Friday 15 March 2013

Day 324: What Characterize a Demon? (Part One)

First to Note, that: a Demon Functions as a Character and as such, will Function within the Principles of Good and Evil, or Good and Bad. The Demon will be ‘Bad-Ass’ and will be That as a Presentation to Protect the Character, and will Use ‘Good’ to Manipulate others to Get what is Good for them – Complete Self-Interest. The Demon’s Basic Character will use Emotion as Motivation and Feelings to Manipulate with.

So, if we Look at Demons in the Afterlife – What Characterize them, is that: at the Point of Death, they would take-on their Primary Motivating Emotion in their Life, which would be, normally, some form of Revenge that they would Focus on and that would Replay (just like the Thoughts replayed in the Mind), to an Extent that they Virtually became something of Perpetual Motion. The Thought-Energy in itself would Move from One Point to the Next within the same Cycle, Repeating itself over and over – and, through that would Gain a Form of ‘Life’. Because the Energy would slowly Diminish and then All the Demon would need is an Outside Energy-Source to Replenish it. This means, that: the Thoughts in-itself require Energy to exist – so, when the same Thoughts circulate / cycle within the Demon over and over and over again, for them to Cycle they require energy and if/as they continue cycling over and over and over again –they use their own energy-resource existent as-themselves. And so, with the Demon defining themselves AS THOUGHTS – they themselves believe that they require ‘energy’ to continue existing AS the Thoughts they perpetuate in themselves.

So, that ‘Outside Energy Source’ the Demon would need to Replenish the Diminished Energy of the Thoughts - they would normally get from Identifying a Human with a similar Energy-Platform and then they would Attach themselves that, Emphasize the Platform to become more Dominant so that it Create more Emotion, more Energy and they would Literally drink that Energy in - and so, keep their Main Functioning Character ‘alive’. Thus, the Demon would integrate into the Human Being’s Emotional/Feeling Body Energy-Platform and emphasize that Emotional Energy they want from the Human’s Mind. This ‘emphasizing’ they did through the Demon integrating into the Emotional Energy Platform existent in the Human’s Mind, and with the Demon’s existent-platform as a particular Emotional Energy merging with the existent-platform of a particular Emotional Energy of the Human: this merging would Emphasize the very Substance/Existence of the Emotional Energy itself in the Human’s Mind. And so from there, the Demon would interconnect itself from the Emotional Energy in the Human’s Mind, into all the Human’s thoughts/backchats/imaginations and memories that produce the particular Emotional Energy the Demon wants – and so the Human will then participate in the Emphasized thoughts, backchats, reactions, imaginations and memories and Produce, for the Demon, in their own Mind-Physical relationship – the Energy the Demon wants/needs to Replenish its own Energy.

In relation to us Human Beings on Earth in our Relationship to Thought – we Exist in exactly the same way, where: we believe ‘who we are’ to be our Thoughts, and we participate in our Cycling thoughts that repeat themselves over and over and over again. Obviously, we don’t – as the Demons, attach ourselves to other Human Beings and ‘drink their Energy’; but what we do indeed do is: we would deliberately in our Relationships with others in our World, instigate/EMPHASIZE particular Responses from them in their Thoughts, Words and Deeds and based-on their Interaction and Relationship to us, we would Produce/Activate Thought-Cycles in our Minds that would repeat themselves and so initiate Characters/Personalities of ourselves. And so we, through our Relationships with others: become ‘Thought-Activations’ for each-other, that cycle/repeat to Initiate Characters/Personalities to which we have Defined ourselves – and in the activation of thoughts, produce energies/energy-experiences in the Mind-Physical Relationship.

Now, if one Look at the Demons on Earth, the Mind Demons: the Mind-Demons, specifically, are Characterized, again - by the Emotions. Those Emotions are the Primary Thought-Forms that, with Character and Full-Expression – would repeat itself in the Mind, and eventually become the Spoken Word. Through the Constant Repetitive Nature of the Emotional Cycle, and the fact that it is Spoken and Lived-out: the Character of the Mind-Demon will be Fed and will progressively take-over the Life of the Being or the Person, so that they would be Characterized by their Particular Emotional Motivation. Whether that is that they Feel they have been ‘Harmed’, they Feel they have ‘not been Considered’, they Feel they’re ‘Inadequate’, they Feel they’re ‘Not Good Enough’ – whatever the Emotion, and then by the Time it gets to Hate – it is Quite Extensive.

Taking the Example of ‘Feeling Not Good Enough’ – this would Start as an Emotion, internalized, and then the Emotion will start ‘defining itself’ into and as Thoughts that manifest, and the thoughts would cycle, repetitively in the Mind and so generate the emotion; and with self’s participation in and as it – would ‘Characterize’ self into and as the ‘who I am’ and believe SELF to be the characterized emotion as Thoughts as ‘I’M Not Good Enough’. When, all the while: the ‘Not Good Enough’ was simply an emotional energy-program, that self characterized into and as a ‘who I am’. Then, from the internal creation and design of the Emotion into a Character, through and as Thought – one will eventually start Speaking and Living it ‘as Self’ and so BECOME the Character of the Emotion as ‘Not Good Enough’; and in this Process – self become ‘Lost’ in/as Energy, Emotion and the Characterization thereof that we create through Thought.
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