Friday 8 March 2013

Day 317: The Children of the Law of One (Part Seven)

Encryption of the System of Self (EOSOS) – continued

 Children of the Law of One Continued.

If one Understand Preprogramming and the Design of the Unfoldment of Life on Earth in Human Form, which is presented under the Disguise of an Evolutionary Progression - Yet, if you would Step Beyond the Veil you’ll Notice that, as the Bible State: “Everything was Known”. That means, that: in the Design, Deliberately, a Process was Placed into Being that would Lead the Beings, or the Humans on Earth, to come to Conclusions - Creating the Idea that ‘apparently, they’ve Done it themselves’. Where did that Start? That Start, in essence, at Parenting.
Parenting use exactly the same Methodology: Leading the Child to come to their own Conclusions. This so-called ‘Freedom of Choice’, has been Entrenched in our Way of Life to a Great Effect, to a Great Disaster – to take us to a Level of Dishonesty that is Clearly Not Understood, and the Effect which cannot be Calculated, which has Lead to Harm at Levels Inconceivable. Because, it Allows one to come to Conclusions based on a Preprogrammed Design, that Leads to Decisions that is Not Best.

If one take it to the Simple Point, for instance of Genetics: every Farmer that Farms with Animals Understand, that – if you want to have a Stronger Animal, a Better Animal, you have to Look at the Genetics. You Put the Genetics together, Effectively, and you will end-up with a Better Quality Animal. If the Human would Dare to do that, you’ll End up with a Better Quality Human. But, in the Preprogramming – you have a Fascinating thing, that: ‘apparently’, you’re Not Allowed to do that, because “that is ‘God’s Work’”. So – with an Animal you can do it, but with a Human you can’t.
And, that ‘apparently’ - the Decision about who should be Matched in Genetic Material to Produce New Children in this World: must be based on ‘Love’, not on Knowledge and Understanding. That’s Why our Knowledge is so Screwed up, because our Knowledge cannot be Trusted, because our Knowledge is Infected with our Religious ideas. And these Religious Ideas are based on Love, and Love is based on Sex, and Sex is based on ‘Freedom’ and ‘Free Choice’, and actually – Promiscuity: a Completely Skewed View of Reality, simply for the Fact of Self-Satisfaction, Self-Interest. Which makes Sex, even with another Human Being, in fact just another Form of Masturbation – because, there is Actually No Understanding of what you’re Really doing. For instance that, during Sex or even Masturbation, you are In Fact Downloading Consciousness and the Advancements in Consciousness in Control – into your Own Life, without Realising you are doing it.

Very, very little about what is Really going on is Understood, because – Information is Controlled. But, Not because those that Control it Understand Why they do it. They’re just doing it out of Fear, they’re just doing it out of Survival, they’re just doing it to Remain in Control, they’re just doing it out of Greed, they’re just doing it out of an Energetic-Drive that is within the Preprogrammed Design that Continuously Lead the Human to come to Conclusions, that was Preprogrammed in the First Place. So, you Actually Never have any Original Idea – Everything has been Programmed Long before you were even Incarnated. Your Whole Life, the Outcome of your Decisions, the Outcome of Humanity, the Groups, the Way we Live – it is Fascinating to what Degree this is All Controlled. And, if one go and Study Simple Commonsense and the Accumulation of what Happens when you put two things together, which is 1 + 1 = 2, Simple Mathematics: you would Realise, that – “Oh My God you’ve been Fooled”. But, I mean - mathematics of 1 + 1 = 2 is Simply “too Simplistic”, “it Cannot Hold the Key to All Truth on Earth”, “It Cannot Be How one can Find out What’s Real and What’s Not”, “it is Just that I’ve been Fooled by such a Simple Thing – Impossible! Whomsoever says this, Must be WRONG, must be Stopped, they cannot Expose me to the Stupidity of 1 + 1 = 2”.

I mean, that’s Exactly what Desteni has been doing from the Beginning, saying: “Listen, Every Single Thing that exist – Functions under the Premise of 1 +1 = 2. So, you can Always Reverse-Engineer anything and See exactly where’s the Mistake, what have you Allowed, what have you Done”. And, Really – What have you Done, is a Horror Beyond Horrors.

So, Study Desteni and Equal Money – and FACE your Reality.

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