Wednesday 13 March 2013

Day 322: The Image and Likeness of Slaves

The Design of the Human, from the Beginning, has been based on the Premise to get the Human to do what its Creator Wants it to do – with as Little Supervision as Possible. In this, a Process of Evolution was Embarked on.

An Energy Source, as such, for the Long-term Enslavement was Necessary - and this had to be Bound in Chains, which are the Most Unlikely Chains. These Chains, if you look at a View of the Slave-Trade - you’ll Notice the Chains around the Slave’s Neck and their Ankles and their Wrists, Forcing them into Submission.
Obviously, there were other Chains, the Chains of the Mouth and the Anus – where you are Chained to a Cycle of Survival, Food. Then you have your Sexual Organs, where you are Chained to a Cycle of Pleasure. And then you have the Ultimate Chains: your DNA, your Structured Design - for instance, that would be the Chain of your Emotions and Feelings and Imagination, through which you would Create the Basis of Personality, which is ‘Hope’, the Idea of ‘Love’. All of That – Keeping you Focused on One Thing: the Task at hand for you to Survive, which is then Rewarded with a Form of Self-Interest.
And in this – through one’s Experience, you BELIEVE that you Actually Exist. Never Understanding or in any way Considering, in: How, What you Are – is Functioning within its Practical, Actual, Design and Why it is that you Have, in fact, No Choice within the Chains that Binds you. The Only Choice you have is the Type of Reward-System you’re going to Engage in.

So, whether you’re the Slave on Earth or seemingly the Master of the Slave – like the Elite: you’re Enslaved in exactly the same way - whether you’re the 99% or the 1%. You are in the Chains that Binds in Exactly the same way, and you’re Bound to the Cycle of Survival in Exactly the same way – all that Happens, is that: through the Bloodline Design – those that is so-called ‘In Charge’, that is so-called ‘Leaders’, that are so-called ‘Elite’ are but in that Position, Simply as Part of a Cycle, as Part of a Domino-Effect of the Dominion of the Chains that Binds. This Domino-Effect ensures that, What was BEHIND the Picture, what was BEHIND what one Perceive your Life is – is Taking Place, regardless. Every Single Moment the Human is Engaged in a Most Strange Function: a System that Functions within the Mining of the Life Force of the Planet Earth. Within that – the Human is Made out of the Substance of the Planet Earth, and through that Substance: the Human then Engage the Substance of the Planet Earth through the Mind and Mines from it Energy. Made to Believe that this ‘Energy’, ‘apparently’, will Give the Human Freedom of the Universe - That is purely Perception, because: that is Not How it Really Worked.

Understand, that: Every Single Thing you Understand at any Level of your Existence on Earth – is in fact so by Design. That means – you Did Not Come to your Insight, or your Understanding, or your Belief, or your Interaction at ANY LEVEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT or Consciousness through your Own Design. All of it Happened with the Intent to Chain you to a Structured Outcome within which you would Never be Free. And you would Engage within your Mining Obligations as the Slave from Birth to Death. Becoming a Sophisticated Factory where the Facts of the Tree that you are, would be based on the Polarity of Opposites as Good and Evil, and you will Bear that Fruit. And that Fruit, from your perspective would be your ‘Experience’ and ‘Understanding’ of the Human Existence - but, from the ‘Behind the Scenes’ experience: would be the Production of Frequencies and Energy, Specifically for an Ulterior Motive. A Motive that you have Never been given Access to – because, you’re just a Slave. You don’t get to Understand Why you are What you Are. You’re not Allowed to. That’s Why the Question is: “Why can’t I Understand myself?” – it’s so by Design, you Can’t. To Understand yourself is quite a Process.

Now, for quite some years – this Whole Scene, so to speak, has Changed and there is MASSIVE Changes on Earth. You’ll Notice it in things that will be Escalating. You’ll Notice Diabetes for instance, in the last six years has Escalated Dramatically. The Superbugs are Escalating. Other Diseases are Escalating. The Bizarre Behaviour around Possession, Murder and Abuse is Escalating.
You’ll Notice that the Economic System is Failing at Every Level, except at the one that Traps you in Self-Interest where you are Required, less and less Responsibility and your Only Motivation is Profit. Taking you to the Utmost of your Designed Controls, because that’s the Only Way you’re going to Break Free. So, no longer are you in fact a Slave to the Original Designs of the Creators, you’re now a Slave to what you’ve Accepted and Allowed yourself to be, and what you’ve Accepted and Allowed for this Whole Enslavement-System to Exist.

This is going to be a Tough Process to See Who will be Able to Set themselves Free. Because, you Abdicated your Right to Life with the very Beginning of All of this. And therefore, Retribution and Correction means - Giving up Everything that you Currently Perceive to be Real, and what you Believe Defines you. That’s Very Difficult. That’s Why – your Destiny is Determined by Peculiar things, like: Self Forgiveness and Self-Honesty. They are the Most Difficult things that Exist, because – they Restore you to your Actual Position within the Universe, where you are Part of a Very Large, Whole. And there, you are Equal as a Part – IF you are Not a Slave, which Cause you to Want to be ‘More’ or ‘Less’ in a Continuous Cycle of Abuse.

It is Necessary to Research, because things are Only going to get Worse on Earth. And eventually you will Hear me, but – maybe you won’t. Many won’t.

Understand: you’re Not in Control of your Life. You’ve Never been. You’ve Never had an Original Thought in your Existence. You’ve Never had an Original Feeling. You’ve Never had an Original Emotion. They’re ALL the Result of DESIGN. And therefore, things that Binds you as Chains. And therefore, Change is to Break the Chains that Binds you. Are you Able to do that? Most Unlikely – because, it Simply takes too much Time for the Ego to Engage in Self-Correction. You’re not WILLING to Spend 14 Years on the Freedom of the Universe. You Want it all Yesterday, McDonalds’ Style. The very Moment that Arise, and you Believe you are Already ‘Happy’ without you Understanding How you have Created your ‘Happiness’, the Thoughts, the Feelings: that is, like, Ignorance is Bliss – Symbolized.

What are you the Image and Likeness of? Can you Find the Truth? To Find the Truth – you have to Give-up Everything you’ve ever Been, because it’s All been a Lie: A MASSIVE Lie. But - it seems to be Reliable. So – Realise the Reliabilities, and the Fact of its Systemic and Systematic Design - where it Repeats itself, so it looks like it’s Reliable, because it Keeps on doing the same thing. That’s Not Reliability. Look at the Outcome. Look at what is Actually Happening. Not at the Picture that Remains the same – THAT is the Lie.
Look in the Mirror and you’ll See: you’ve been Changing from Birth to Death. You Start as an Innocent Child and then you Die as a Monster in Old Age, Looking like a Demon. But, you keep-on saying that :“that is just Age”. It’s Not, it is your Transformation from Life as an Innocent Child – to the Demon. De-Manned – Less than Life, Less than Everything. And you Introduce That Face to a Child? Saying: “Look, that’s Grandma and Grandpa” – do you Understand what you’re doing? Are you Really Looking in the Mirror? Or are you Just Pretending Not to See?

Join us.
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