Saturday 23 March 2013

Day 333: The Jesus Message is Not a Religious Message

The Jesus Message of ‘Investigate All Things and Keep What is Good’, ‘Do onto Another as You would Like to be Done onto’, ‘Give as You would Like to Receive’ - is actually the Practical Guidelines of How humans should Live on Earth. Cleverly, those that managed to Secure Control over Resources for their own Profit and Greed trapped a small Minority of humans in that through Wage Slavery, Salary Slavery, Professional Slavery and Educational Slavery - has ensured that they have Control. They’ve done that by doing a Fascinating thing: Condemning the Jesus Message to Religion and keeping Politics and Religion Separate.
Very clever, because it now makes it impossible to ever have a Political Solution on Earth that will work for Everyone, because that’s been condemned as not ‘Feasible’ as being part of for instance, a ‘Bill of Rights,’ a Constitution, a way to Manage the World Resources and Manage Relationships between People. And the Filters is put in from birth by the Parent, because the Parent has been Programmed and Brainwashed by Their Parents, the System, Education, Media, Church - by All the Points that Benefit from Having Control over Resources. Therefore, it is in the Interest of the Corporation and the Interest of the State to keep Religion out of Politics. Because if Religion become Part of Politics and the Jesus Message is Applied within the Law Making Process and the Government Process: everything on Earth will change, and those that now Control Resource and have an Elitist life - will No longer have that Position as they’ll have to Share Equally, you’ll have Equality. See? Because Life, when a child is Born - Every Child is Equal, but then comes the Parent, the System, the Program, the Brainwashing and Separation occur. Yet, from the Moment of Birth, Diversity exist – but Life is Equal. Diversity means ‘difference’ – not ‘Separation’. There exist ‘physical diversity / difference in physical structure and the unique expression of the Child but yet within that – Life Equality exist. But the Life Equality within Diversity at the Moment of Birth manifest into Separation through the Mind/Consciousness programming of the Child by/through the Parents and External World Systems/Influences of knowledge and information. That’s why, to every Parent – a Child’s Life is invaluable, Equally so. Yet, each Child is diversified. To Focus on what is Diverse and Ignoring the Life-Equality – is the Reason why the World is in a Mess. Those that get the ‘Lucky Ticket’ then try and Protect their ‘Lucky Tickets’ – even going as far as War.

The point of Politics is supposed to be, to Take the Practical Jesus Message, to Find the Best Way to Apply it and the Best way to Place Laws that will Reflect the Image and Likeness of Jesus himself as The Living Word, as the Message of Jesus. So, with Jesus being the Living Word, the Image and Likeness of God and being Male, obviously ‘The Son of God’: those that Do Apply the Image and Likeness of God, will be Applying the Message of Jesus and will realize that Church and State Cannot be Separate, it is One thing. The separation only causes great Suffering, Greed and all the Sins, so to speak, that Cause and Justify Suffering on Earth. In this, Politics comes from the Departure point that there is no particular way to bring about the Best Dispensation on Earth. The Moment the Jesus Message is brought in, it is said: ‘No, Religion should Not Interfere in Politics’ and so, the Actual Message of Equality is nowhere to be Found.
If you for instance test your ‘Academics’ and those that benefit from the system, you will find that they Respond with Hatred if you Dare to bring into the Equation the Message of Jesus of Equality, and the Principle that One Should Live in a way that is Best for All Life.
So - Investigate your Integrity. Investigate Why you want to keep Church and State separate. Why you want to keep the Jesus Message out of your Laws, your Life, your Business, your Profit, your Lifestyle - and you Confine it to a Building with a Cross which you use to Crucify all those that would Dare to Question your ‘Rationale’ as to Why you would Not bring about a World that is Best for All Life.

The Bible was compiled under the Watchful Eye of the Elite of that time, and had to pass their Interest. So in a way, the Bible became the First Major Document of Misinformation that Separated the Practicality of the Jesus Message from Infiltrating Politics and Government, which would have brought an end, eventually, for the Elite and the Control over Resources. Leaving them to Claim, that by some ‘Divine Right’ they are apparently worth ‘More,’ they are ‘Royal’ and that it is ‘God’s Will.’
Such Misinformation has played a Major Role in How the human race on Earth is being Managed, and many a Holocaust has taken place to Preserve the Self-Interest of the Elite, the Royals and those that Believe themselves to be ‘More Worthy’ of Life than others.

Certainly, those that Educate themselves to become the teachers of Humanity, if they had some Critical Reasoning skills - would’ve been able to Assess the situation on Merit, looking at the Education System, Political System, Religious System and How to Create a World that is Best for Life. Unfortunately, we don’t Have – or very seldom have – Educators that Do Have the Capacity to Reason Independently, and fewer who Considers Life as an Actual Human Right that is Equal.

We will from time to time give names of Teachers on Earth whose work one can Study. It’ll Help you to Remove the Filters that Cause your ‘Blindness’ to what Actual Real Value on Earth is.
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