Sunday 24 March 2013

Day 334: Consequence and the Soul

Now, In the Design of the Soul - the measure of Self-Interest and Self-Preservation Dominates. For example, the Belief exists that you will Incarnate with ‘Life Lessons to Learn’ and then you will have, in a Lifetime, thousands upon thousands of Events and they will All Lead You to One Consequence. And because of the Consequence, you’re going to ‘Realise something at the End’. So, what’s Wrong with a System like that? Where every single Event, in Fact, Is a Consequence - but because that Consequence doesn’t Show itself Immediately as a Consequence, there is simply No Realization or Consideration.
This is why we can Live in this World with Events taking place in Every Breath in Every Human’s Life - Without there being an Immediate Consequence in their Life. Having No Realization, No Consideration, No Responsibility for that and taking None either. Obviously, the action of Awareness, Self-Awareness, is: to Take Responsibility and to Not ‘Wait for a Consequence to Teach you’. Because if you have to ‘Wait for a Consequence to Teach you’: you’re In Fact being Shown that you are Not Self Aware.

This World in its Totality is Simply Showing the level of Awareness of the Human in Every Single Breath. This Accumulates then, Eventually, to an Outcome as a ‘Lesson’. For instance, an Economic Disaster where Billions are in Poverty. That’s a Global Consequence, which is based on the Design of the Soul System and No Responsibility is taken by the Individual in Every Breath as to How their Actions Contributed to Create this ‘Big Lesson.’ Then when the Lesson comes, Nobody can Find a Solution, because - there is No Self Responsibility in Every Moment. Because the ‘Every Moment Consequence of your Actions’ is Not investigated and Prevented so that such things do not take place. These things were Programmed-in through the Soul, because having it in the Format where you have a Realization only at The End, would mean that you can Control the Actions of Those that are Part of the System for your Own Benefit; and by the time they Realize something – which is at The End – and they ‘Return to the Soul’ so to speak: you Manage to get away with it all! Because they are No longer on Earth, they are in Heaven. They Have Lost the Power they had on Earth, which was their Physical Body – and the Consequence on Earth is now Shared by Those that Remain. While Those that Caused it = are No Longer Here, so they actually Learn Nothing.

This Disastrous System has been around for a Long Time and has Caused a World that, surely, Nobody can be ‘Proud’ of.

To Create for instance, a Monetary System or a System of ‘Reward’ to try and Misdirect the Fact that there is a Problem, and that the Consequences of one’s Individual Actions in Every Breath are Not being Considered: is Certainly the Foundation of Cognitive Disinformation, which is being Used so Effectively by Governments, Corporations, the Church and Everyone that has Managed to Misdirect Existence through Disinformation - so that they can Protect their own Self-Interest. There, the Elite plays a Major Role.
This is for instance, Highly Effective regarding how the Teachings of Jesus have been Misdirected through Cognitive Disinformation by Splitting the Church and Government / Religion and Politics. Not Realizing, that at the Individual level of the Human: This Split will make All Good Government Impossible, because the Actual Good Laws that Prevent Consequence and therefore are the Measure of Self Awareness - are Not Part of Government, the Law or the Basic Structure of Society. So now you have Only Excuses, Justifications and Reasons ‘Why’ - but the starting point has been the Separation in the First Place, the Separation between Church and State.

Now this is all Part of the Hierarchy and their Plans for Earth; and Here for instance, in Spirituality, the Hierarchy has been Exposed to some degree. But again, those that are in Spirituality and ‘Love and Light,’ have Embraced the Message of the Hierarchy through ‘Love and Light’ Cognitive Disinformation, with No Self Responsibility for Consequence existing on an individual and on a global level - by Claiming that ‘The Physical Reality is an Illusion!” While the very Illusion is your Cognitive Disinformation Participation, where you are Justifying All the Consequences on Earth as some ‘Grand Plan’ through which you’re going to apparently ‘Learn a Lesson’…
The Lesson is Learned already in Every Breath, through Consequence, by Investigating your Own Action, by Investigating All Things and Keeping What is Good, by Preventing Consequence, by Creating a Society that is Best for All - and That exists within the principle of ‘Free Choice’. You All Claim to have ‘Free Choice’, but apparently you are Not Free to Make a Choice that is Best for All Life? How can you then Claim ‘Free Choice’ or Claim that apparently ‘the Choice that is Best for All Life is Not Free’? Because That Is the Only Choice that Brings Freedom to Everyone - and obviously Consequence to the Abuser that wants to Benefit Only for Themselves.

Consequence - That is what Earth is Here for. To Teach you about Consequence in Every Breath and to Show that Prevention is the Best Cure because, if you have to Wait for All the Consequences to Accumulate into one Major Event, one Major Disaster: you are Participating in Creating Doomsday – because, Instead of Taking Care of Another, you are Only Preserving Your Own Self Interest – doing That would Create and Cause the type of Disasters that we see on Earth throughout History.

Investigate All Things and Keep what is Good. Making sure that That is Part of the System that you Leave on Earth for Your Own Children.

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