Spirit, Enlightenment, you name it: is Purely the Result of Money. That, None of it is Real - because: if Money wasn’t there – you wouldn’t have been Who you Are Now. So, Who you are Now – even Looking at This: isn’t Real.

This is All a Very Critical Self-Honest Investigation that must be Done, so that you can Start Realising and whatever you are Possessing, in fact, is Only at the Behest and at the Cost of those that don’t Have. You are the Problem, the Reason Why the World is the Way it is. Because, every small part Contribute to the Whole – there are No Singular Evil Human, or Evil Structure, or Evil Government…the Convenience for instance, of Blaming Hitler for what the Germans did - is a matter of Convenience. Hitler could Never have Done it – Only the German people could have Done it. Hitler was but One Man. The same with what Christianity is doing in the Name of Jesus: Jesus has got Nothing to do with it – it is Christianity as a Group, which is in Control of MANY of the Justifications of Governments. But, it is the People as a Group that is Causing this.
And therefore, the Individual, in its Vigilance of its Own Encryption to Protect its Own Possessions and what it has: will Align with Groups that Justify these Abuses, and that Misdirect the Responsibility and Blame to Insidious Groups, and Ideas, and Concepts. But, Self-Responsibility will simply not Exist – and therefore, it will attempt in every Way Possible to Stop Any Group that would Challenge what is Really going on in this World.

Because, Who Wants to Know the Truth? Nobody does. Because, the Truth is: that the Truth each one would use is the ‘Convenient Truth’, the one that will not Inconvenience one, that will Justify Why you Have what you Have, Why you are Who you Are, Why you have the Money you Have, Why you have the Property you have, Why you have the Consciousness you have, Why you have the Intelligence you have – THAT’S the stuff you will call ‘Truth’. Because, that makes you ‘Better than others’, ‘More than others’ – from your own perspective, and therefore, in a way, ‘you’re a Winner’. But, you’re Not Really – because, you’re Nothing but a Dictator that has Only Ever Abused everything around yourself, so that you can Have More.

Quite an Axe to Grind that One must Look at: what is it that One do - are you putting the Axe to your Roots (for Reference on the analogy of the ‘Axe to the Roots’ – please reference DAY 309), the Roots of your Evil, the Roots to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? Are you Taking it Out? Are you Creating the Seed as yourself? The Seed of Life, so that you can Plant the Seed and Grow yourself as the Tree of Life and Bear the Fruit of the Tree of Life, which will Be – to “Give as you would Like to Receive”, “to Do unto another as you would Like to be Done Unto”, to “Investigate All things” and to PREVENT Harm in every Way Possible, to make sure that there is No-One and Nothing that goes without - just so that you can Have.

Very Simple stuff, which is the Fundamentals of Integrity. You Show me a Person of Integrity in this World…there is None. We Still have to Create that.


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